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  1. Hi Dave,yeah Boat down to Bilbao overnight stop in Pamplona then three days in Pau for the Classic meeting then wind our way back up to Ferry at St Malo should be fun....I hope. The Duke
  2. Thanks Graham,Roger it’s covered in spots but there same colour as rest of car The Duke
  3. Hi Graham,probably was my car but not me driving it, having a few teething troubles ironed out before we head off to The Pyrenees and Pau in May.Nothing like in at the deep end, I mean what could possibly go wrong. The Duke
  4. Don't be Beastly Pete,remember your a guest on this forum, about time you got rid of that old rice burner and got another Tr,love to Leslie. Andy
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments,Hood and sidescreens and Tonneau were from John Skinner, according to records with the car done in 2001,not cheap but 16 years later still look good.Not sure how waterproof though . Just need to get rid of the smell of petrol that now pervades through the house,suspect the new petrol filler cap is the culprit. Andy
  6. just had to pop in garage for another look.
  7. Had my beautiful little TR3 dropped off today,just had full repaint few other bits and bobs can't wait for next summer. Andy
  8. awaiting front bumper and new dark green painted wires
  9. Hi Rodders, if its any help my car has just been sprayed Apple Green at MB Bodycraft 01869 351255 might be worth a call.if i new how to post a picture i would. Andy
  10. Hi Dave, yes they were my seats,material came from German company in Milton Keynes my mate worked there,text him tonight said they are not around anymore but you could try a company called DC products in Wellingborough he said they might be able to sort you out. Regards Andy
  11. andy

    German TR3

    Thanks Alec, at £25k i'd snatch his hand off and take my chance's,repent at leisure and all that....life's for living. Andy
  12. andy

    German TR3

    what are the implications with brakes,can master cylinder be changed,at this rate maybe offer scrap value to take it off his hands. Andy.
  13. andy

    German TR3

    Any pointers gratefully received,new to this side screen lark,if it was a 5 or 6 i'd be a bit more confident on what to look out for.Not sure about expensive if its genuine body off chassis back to metal restoration you'd do well to complete for that sort of money. Appreciate its not to everyones taste, not standard etc but that might be a bargaining tool and being right hand drive in Germany as well,where do we think this should be price wise? Andy
  14. andy

    German TR3

    Hopefully they'll have someone who can speak good english tomorrow,would like to know who built it and previous history. Andy
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