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  1. Just a query really, I am thinking about fitting an electric fuel pump to my Tr 250, currently on strombergs, I know people will have done this but was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for which pump, and where to position, any info including photos would be welcome. Paul
  2. I have a 1967 tr250, had for about 10 years, fitted a 2.5pi saloon gearbox with j type overdrive 8 or so years ago, last year started whining in 1,2,,3, took gearbox out discovered layshaft worn, what I am asking is there anywhere out there that would modify my existing laygear to three bearing type, i live near York so somewhere local would be nice but am prepared to send it away. Paul
  3. Hi Peter I did a similar job, not as thoroughly as you about 10 years ago, mine was built on 24th October and exported on the 6 November, got it taxed and insured and applied for an age related plate, came after about a week, "PKH 299F", just thought it a bit of a coincidence that the reg no,s are so close after 10 years. Paul
  4. Steve just come across this topic, I am having the same problems with my tr250, (see tr5/250 forum)fitted as suggested but found that the bottom nylock nut would not go on fully, did you have the same problem, if so how did you overcome it? Paul
  5. My diff support bracket is early Tr250, as per item 3 of the moss rear axle page, but it looks like its the same bushing set up for all tr250/5&6 Paul
  6. Dave if you look at the polybush website, item 34J shows all the pieces included in the diff rear mounting kit, it comes with several parts that fit onto the diff and then fastens to the mountings. It shows a second washer with a larger hole, this is the item that puzzels me? Paul
  7. Roger That would work with the front bushes, they don't have the steel sleeve, the rear ones have the steel tube that goes up the middle, I don't think you can compress the bushes due to this, you are just tightening against this tube, the large washer does not fit over the tube, if I removed the washer with the large hole then I could get a full nut on, I will contact polybushes and see what there thoughts are. Paul
  8. Have just fitted a set of diff polybushes, front pair went in fine, bit stumped with the rears, they have two washers each, one with a large hole, one small, I presume washer with the large hole goes on first, followed by the two bushes, then the washer with the small hole, then the nut, trouble is the nylock nut doesn't fit fully, have I got something wrong?... car is a 1967 tr250. Paul
  9. Just removed the diff for oil seal renewal, found that the r/h side diff mounting was cracked, without removing the body I was thinking of contacting a mobile welding service to carry out repairs and fit the strengthening bits to the other three mountings, anybody got any recommendations and ball park cost, I lived in North Yorkshire and the car is over a pit so access is fair. Paul
  10. Does anyone know if the fitting of power steering would affect a cars historic status Paul
  11. I have a 1967 tr250, original apart from conversion to right hand drive, loom runs down left hand side,nothing on right?
  12. Where would I obtain the best water pump @ are there different specs
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