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  1. Hi Yes, I will try and weigh the bonnet. That's a good idea. But bear in mind that I had the same bonnet in the car since I bought it in 1977. It is now strange in a number of ways suggesting that it was replaced. One thing is that the corners near the windscreen tend to flop over the beading and touch/damage the wing, because they are very flappy, Never had that in over 40 years.
  2. Thank you Stan. That is not my problem, though. I have a bonnet but somehow it appears to be of a thinner metal than the original and the suspicion is that it got swapped while in the paint shop.
  3. But why did you do it? What for?
  4. Hi Tom I don't understand exactly what you did, and what for. Can you explain, please? Camilo
  5. Apparently my mailbox is full. How do I delete older messages? It's all different now... Got it, thanks.
  6. Whilst we're at it... would you also have a boot lid for the same car?
  7. Hi David Meanwhile, can you tell me if this is an original (heavy metal) bonnet and could you send pictures to see condition? As for shipping... yes, once it goes over 1 meter it becomes expensive. But tell me how much you want for it, please. Camilo
  8. Trying to send you Pm but the Forum pages are all changed and I can't see how to do it... It asks me also to delete files because box is full..
  9. Thanks. It's nice to know that you'r re missed...
  10. Does this help to confirm pre 60000?
  11. Without going to the paperwork, how do I tell from memory if it is pre or post 60000? Interior rear floor?
  12. Hi While my car was being repainted, it seems that the bonnet was stolen and replaced by a thinner (Chinese) version. Does anyone have an original bonnet for sale? Regards
  13. Well, I've had the Tridon fitted and took the car for a drive. Outside temp is 12ÂșC and the needle went closer to the middle than ever before. So far, so good. But now I wonder what will happen when the temperature rises. Anyone has experience of this thermostat?
  14. Hi Edwin (et al) Do you mean the red trim that is attached to the inside trim?
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