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  1. Hi Harry, sorry it's taken me a couple of weeks to reply. I'd like to have a chat with you about your EFI system and possibly see it too. I'll be at the NEC for the classic car show are you going ?
  2. Harry looks fantastic, are you near the Midlands then as i was intending going to the Jenvey unit in Bridgnorth to have a closer look.
  3. Hi Jon, thanks for the reply i'm looking to buy the full kit in one go as a set. The company that John has used seems quit good. I was at the Malvern show and the chap next to me had the Jenvey throttle bodies which worked very well, i was very impressed.
  4. Hi John, is it possible to have a chat Ref TR6 EFI

  5. Hi John, i'm looking to do the EFI conversion to my TR6 but would like to see a modified car would it be possible to see your conversion i'm in Staffordshire in the midlands. I'm happy to travel. Many thanks for your consideration John Greenfield
  6. Great help as always guys thanks, i'll check out the insurance option as that sounds sensible.
  7. Can any one recommend a good classic car breakdown company, or are the usual one ok. Just got the TR6 back on the road after a three year build and thought it best to get some cover in place before Lincoln next week.
  8. John G

    TR6 PI rev's

    Thanks all great advice as always i'll try with the basics first and work my way through from the linkage back. I'll let you all know how i get on.
  9. John G

    TR6 PI rev's

    Not sure what you mean but throttle bodies are located on the alignment stud to the head, how else can you do it ? i'm running one of Malcolm's under slung linkage's
  10. John G

    TR6 PI rev's

    Thanks Steve i'll double check that, i'm sure its going to be something simple but not having ever even heard it running it's easy to question the logic.
  11. John G

    TR6 PI rev's

    Hi chaps need a little advice on my TR6 PI engine. I'm nearly done on a total restoration, engine is up and running ect but when setting up timing and doing my running in i notice that the engine when i rev it up to 2.5K ish, it seems sluggish to return to tick-over. This is my first PI engine so i'm not 100% on what to expect. When i say sluggish it's 4 to 5 seconds before she settles back to tick-over almost as if the throttle linkage is slow in closing otherwise it's spot on. Everything is either new or rebuilt any ideas on what it may be or what i can expect with a PI. Many th
  12. Thanks every one for all the advice and comments, she burst into life yesterday just need to do some fine tuning now.
  13. Thanks Neil, i assume you mean with the engine turning over ?
  14. Hi guys this is my first time asking a question, just wanted to get some advice. I'm competing a ground up restoration on my TR6 and have got to the engine start point. I have a British CR 125 BH engine fully rebuilt to 150 spec, but i'm having trouble starting it. Having solved a few minor issues (wrong Coil) she has fired and run for a few seconds. I've turned the air idle down as it reved to high for my liking but now she seems reluctant to start at all. I suspect that i may have pulled some air into system as i lost fuel pressure due to low fuel in the tank. Just to clarify the fuel sy
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