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  1. Cheers Mick, I’ll give it ago.
  2. I have a similar problem ,brakes work but not very effective25% max,fitted new pipes, pads ,discs,drums, reconditioned mc ( pastparts) but the servo is the original. What would the best and easiest way to test the servo? 5hanks Mark.
  3. Thankfully not the gearbox, put the box back in last night complete with a new release bearing . Tested this morning box is now whisper quite. Happy days.
  4. A guess , but pull liners out a block.
  5. Hi Andrew, mine was really notchy but very noisy, now that I’ve cleaned it I’m sure it will be ok to use once regreased.
  6. My mistake cleaned the original bearing also, I think that’s were the contamination came from. These RHP bearings aren’t 100% sealed , so cleaning out and repacking shouldn’t be a problem.
  7. Hi Roger, definitely the bearing. I’ve ordered a new one, but I’ve also cleaned out the old new one thoroughly with petrol and an airline runs whisper quite. Contemplating repacking with grease.
  8. Hi Kev , I’ve heard the toyo bearing works best with b&b clutch, but makes the laycock much harder.
  9. Looking for recommendations for clutch release bearing , had the box out again due to excessive noise. Found the new rhp bearing contained particles of metal swarf .
  10. I used a product similar to this, used it on all the brake joints and fuel system.
  11. Yes 69 , I have a set outside going rusty . Previous owner had cut the lugs off and filled smooth and fitted the later style centre black hub caps. I have to admit I didn’t realise they were earlier wheels for some time.
  12. I painted the rear of my six with black 2k, didn’t realise the masking had a split and resulted in overspray all over the lower valance, Sean recommended thinners and have to say worked a treat.
  13. Cheers Mick, I was worried I didn’t have enough, oil at all rockers but not in great supply. Mark
  14. How much oil should I be seeing around the rocker valves? Mark
  15. What filter do you use on 6’s Stuart. Mark.
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