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  1. Thanks Peter and Stuart. I found the old thread on this so looking at that also. My shackles measure 2.5 inches between pins. Which i believe is correct.
  2. Hello all, I read that the ride height measured at the sill should be 6 inches for a TR3a. Mine was lower than this at about 4.5 inches. I was changing the bushes anyway, so decided to replace the springs with Heritage standard springs. Having done these jobs, the ride height is about the same, 4.5 to 5 inches. Didn’t see any spacers on the car or in the Haynes manual. Is that height wrong? Any insights would be appreciated.
  3. I realise this is an old thread, but I have just looked at my rear spring, front mounting, and there is plenty of room to pull the spring off the pin, and leave the pin in place. Has mine been modified? TR3a 1959.
  4. Well thank you very much gentlemen. Let me absorb all that and reflect. Just to respond specifically to your comments… Thanks Ralph, for the context comments. I remember reading about Henry Royce discovering the harmonic balancer solution, when the two part metal crankshaft damper pieces, separated by wood spacers, upon dismantling, showed the wood was charred, showing that the two parts were moving against each other. He changed the wood for lamp wick and resolved the issue, largely. Morgan say that the electric fan should be fitted behind the radiator, to give the radiator the
  5. Hello all, just dived into TR3a ownership and evaluating winter jobs. It has a steering rack fitted. It also has an electric cooling fan. And the wide belt. It looks as though I couldn’t return to a mechanical fan running off the crankshaft if I wanted to, because the nose of the crankshaft fittings run very close to the rack, suggesting the re-installation of a cooling fan tower wouldn’t have enough room. Is that true? Put another way…if one fits a steering rack, do we have to fit an electric fan? Many thanks Peter Westhead
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