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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies. I tried setting timing inlet centre of full lift at 105 , must made an error somewhere, because when trying to run it inlet valve was about 20 retarded. [ 15 BTDC ] Have after many attempts with dial gauge on top of the valve , not the rocker. Now starts to open at 35 BTDC closes at 65 ABDC. Now runs well. Also loaded new ECU file. Regards JohnR
  2. Hi Guys I am looking for advise on best way to time a CP camshaft. 35 degrees BTDC. is that the moment when the inlet valve starts move ? Regards JohnR
  3. HI guys My question is how many miles should I expect to cover to bed in new piston rings , having deglazed the bores. Regards JohnR
  4. Hi Mick. Thanks for your reply. I have measured all 6 bores they round with next to no taper, dia. measures 2.964'' { + .020 above std. } The pistons [ marked +.020 ] that are fitted measure 2.944'' dia. at the top So the clearance is 0.020'' ring gap is 0.027'' Regards JohnR
  5. Hi Guys Does anybody know the actual bore dia. to suit +.020 pistons Thanks JohnR
  6. Paul. Out of interest if you have a stripped 1/4 unf captive nut you can quite easily re tap M7. M7 taps and Setscrews are readly available at Fastener Stockists. Regards JohnR
  7. Hi John, is it possible to have a chat Ref TR6 EFI

  8. Hi Colin Thanks for that. Can you give me details of the supplier and part number please. Best regards JohnR
  9. Hi Guys Does anybody know the thread size of the fuel outlet. Thanks JohnR
  10. Thanks Guys, thats good news it's what I was hoping. Going to fill with fresh oil and do what Mick suggests. until we can get out on the road. Best Regards JohnR
  11. Hi Guys Just seeking the opinion of the forum. Last December I changed the Engine and Filter. since then have not been able to take the car for a run, have started the engine on 3 occasions and run up to temp. then shut down. This week decided to drop the sump to change the gasket ( slight oil leak ) Lockdown idle hands etc. to discover the fresh oil emulsified with small amount of water. There is no sign of oil in the coolant. My thinking is that it was caused by condensate from repeatedly starting a cold Engine. Regards JohnR
  12. hi Richard Yes, my car starts and runs like a modern car, with much improved fuel consumption. Regards JohnR
  13. Hi Fabrizio Yes bought kit from Kevin at Classic Fuel Injection.co.uk. Contact the above, he is more than helpful, and has copies of the software to suit my TR6 CP. Regards JohnR
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