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  1. Welcome to tr6 ownership, moss are normally next day if ordered early. Mark
  2. Still waiting, bring and buy definitely on this year.
  3. Well I hope they arrive before Wednesday,I’m staying with my brother for a couple of days then making my way from there. Looking at the 10 day forecast we are in for a bit of rain.
  4. Fred and Barnie will be attending.
  5. Hi Andy, should also be a non vacuum type. Mark.
  6. Mark69


    Superb, glad to be of help.
  7. Mark69


    Have a word with Sean, also there's a perspect one listed on face book's marketplace in worthing.
  8. Hi Keith, Fuel lines don’t go that far back they take a route up the rear of the front main diff bridge, follow the bottom the tub over the top of the half shafts then enter into the boot area. Hope this makes sense Mark
  9. Waldi, your absolutely right with your terminology, I have a high pressure hose from pump to prv then it’s pipe to high pressure hose attached to the mu. Mark
  10. Shouldn't that pipe be copper not rubber.
  11. I’ve often wondered what the point was using this block.
  12. Stuart always recommends bare metal, which is what I did on my body tub. Mark
  13. I'd be tempted to contact a dent removal specialist, I reckon they could remove that easily.
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