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  1. Hi John I initially attached the inertia reel and the lap strap to the factory mountings on my 4A. I have MX5 seats. The problem was that the reel stopped the seat from going back and when the seat hit the reel, it pushed it out of vertical which often locked the belt. I ended up drilling a hole in the wheel well and turning the reel through 90 degrees. This gave more travel and prevented the reel from being knocked sideways. I put a plate under the bolt in the wheel well to give adequate strength. My 6’ son can finally enjoy the delight of driving a TR! Rockie
  2. You guys are starting to feel the influence of the Seriously Useless Vehicles (SUVs) that we have been suffering from for years. The best selling vehicle in Australia for the last 5 years has been the Toyota Hilux. The top 10 are currently all utes and SUVs. Most of them weigh over 2 tonnes and do great damage to our roads, our environment and our road toll. You certainly notice it in a TR! It is sad to see even enthusiast magazines like Autocar praising these ridiculous vehicles. Much praise to Andrew Frankel for expressing his contempt for them. Rockie
  3. Richard, you haven’t specified what you feel is wrong with the brakes. Is there imbalance with one end locking prematurely or is the pedal pressure required higher than before? I put Wilwoods on the front of my 4A initially with the smaller of the 2 piston sizes that Richard Good was offering. I later changed to the larger piston calipers. When I rebuilt the car 20 years ago, I fitted ventilated discs with the standard calipers with spacers in them. I was never happy about that modification so I switched to Wilwoods. I did change to EBC pads which lightened the pedal a bit. My wife approved. W
  4. It depends on your usage. We have done many long trips. 2 passengers, luggage, a full fuel tank and tools easily comes to 500lb. As I have mentioned before, both the front and rear springs are placed at about 2/3 of the length of the wishbone and trailing arm. This leverage reduces the effective wheel rate by a similar amount. So the 320lb rear springs at the rear have an effective rate of about 210lb/in and a 500lb load will drop the body by about 1”. We have 470lb springs on the back and fully laden, the car rides well. It has Koni shocks all round on their softest setting. Depending on
  5. Also, you cannot engage any gears until “sufficient material has been removed”. Ask me how I know. (TR3A gearbox in 1968).
  6. Fraser Range in Western Australia 29th October 2019. We were on our way home from the 2019 TSOA National Rally in Margaret River. We had crossed the Nullarbor Plain a couple of weeks earlier. 2100km from home. The total trip was 8400km in 3 weeks. A great adventure.
  7. My 4A has a Momo Prototipo which has been in 3 different cars over 30 years. Just bought a new boss each time. It has been recovered once. It is 370mm diameter or about 14.6”. Slightly dished. I have MX5 seats and 185/15 tyres on 6” rims. It is very comfortable.
  8. Bob, the tank is removed through the boot so the firewall is not a problem. Rockie
  9. Have you thought about installing a metal panel between the cabin and the fuel tank? It gives a bit of an improvement in safety and also stiffens the body. You can still install the trim over it. Just a thought. Rockie
  10. There has been a great deal of discussion on the site about this issue. The main problems appear to be stub axle breakage and spline lock. There are several solutions depending on whether you want to keep originality with UJs and splines or go to CV driveshafts. Either way you will get stronger, modern stub axles and bearings. The local TR club here in Melbourne established a sub-committee to look at replacements after several cars had experienced breakages resulting in moderate to severe accidents. When the axle breaks, you lose the wheel and the brake drum. If you have spent a lot
  11. I am installing the Retronics intermittent wiper and hazard flasher modules. In an attempt to tidy up the loom and have some extra fuses, I bought the auxiliary loom from Revington. Has anyone installed one of these and if so do you have pictures of where you mounted it? Rockie
  12. Yet another reason why 4x4s should be kept where they belong - off the road! Rockie
  13. Thanks for the responses. Marco, your diagram and the page from the Workshop Manual show the fulcrum in the wrong position for 4A to 6 models as detailed in this picture. Neil Revington also has a section about this on his website. Changing the top wishbones is relatively simple as you do not have to release the spring. I will have the car on stands as I am installing solid spacers on the stub axles. I will let you know the readings before and after. I have measured the rear camber as well and found that unladen the right wheel is on -. 6 degrees while the left is on +2.7! Perhaps th
  14. When my 4A was rebuilt, the top wishbones were put in the incorrect TR4 position ie with the bend on the inner pivot away from the top shock mount. I then read how they should be and swapped them to the correct sides. I am considering reversing them again to get more negative camber on the front wheels as suggested by Kas Kastner. Does anyone have any idea of how much this changes the camber in degrees? Rockie
  15. My Peugeot 407 Coupe came with lock nuts. I rotate the tyres every 10000km so they were looking a bit secondhand after 150k km. My dealer recommended getting rid of them as the likelihood of the wheels being stolen was minimal. I feel the same about my Minator wheels so have never had them on my 4A. What else do they fit?
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