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  1. I’m pretty sure the rear port on the master cylinder connects to the t piece. pipe no 1 master cyl to t piece pipe no17 master cyl to union Hope this helps Mark.
  2. Well done, I also dislike the available replacements, so was really chuffed when I found mine to be working, downside I had to replace the bottle due to a stress crack. Replacement bottle fits very well and cap also secures tight. But the bottle walls are thinner than the original.
  3. The rocker cover also suggests to me that it's from a saloon, not one I have seen on any tr
  4. For what it’s worth I recovered mine with one of the leather kits available,used foam on the front section but glued cover directly to the legs and back section. Really pleased with the end results. One other thing to take into account the nibs which support the speaker panels are part of the moulded cover and not the alloy frame
  5. Mark69

    Odd bumper

    Could be off a 2500 saloon, seem to remember someone else having the same problem.
  6. Thanks Stuart, Seats are original cloth covered mk1's and the runners are untouched, haven't touched them or fitted yet. Think I'll give the Technicalities brackets a whirl cheers Mark
  7. This is what you should look like. Washer swith on the bottom, wiper switch above and the light switch / stalk left hand side of your steering column. Mark.
  8. That's interesting Stuart, I'm only going on what I've been told, that said having sat in a 6 with the Technicalities brackets and leather mk1 Mx5 seats I found it very tight between seat and standard steering wheel. Interested to know the size of steering wheel fitted to yours Regards Mark
  9. Keith. If your long in the leg like me I think the tr trader brackets are more favourable. The brackets which appear in the Technicalities CD elevate the seat higher. I'm also in the market for tr trader ones, or the dimensions so I can knock some up. Mark
  10. Hi Keith, I’m sure the measurements are on the technicalities CD, that’s if you want to make them yourself. Mark
  11. Hi Stephen, the lever that operate the vent lid is situated just under the dash next to the h frame. As you say yours is converted from left to right and you don’t have this lever ,you may find you have the later RHD metal dash back which doesn’t have this lever,probably due to the scuttle vent being fitted with a plastic non opening cover. Mark
  12. Peter Not sure where Babs is currently, Pendine Museum was raised to the floor and a bigger better facility being built as we speak. I came across Babs at Goodwood Festival of Speed thus year. Mark. P. S. My ideal tr would be one I could drive.
  13. Mark69

    Door Locks

    Hi Andy , i was in the same situation whilst sorting panel gaps,door would move as you say around 2mm. Picked up two new door seals and problem as been resolved. Mark
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