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  1. Hi to the both of you, indeed exactly what I had been looking for! Many thanks! Erik
  2. Unsuccesfully searched for a Triumph key hanger (with blue/white Triumph shield?) I turn to this forum for help. Does anyone know where I can find this item? Grts, Erik
  3. Hi Marco, I wanted to send you a private message but I don't know how to: I just got to fit the coil compressor but the sizes on the bottom plate don't fit. In length the holes are fine but in width the plate's holes are too far apart: see picture. Can you please arrange for the fitting plate to be sent, or send me a email? Thank you so much, Erik
  4. Hi Roger, I understand that, and am happy to have the compressor from Z320 (forum member). At the moment my car is on a bridge with wheel, hub, brake disk and caliper removed. So now to remove the bump stop there is no other way then to lower the car until the suspension can rest on a jack meaning: crawling underneath to remove the stop and bracket. Uggh..
  5. Hi Stuart, thanks for that information. However when checking at Moss its description says that this is for TR4A, mine is a TR4. I think it would be ok but I just want to verify if that is ok for you too?
  6. For 5: is there a part number or some reference on how to find this please? For 6: same here please? Thanks!
  7. In order to dismantle the front suspension the shock absorber needs removal. Before doing that the bump stop needs to be removed. Can this safely be done while coil and shock absorber are in place? (I have a spring compressor ready for use after the shock absorber is removed). From this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7js8y9rMXzk&feature=player_embedded ) it is not entirely clear how that is being done.
  8. Hi Roger, thank you for your reply; this is the Castrol SAE50 in question (in dutch, some text may be understandable, however: sorry for this!): https://www.misteroil.be/nl-be/shop/product/747/castrol-classic-gp But indeed, it is an engine oil.. So I better look elsewhere at a different supplier.
  9. Thanks for your replies! I can get Castrol GP SAE50, lower viscosity my supplier does not stock: should I better get another supplier (I definitely want the best)? Edit: there is an overdrive in the transmission
  10. For gearbox and/or transmission I can get either of the following, but which is recommended: 1. Millers Oil Classic Pistoneeze Gear Oil EP GL4 140W 2. Millers Oil Classic Pistoneeze Gear Oil EP GL4 80W90 Or is something else altogether required? I searched the forum but either I can't get the search terms right or I get hundreds of irrelevant pages, sorry!
  11. I found BGS hexagon keyset, imperial at a dutch online retailer, 10x 1/2" from 13/16" to 3/4" for €18, shipping to France €24 but it's worth it to me. https://www.autogereedschap.com/a-28093066/inch-doppendozen-en-sets/bgs-1-2-doppenset-in-inch-10-delig/
  12. Good idea, but I do not know if I would trust a French tyre fitter with a 18mm socket (that is where we are with our TR4 )
  13. Hi Marco, good idea. Proxon is a manufacturer, not a dealer; any idea where their equipment might be bought online? And indeed I will be using your coil spring compressor
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