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  1. Been there done that several times Colin, I have the idle down to 800 with air bleed screw open, started off 1200 closed. The brown book states that a 2 thou feeler guage should not be able to penertrat past butterfly, which i have achieved. But they still let by. Mark
  2. Having what seems like hours trying to set my butterflies, just a little advise needed. I have since found out I shouldn't have cleaned my butterflies. Out ot the six only three are now allowing air past. I haven't tried this but if I loosen the screws and put a screwdriver in the groove on the upper part of butterfly and apply pressure the retighten screws will this help close up gaps. It's the right butterfly of all three manifolds that let air past. Mark
  3. I'm in the same boat Steve, Air seems to get in from everywhere, my butterflies are still an issue but I have managed to get the air bleed screw open and now idling at around 800. Waiting on a air flow meter. I had air being pulled in from brake servo take off, butterflies obviously, I've even changed the o rings on the plastic manifold sleeves the injectors fit in, nice fit now. I had air being sucked in via the tubes that connect the manifolds, new tube that was expanding when hot. I found with engine running if you put the palm of your hand over the manifold port if leaking it will cause a vacuum. I've had to wash my cloths several times over the last week also:). Good Luck Mark
  4. Think you guys need to contact flying squad and special branch and get this lad brought to justice.
  5. Mark69

    Pi set up

    Thanks Waldi, so just screwed in a little. Spent Sunday priming fuel system and fired her up for the first time in twelve years on Monday night. Started on the turn of the key, but very up and down Rev wise.(air bleed screw fully shut) Old vertical links have wear so replacing these with the improved moss ones. Mark.
  6. Great team work ,lovely resto. Vote registered.
  7. Mark69

    Pi set up

    I am about to change my the three vertical links on my early cp. System as never been set up. I have slackened off the cold start adjustment, I have no accelerator cable fitted. I would like to know if there is a set depth I set the accelerator adjustment screw before I start connecting vertical links. Mark.
  8. Cheers Dave, very helpful thanks. Mark
  9. It probably will wear a lot quicker than original material, welding was an option but worried about warping the shaft.
  10. Looking for the overall measurement of the cable sheathing from the end that connects into the linkage to the brass ferell that sits in the bulkhead. Many thanks Mark
  11. Having replaced the bushes in the steering column I was disappointed to find I still had a lot of play at the wheel. Hadn't realised how much the inner shaft had worn. Decided to silver solder shaft and have the local engineering shop machine back to spec. Really pleased with results.
  12. After 12 years of ownership the horn finally works, now for the rest. Great start to the weekend. VID-20190308-WA0005.mp4
  13. Hi John. A NOS front valance as been listed on ebay today, I couldn't find one at the time I was replacing mine and used a Bastuck repo, really pleased with result. Apparently these are made with thinner sheet steel. Wishing you the best with your project. Mark
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