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  1. Did you paint the whole frame including the two fixing rods and threads , I did the same and got mine stuck. If you put the bolts back in the brackets tight and run a couple of nuts on the frame stud threads to protect them ,then tap them with a hammer gently. Worked for me . Just keep a eye on top of the shuttle we’re the bracket sit underneath. Sand paint off before re fitting. Good luck.
  2. What are the two bolts either side for Paul?
  3. I’ve had the same issues has Andy above variable speed , locking pin no longer works , I’ve changed bushes twice. This machine as been abused and on the whole as been a brilliant piece of kit and would definitely buy another maybe battery next time.
  4. Spot on Kevo, I also figured out what I had done this afternoon. All sorted cheers all for input. Mark
  5. this is what I have, if it helps
  6. That’s how I have wired it Mike , it’s the two extra yellow wires that I have and can’t find them on any wiring diagram.
  7. This evening I wired up the overdrive using new loom and overdrive harness , connected the yellow purple from relay to overdrive solenoid and yellow green to switch and the black from column switch to gearbox switch . This is were I got confused , on the main loom the spur that comes from the relay splits into two ,yellow purple and a yellow the other yellow green and another yellow . It’s the two yellows that confuses me I have no idea where they connect. With the ignition turned on the solenoid operates in 2nd 3rd and 4th. Not road tested.
  8. Thanks Steve, what determines size best used.?
  9. Is that the correct size profile, the pair I have appear to be smaller. Mark.
  10. Out of curiosity how do you lap the prv valve?
  11. The box as gone back in this afternoon with a fight or should I say a good workout. I have had the bearing pressed onto the new old metal bearing carrier. Hopefully all is well. Thank you all for the guidance so glad I asked the question otherwise I would have fitted it thinking it was bronze and hopefully won’t have to pull the gearbox anytime soon. Mark
  12. Stupidly bought off eBay Stuart, private seller who assumed it was bronze. Probably an old moss one.
  13. Looks like I’ve been duped again, I take it from the colour this might well be brass. Thanks for all the info chaps. Mark.
  14. Purchased a bronze carrier and as normal doesn’t fit , dropped off at machine shop this morning . Question do these bronze carriers need the small pin to stop it spinning ? If so I can get the shop to drill while they have it. Cheers Mark
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