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  1. Mark69

    Rubber boots

    , +2 for above.
  2. How high do you jack car up?. Just out of interest. Mark
  3. Have you replaced your temp sender, mine was reading into the red. Using thermal imaging, digital thermometer and an Infrared thermometer I concluded the engine was running at normal temp. Rigged up old sender in boiling water attached to car via earth and guage feed, temp guage went below half way. Worth a check. Mark
  4. Well it was designed by a German design house:)
  5. Mark69


    Graham, my current 6’s details where given during the application process when I joined the club,I assume these details are passed on to Derek . Mark.
  6. Mark69


    Sorry Derek,that’s all the info I have (registration number) Mark
  7. Mark69


    Whilst sorting through my Late Father's paperwork I came across his old receipt book. I found inside details of my 1st TR6, I have checked database and it appears not to have been put back on the road. It was sold Nov 86 to a company called BMS, and the persons name who collected was called Tony. No idea on previous history?
  8. Mark69


    Is that good or bad, drops to just above 50 when fully warmed up.
  9. So you should be,lovely job. Fancy doing mine.
  10. Mark69


    photo of the external sender temp.
  11. Mark69


    A job I have performed tonight, photo shows the new replacement sender temp reading, the vid shows the original sender reading in water at 77°. Another case of repo parts not up to the job. I wrapped cable around sender unit as Steve suggested above and connected to the earth tag on front valance.
  12. Mark69


  13. Spookily my rear was very similar, maybe repaired by the same guy, if it’s of any consolation the new repo panels fit rather well with little fettling. You should be able to save the top inner panel and replace both outer and inner valances. I drilled the spot welds from the outside helped to keep inner panel in one solid piece. Make a note of hole positions for badges and number plate light wires (early model). Best of luck Mark.
  14. Mark69

    Angle drive.

    Thanks Guys, guess what found a copper washer on the floor. All sorted cheers. Mark.
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