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  1. Mark69

    No Heat.

    50 years of debris completely blocked the matrix on my heater, might be worth dropping an inspection camera in.
  2. I noticed on ebay someone selling NOS lenses in original lucas boxes, I spotted the lenses have the name Bastuck and not Lucas. Beware all could be paying more than they are worth.
  3. Mark69

    Safety First

    I have a similar bar ,but find it restricts seat movement. Unable to fit due to long legs.
  4. Would it be worth drilling a hole from inside and spraying with dinatrol ml or the like.
  5. Odd, was saying no stock when I looked, I've got to ring them in the morning to sort an ill fitting windscreen I'll order some then. Cheers Mark.
  6. Anyone know the size of the rubber strip that fits between the winder runner and glass, seems out of stock at the main suppliers ,got two from James paddock but on fitting today they are way to thin. cheers Mark..
  7. Mark69

    TR6 Diff Floor

    No Worries, I didn’t think that much about where I put the nuts, internally would have been a good idea but tacked them to the rear.
  8. Mark69

    TR6 Diff Floor

    Those pics bring back memories Mick, that’s my car . Out of all the panels I replaced Steve’s was the only one I didn’t have to fettle.
  9. Pleasure Conrad, once it’s had a new cover and coat of paint Yarm 783? I’ll post a pic. cheers Mark.
  10. well after a long search, finally found what my 69 resto has been missing curtesy of our spare parts guru Mr Conrad Hunt. Absolutely chuffed with this purchase Many thanks Conrad, one happy customer.
  11. Hi Waldi, The h frame was one of the items missing when I bought the car, when I got this one it was already stripped. The leather was glued to the legs and radio section direct , only used foam on the bulbous section leaving strips out where the stitching would sit in. Mark.
  12. I picked up a leather cover from stoneleigh some years ago, added a little foam padding around gear selector aperture to help pad out the seams. Fit was better than expected, very pleased with my efforts. Mark.
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