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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2H2NJt34OffMDVmOTZlZWItYTcyMy00ZDhkLTliOWEtOWU1OWRhNDZhYmRl I think what you do is copy/paste into url spot at top of screen and you get "there". I'll test it to make sure! And YES!!! It works, DON'T CLICK ON IT, copy/paste (It worked for me just now). I was just sent this on another TR forum. I took a look and found it was a pile of interesting articles, so I' making them generally available. Not sure if MaCay's on Modifications and Maintenance (1967) is there, I can't send it so easily in Google, but for anyone who asked me, I shall post the link to the site where I found it and it is downloadable free. The guy raced TR4s I gathered.
  2. Rich, excuse my abysmal ignorance, I don't know how to PM you. Where is the appropriate "button"? THe answer is yes to the 4A manifold, but for practicalities show me where to go to do the PM, thanks.
  3. Saw the TR3A photos! Fabulous. Also really like the 4A exhaust manifold solution for better breathing on a sidescreen car, coupled with the banana inlet manifold. Must be quieter than a 4-2-1 branch manifold but still better than stock sidescreen cast iron item?
  4. Threads... My thoughts are that they contain helpful, useful, essential, contributions. I find that I learn a lot about engineering aspects from them. For example, a TR4A exhaust manifold on an early TR added to other engine mods avoids the side effects (more noise and heat) of a 4-2-1. To me, this is no silly FB chat. If anything, and if it hasn't been done, some kind soul might even pull all the technical notes together. I saw something similar done by a Swiss early TR man. What I mean to say is that these kinds of threads are not time-bound. 2010 or 2020 may make no difference in my view.
  5. In reading here and there, I've noticed that this book on mods:J.L.S. Maclay, Triumph TR Maintenance, Modifications, and Tuning (1967) is never cited. I have a pdf. Too big to send here in attachment, but will gladly send by email. Send PM (edited, to avoid spamming)
  6. I'm joining a long defunct conversation. What? Seven years later. But still, very interesting to hear from people who rallied in the 1970s and 1980s. I was just wondering today what happened to the Targa Rusticana event. I took part in 1990 in my Triumph TR2 OGB 800, formerly sprinted by Stuart Jenkins who ran a restoration shop somewhere in the north of England, from whom I bought it in 1986. The car was dodgy. Once at a roundabout the gearstick came off. It had been spot welded, I think. Another time, when I was going to Le Mans with other TR members, while we were on a motorway in France doing a ton, the headlights went out. The South African co-driver was cool as a cucumber: he wiggled the wiring under the dash, the lights came back on and we were fine. The Targa was brilliant. Loads of tests, night driving and what an atmosphere. It was great fun, exhilarating, actually. My navigator was John Lehane, who rebuilt his father's long door TR2 which had burnt out in a fire in the 1970s. I loved the dark Welsh lanes, tiny crossroads, but I must say I think my driving improved because of the self-discipline I learned from rallying. I was a member of the Oxford Group of the TR Register and Simon egged me on to compete in the Circuit of Ireland Retrospective, which he'd done in his TR 4 the previous year. So I went on to compete in that, but alas, had to retire, owing to a crash two thirds the way round. I found a little solace in the Oxford Car Club after that, in a Standard 8 with only 60,000 miles on the clock and its, I think, original, 1955 tyres.
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