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  1. Fitting of poly bushes in upper arms (watch from 1:00):
  2. Marco's spring compressor tool is the best since invention of sliced bread, so glad I could get one a few years ago.
  3. Thanks a lot! What is the original blade length for a TR4?
  4. I recently bought replacements for my windscreen wipers (the rubber had torn in length). But I received low quality Taiwanese wiper arms. Where can I buy good-grade or originals replacements for either the wiper arms or for the rubbers that will fit in original wipers?
  5. Do you mean that the thread for the driver wire is different between TR6 and TR3-5? The wheelbox in my picture was ordered from ClassicBits and is the TR3-5 type box. The wiper motor is a square-bodied type. What could be destroyed, the wheelboxes?
  6. I removed the cable, cleaned all residual grease (not much), restored and did the drill test. I held the drill my wife read the meter, went up to 25 and stable. A road test will not be soon as I am still busy with front suspension overhaul and waiting for parts (oillite bushings, the last one refused to go in and bust, no spares).
  7. How must this wheelbox be replaced (from ClassicBits) ? Must I remove the dashboard? I also would like to replace the actual wire rack: can this be done without removing the wiper motor? And where can I get decent wiper blade replacements. Some time ago I had ordered a pair but they are cr*p Taiwanese junk.
  8. Top!! I wouldn't have thought of that.
  9. When on the road my TR4 speedometer "wobbles" with a 20kph margin, ie when driving presumably 60kph, it wobbles between 50 and 70. I checked the cable connecting between the engine and the speedometer: good fit, no worn ends on either side (nice squared ands), sufficiently but sparingly greased. What would I have to do to get this meter to read steadily?
  10. Top! Thank you for your answers. By the way Rob, your mandrell works like a charm, thanks!!
  11. On the trunnion outer side a locking washer must be pressed over a hardened toothed part (see picture). I have no spare locking washer available right now, question: how critical is this item? Can a used (freshly removed, per the picture) locking washer be used, even temporarily?
  12. What are "Ali blocks"? The original rubbers have no split. But considering your comments above as well as my replacement of the wishbone rubbers with polyurethane bushings, having to use a vice, a wrench and large bolt to force these in place, there is indeed no other option but to make a cut in them. Would there be a reason for the cut in the flat side?
  13. To replace the actual rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings they should be passed over the rollbar end. How must that be done? Or should a cut be made in that new bushing so it can be slipped over the rollbar in place?
  14. Good idea. Do you know someone I can send these trunnions to be restored/refurbished/.. ?
  15. What are "V-posts"? What do you suggest I do with these trunnions? I think they are original, so for the time being maybe replace them with new ones? And what with the current ones? Thank you for the compliment on the thin washers.. the more I work on this car the more I discover about it.
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