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  1. Hi Guys. At the moment I have the body tub suspended from the garage roof beams. When the PO replaced the the floor panels ( 1991 ) 3 out of 4 support brackets were not fitted. It seems to show that in the past when these cars were not all that old they just bangers to be bodged. The body as always been nearly an 1" lower at the drivers side front, level at the rear. old they Now have new brackets to weld on so am hopeful of getting the body level. The chassis as been shot blasted and is currently been repaired and strengthened. A couple of years ago I cleaned and painted the chassis with POR15 The shot blast media bounced off, they had to burn it off. Regards JohnR
  2. Hi Roger Sorry to be so slow at replying, had to go out. does not judder as much as feel notchy up and down. will investigate if the fitted 3/8 unf bolts were used. regards JohnR
  3. Hi Roger Am not concerned about the force required to operate. but a smoother operation. The carrier is steel, bearing RHP. would phos. bronze be a better solution. Also noticed the clutch forks show a certain amount of wear. Regards JohnR
  4. Hi Harry Thanks for the reply. Can you remember which model Tilton and where you obtained it. Many Thanks JohnR
  5. Hi Guys At the moment I have got the body off, and having the chassis repaired and strengthened. While I have engine and gearbox out and separate. Looking at improving the clutch release mechanism. Has anybody got experience of direct acting angular release hydraulic cylinder. I can see 2 of the regular suppliers offer such a system, at considerable cost. Regards JohnR
  6. Thanks Guys Poly it is. Regards JohnR
  7. Hi guys What would the forum suggest, mounts to go for, Poly or Rubber. there is quite a big difference in the price. Regards JohnR
  8. Hi John They are 1972 Reclining type. I have just bought a full set of foams for the interior , covers are good. Regards JohnR
  9. JohnRoberts

    CP Seats.

    Hi Guys I am looking to replace the cardboard type material that the rear covers (covered with vinyl.) for the seats are made from. As anybody got suggestions type of material to replace it with and also source of supply. Regards JohnR.
  10. Hi Ragtag The injectors are batch fired. I only add a small amount of engineering to do. Spent quite a bit of time on deciding where and how to mount the various components. If you want to know more either PM me or speak to Kevin at Classic Car Injection ( He is very helpful )
  11. Hi Guys Initially I was going to use the throttle bodies as they were. So made a bracket to mount the throttle sensor to the existing shaft. But instead decided to use a single throttle body. A 52mm MGF bought on Ebay. As per instructions the distributor is modified first so you can set static timing to 8deg. Mounted the ECU under the bulkhead above the passengers feet. Had the fuel rail made locally to dimensions I supplied. Had an adaptor flange made to fix the throttle body. Existing throttle bodies, throttle plates removed and shaft holes plugged , 1/2" holes for the Lucas Injectors drilled to 13.5mm dia. The software as a self learn feature. With the help of Kevin at Classic Car Injection is understandable. It took approx 2?3 weeks to complete Regards JohnR
  12. Hi Guys Sorry the pics are upside down. Also forgot to sign to reply. Regards JohnR
  13. Hi Guys Here is an update on my conversion EFI. Just completed 1450 mile tour to Ireland with an average fuel consumption of just over 31 mpg. The tuning of the software ,with the help of Kevin at Classic Car Injection was pretty straight forward. If anybody wishes to do this conversion, I can fully recommend this company. Here are some pics.
  14. Hi Guys Just an update on my Overdrive not working. At last got round to removing the filter, which more or less blocked. Changed the oil twice with a few miles in between. Now works fine. Regards JohnR.
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