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  1. Thanks very much for your quick responses, I will change the gearbox oil today. Peter that's a great link, thank you. Happy motoring Grant
  2. In my last post I did warn you guys that I would ask some stupid questions. Heres your stater for ten. After changing the oil in the diff I moved onto the gearbox only to find that the top up bolt is only 8mm wide. Is this really the only way of re filling the gearbox. Am I looking at the wrong bolt. It appears to be correct but how are you meant to re fill the gearbox with such a small entrance. The flexible tube on the Comma bottle is bigger than the 8mm whole. I have attached an image with the offending bolt highlighted. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. TR2 gearbox.p
  3. Hi Rob, James and Bob, Thanks again for your advice, I will check the bullet connectors tomorrow just to rule that one out. I hope it is the flasher unit as I do not fancy dismantling the steering wheel. I might have connected the wrong P & L terminals to the new unit. The horn does work. Ill order some Castrol SAE90 for the Gearbox and diff, Thanks guys.
  4. Thank you for all your advice on the radiator and wing mirrors. Thankfully I did not have to replace the radiator. It turned out to be a combination of Me over filling the rad, along with the thermostat and kenlowe fan not working. It didn't help that the overflow tube was drenching the rad making diagnosis very difficult. Why didn't Triumph fit a bottle in the first place ! The cooling system now works perfectly, well, for the time being ! Unfortunately due to work commitments I have only been able to spend a few hours working on the car in the past few weeks. My biggest probl
  5. Good morning chaps My apologies for the slow reply, I'm currently working down in Southampton on the England v Pakistan test match for Sky. despite the inclement weather its been a very busy couple of days. Thank you for all your suggestions and tips, I really appreciate your help. I live in Horton Kirby, a small village in Kent, ten minutes from Brands Hatch. I will definitely do away with the hole for the starter and give the guys you have suggested a ring re a re core. Bob, the only photos I have of the engine are 18 months old when I first went to look at the car. Other
  6. Hello all Tr2 owners, I would like to introduce myself as I am now the very proud owner of a Beautiful 1955 Tr2. I have been a member of the register for over twenty years as I have owned a 1975 TR6 since 1998. The 2 has been well looked after by the previous owner who bought the car back in 1997. it was resprayed last year, has a Hard top, unleaded head, new wire wheels & tyres, hi torque starter motor, front disc brakes, new master cylinder & petrol pump amounts many other bits and pieces. The engine bay lets it down a bit but the real problem is it has not been drive
  7. Thanks very much for all your replies. Rich, It is coming from the rear but as you know it's very difficult to actually see exactly which seal without getting it up on ramps, it might be more than one seal. Steve, its a job I would not take on myself, I have very limited engineering skills. Roger, that's a good shout, I'll give Maidstone a call. Mark, I was unaware the diff had a breather, having looked at diagrams i will now have a fiddle around. I might be lucky but as the leak has been around for years I would imagine the seals will have been blown by the pressure shoul
  8. I live in Kent a few minutes from Brands Hatch. I am looking for a reliable mechanic to remove the diff on my 1975 TR6. The diff itself is working well but the oil leak has gradually got worse to the point were I have to top it up twice a year using almost a litre each top up. I feel I have pushed my luck far enough and the time has come for a complete overhaul on the rear end. I would be most grateful if anyone recommend a mechanic or garage in my area. Although I have had the 6 for over twenty years I have been lucky enough not to have any major mechanical work carried out on the car.
  9. Hi Pete, Sorry for the slow reply, been on a short trip away. Looking back, I did not explain were the brown wire was on the original starter. It is on a smaller half size spade attachment situated right next to were the red & white wire connects to a normal size spade. Both connections are on the solenoid. They are not joined together. As far as i can see, everything is still working. The car now starts first time, it use to take a few turn overs, does sound a bit modern but a small price to pay.
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for your post. My Tr6 is an original right hand drive 1975, 2.5pi. The original starter had three connections.I have connected the main large terminal and the red & white cable to the 1/4 inch spade. The troublesome third wire is brown. It was originally connected to the solennoid on a smaller spade next to were the red & white cable is connected. As far as I am aware I do not have a ballasted ignition coil.
  11. Mike, Peter, Tim and Roger, thank you very much for all your advice. The starter is on but not without a few dramas along the way. The starter came off without too much of a fight, what a monster compared to the new high torque one, 19lbs compared to 8lbs and a lot smaller. It took a lot of twisting but came out under the steering rack. The fixed bolt is a pain, I cut off about 1 & 1/2 inches and managed to get the nut on. I found removing the nut & bolt on the gear housing just above the starter gave me that vital few inches to get a spanner on. Tested the motor, wow what power,
  12. Hello all 6ers, Although I have been a member for fourteen years, this is my first post on the forum. I have to admit that due to time restraints and a serve lack of knowledge I have always taken the easy option and sent my beloved 1975 TR6 down to my trust worthy mechanic for any repairs. Now that I have more time on my hands I have found new enthusiasm to do the work myself. This forum has been a great source. Apart from the standard service, oil,filters & anti freeze, so far I have fitted new front shocks (koni's), and applied waxoyled. What a messy job ! Next up the starter moto
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