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  1. Mark69

    Gearbox fitting

    I came up with a solution , the engine plate matches the profile of the gearbox bell housing.(flat bottomed). I jacked up the rear of the engine slightly then placed a six inch long platform under engine plate and gearbox drop engine down. Remove gearbox mount ,bolts and prop shaft then slide out the box. Fitting in reverse place box on platform and slide in turning output flange. Did this single handed very easily.
  2. Mark69

    Radiator Cowl.

    Nick, are your stays fitted the right way round I’m sure from memory one end as a slight kink. Mark.
  3. Mark69

    TR6 Valve Collets

    My cp is the same also
  4. I found them Stuart, sadly all gone.
  5. Seems like they’ve all gone,shame I was thinking of doing the same mod.
  6. Nice one Sean, not even noticeable at 0mph.
  7. Many happies Len,Hope you’ve had a blast.
  8. Mark69


    George, well I’m neither 20 ,40 or 70 But somewhere between the latter, and can’t imagine using it on a cold , wet winters night ;). But what concerns me is the location of the jack point, I don’t recall seeing anything on the chassis. I wouldn’t think it safe to jack from the chassis rails.
  9. Mark69


    picked these two up for a fiver, think I shall use the one on the right. Have no idea where the jack up points are.
  10. Rich, if you want a paper template,pm me your address. Mark.
  11. The central light on the tunnel had it’s own built in switch. My 6 had no h frame ,the one I purchased had the switch fitted , kinda threw me for a while until I realised later 6’s had under dash courtesy lights.
  12. Interior light switch.
  13. Roughly about the same age Michael. Only fitted it last year. Mark.
  14. The flying Englishman had one for sale on eBay recently.
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