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  1. Mark69


    Superb, glad to be of help.
  2. Mark69


    Have a word with Sean, also there's a perspect one listed on face book's marketplace in worthing.
  3. Hi Keith, Fuel lines don’t go that far back they take a route up the rear of the front main diff bridge, follow the bottom the tub over the top of the half shafts then enter into the boot area. Hope this makes sense Mark
  4. Waldi, your absolutely right with your terminology, I have a high pressure hose from pump to prv then it’s pipe to high pressure hose attached to the mu. Mark
  5. Shouldn't that pipe be copper not rubber.
  6. I’ve often wondered what the point was using this block.
  7. Stuart always recommends bare metal, which is what I did on my body tub. Mark
  8. I'd be tempted to contact a dent removal specialist, I reckon they could remove that easily.
  9. Picture say it all, rubber was pushed out the uneven hole when under pressure. Replaced with better quality ones. I was dubious about the welded joint, so I put the ball end in the vice and bent the link forward and it snapped straight off. I'll try and find invoice for replacements.
  10. I have what I believe to be a NOS rubber vent gasket, tried it with the original lid and fit was perfect. One day I will get around to fitting it. If I can help with measurements I will dig it out. Mark For what it's worth i purchased a repo vent lid due to the hinge on original rusted and badly corroded, the difference in size was very noticeable when side by side. I was fortunate to find a complete hinge in excellent condition at Stoneleigh(thank you Conrad) which is now spot welded to original lid.
  11. Keith, your lucky you got the correct panel, I was supplied with a panel that had a curved up stand on both front and rear. just had a little more fettling to do than you. Rest assured you got it right. Mark
  12. Hi Andy, I’m sure 100% that the back curved up stand needs to be cut off, Produced like that so it can be utilised on other marques.Once modified fits a 6. Ask me how I know. Mark
  13. working to get my panel gaps to my liking, previous owner fitted new sills very badly. Can't believe how it affects all panels. Getting there slowly. Front wing as probably been on and off a zillion times.
  14. Hi Jeroen. As mentioned above heritage panels are readily available and don't require much work to fit, I've replaced floors, deck, inner wings, inner and outer rear valances all heritage panels with very little trouble, I've also fitted a Bastuck front valance very happy with fit, but have been advised a little thin on metal compared to original. Sills are going to be your biggest problem these need lots of work, I left the ones replaced on mine and now struggling to fit my outer panels trying to achieve good panel gaps. All good fun Mark.
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