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  1. Many thanks Peter, my son will collect shortly. Just double checking, it is a RHD box isn’t it. Regards, Peter
  2. Thank you. Just a double check…Will ‘long type’ and ‘fixed steering wheel’ fit my car. I don’t know what was there originally. I currently have a non adjustable column with two flexible joints before it joins the rack. (With no working indicator or horn of course). Regards, Peter
  3. I haven’t. Would you put my name on that please. I’m very grateful. I’ll work out how to collect and pay. Regards, peter
  4. Hello Ralph. Well, this is my first TR. the previous owner has fitted r+p, and I subsequently learned that this means I cant change the fanbelt without removing the rack clamps and a steering column clamp. I saw another tr3 where there was much more room, and also retaining the four blade fan. But I didn’t know why the arrangements were so different. Rimmers, Revington and Moss all seem to be like mine. I realise people find the steering heavy as standard. regards, Peter
  5. Hello Ralph, could I say yes to the drag link assembly please. I’ll contact you as Rich describes above. If my membership glitch allows me. Regards Peter
  6. Hello Ralph, could I say yes to the drag link assembly please. I’ll contact you as Rich describes above. If my membership glitch allows me. Regards Peter
  7. Thats interesting Bob. I have emailed admin. I struggle to get on this blog. Because I joined in August 2021, joint members. Is it January to January, not 12 months. Rhetorical question , up to me to find out. I’ll be back from this limbo I appear to be trapped in. How do members contact each other within the protocols of the website/security etc regards, Peter
  8. Bob thats marvellous. If you would put my name on them, and I’ll think of a way to collect them. My son lives in London, I visit regularly. (I have noticed that I hadn’t said ‘3a’. Are they still the same?) I’ve just edited accordingly. Very happy to pay for these of course. regards peter
  9. Right hand drive. I have rack and pinion, with currently non adjustable, with two flexible joints. Don’t know what the original was regarding “split”, and “adjustable. Regards peter
  10. Hello all does anyone have original steering gear they don’t need anymore. So, box and column, idler gear, drag link etc etc. 1959 TR3a regards Peter
  11. Thanks Peter and Stuart. I found the old thread on this so looking at that also. My shackles measure 2.5 inches between pins. Which i believe is correct.
  12. Hello all, I read that the ride height measured at the sill should be 6 inches for a TR3a. Mine was lower than this at about 4.5 inches. I was changing the bushes anyway, so decided to replace the springs with Heritage standard springs. Having done these jobs, the ride height is about the same, 4.5 to 5 inches. Didn’t see any spacers on the car or in the Haynes manual. Is that height wrong? Any insights would be appreciated.
  13. I realise this is an old thread, but I have just looked at my rear spring, front mounting, and there is plenty of room to pull the spring off the pin, and leave the pin in place. Has mine been modified? TR3a 1959.
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