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  1. Hi all.Any advice as to weather Tr6 crashpads will fit Tr4?Seen some old stock on ebay and wondering if by chance may fit.Thanks aide
  2. Hi all.Any advice for above to best source ?Fitting advice appreciated also.If i can tackle wiper boxes im thinking of now tidying interior.Read previous threads but not sure what has to definetely come out to refit new one.Many thanks
  3. Mega thanks Roger it worked a treat.Aide
  4. Hi many thanks for the advice.This morning ive stripped it down and sorted the problem.The cable had seized solid in the tube part.The easy part was freeing the cable.As warned by yourselves the hard part is stripping inside the car to get to everything.Im now aching from head to toe and had my body in positions i thought not possible at my age!Thanks again for the advice .One problem still to sort is the wipers park at the wrong side and i cant screw up the thread into the wiper motor.Ive been on the forums but last bit of advice greatly recieved.Aide
  5. Not sure how to link so posted a pic.Pics look better than condition i must add.cheers
  6. Just a note its not the 4a on my profile.
  7. Hi put my on/off project on ebay.Id much rather prefer local members to help me sort this one if any one local to Huddersfield or surrounding area.Obviously at a cost.If it sells it sells and any feedback re my price tag would be appreciated.I also have a small shotblast/powder coat facility and am more interested in tit for tat favours than making money if it helps me furthur my addiction to these cars.The car im selling i purchased off ebay few years ago for £15k and i was blind to the issues so i think ive priced it fair and realistic (£12500).Please tell me if you think otherwise.Cheers aide
  8. Hi thanks for all replys.Yes i pulled it out and pushed it back to make sure not seized.Im going to have an hour or so tomorrow hopefully.Il take on board all advise given and hopefully get somewhere with it.Thanks again everyone.
  9. Many thanks for the replys.Im slowly getting my head round the issue.My motor turns when switched on but the wipers do not.The cable is moving freely at the end attached to the motor.There appears to be a resistance in the wiper boxes as the whole plinth seems to rock with the movement as motor goes.Hope my explaining is clear?
  10. Hi Dive in at the deep end.Does anyone have knowledge to guide me through sorting my wiper problem out.long and short when i read about turning boxes around and 120 degree swipe i just switch off .Im in Huddersfield and need someone with patience to educate me to understand the dynamics of it all.Any advice greatly appreciated thank you
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