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  1. Thanks guys. U have removed the internals from the valve and refitted it. On with the brake bleeding tomorrow. Phil B
  2. I have stripped and completely rebuilt the breaks on my TR3A, new seals and flexible pipes, Have not replace the feed pipes as all seem ok but have blown them through. Having attempted to fill and re-bleed the system I'm getting no fluid to the rear brakes at all. The cause seems to lie with the Restrictor Valve Part No 116197. These don't seem to be available from Moss or Rimmer any longer. Does anyone have any experience of this valve? Is it essential in the system or can be removed and or refurbished? Advice appreciated. Phil B
  3. Am having an issue with the differential on my TR3. It is only driving on one rear wheel the off side one. The problem happed suddenly without any warning or suspicious noises the car was driven forwards out of the garage then put into reverse but no reverse movement. Forwards movement only. Put the rear up on axle stands and discovered the near side wheel has no drive coming from the diff. Gearbox engages OK and the prop turns in forward and reverse OK. Any suggestions. Also, if anyone had a spare rear axel they don't need or otherwise a diff case spreader I'd appreciate knowing. T
  4. Guys, The diff of my TR3 suddenly seems to be driving one wheel only on the off side of the car. No warnings, suspicious noises or other it just happed as I drove the car forward out of the garage and then into reverse and no backward movement. Its not the gear box as the drive shaft engages in reverse and rotates normally. Any suggestion for cause. Also if anyone has a spare rear axel or failing that the differential case spreader I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks. Phil B
  5. John, Many thanks. I'll take you up on your offer please. I should be coming to North Devon the week after next on a week day. Can you let me know where you are. Email: phil.board@gmail.com Phil
  6. John, I am using a new lay shaft it came with the rebuilt kit. The shaft itself is just a plain steel bar, the gears are all the original ones. Thanks for all the comments. Phil
  7. I am undertaking a rebuild of a TR4 gearbox including new main shorter shaft to accept an overdrive. I have completed all the stripping and re-assembly of the lay shaft and main shaft, new main shaft, lay shaft all bearings, bushes and thrust washers measured and replaced as required. The gears are all in good condition as is the casing. Upon re-assembly it all goes together into the casing the shafts seem to mate ok but they wont turn together. If installed separately they turn fine but as soon as I put them in together they just lock up. I can't help thinking I'm missing something
  8. Thank you all who replied very helpful. I can now sort myself out. Cheers Phil
  9. Having dismantled the front suspension on my TR3A I'm trying to re-assemble the trunnions. New steel bushed will press into the end of the lower wishbone arms but are fairly tight. The trunnion spigots however will not fit into the bushes once there in place. The whole assembly seems to be just to tight a fit. I'm tempted to ream out the hole in he lower wishbone a little. Does anyone have any experience of fitting new trunnions and what the various measurements for the lower wishbone hole etc should be, and how tight a fit it should be? Thanks in anticipation. Phil
  10. Hi Chris, I'm in the Exeter area and have a 3A. I have used the Garage at Tipton St John (http://www.tiptongarage.co.uk/) there used to dealing with TR's and many other classic types definitely an old style garage. Have not has any tuning done by them myself but would definitely recommend them. I believe there is also a chap who rebuilds older engines somewhere up on Haldon. I know a man who know where. I'll do some digging and find out more. Otherwise I've done some light tuning. timing etc have a strobe and an SU tool kit but I'm no "Guru". Cheers. Phil
  11. There is oil leaking form the differential front oil sel of my 3A does anyone have experience of replacing this oil seal, any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Firstly happy new to you all and may 2017 be filled with TR action. The pinion flange on the differential of my TR3A axle (Girling Type) recently fell off, the castellated nut came undone, looks like it probably never had a split pin fitted. The pinion shaft has a lot of play in it both side to side and longitudinally which allowed the pinion gear to rub against the carrier. It's not looking to bad as I stopped moving pretty quickly. I am sure the pinion bearings have excessive wear and the pinion gear will probably need to be replaced to. Does anyone have any experience in rebuilding of a
  13. My TR3A was originally an American LD drive car which has been converted to RH drive. I have now changed the non overfdrive gearbox, which has the speedo putput on the LH side for an overdrive one with the output the speedo output on the RH side of the overdrive unit. The original 84" cable was routed through the, now passanger, LH side of the foot well bulk head but is no longer long enough to reach the RH speedo output. I can see a blanked hole on the RH side of the car through which to route the cable so it reaches the output position. Can anyone tell me how a RH car cable shou
  14. I am doing this modification on my 3A right now. After a lot of researching and looking around for an overdrive unit I eventually bought a complete refurbished overdrive gearbox from a chap in Ryslip Middlesex (David 07831304319 only contactable by phone) who just does old gearbox refurbs swapped by non overdrive box. I went and met him and swapped the units he does it from a workshop at his home said he has been doing then for 50 years and does seem to be well set up. Am still in the process of reinstalling the new box so have yet to test it but initial impressions of the new box are very pos
  15. Thank you all verry much for all the above very wisewords i will go try a new and crack this. Phil
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