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  1. Hi Gary If you have had 40 years out of your system I would be tempted to keep it standard & if you're not confident about doing the work yourself, get the pump & MU refurbished by someone like Neil Ferguson. Fundamentally the Lucas system works if maintained & your voltage supplies as well as earths are ok. Many people run Bosch and are perfectly happy with the system but its not a straight forward swap from Lucas. I have also noticed a few problems on the forum with Bosch pumps too as these are also ageing. I would also have a look inside the fuel tank for debris/rust &
  2. Hi Mine is a '74 CR. Same as Bruce describes - black tapered cover with wires coming straight out the back. Picture is taken from underneath looking up. Alan
  3. Thanks roy53. Thats my preferred mounting option with maybe a bush or sleeve to limit movement. What size did you use? I'm thinking M10 or M12 with rose joints at each end, similar to that suggested by Hamish.
  4. Hi This might be irrelevant at the moment if your chassis is shot but toe in can be altered by swapping shims. As a guide, in my case taking one shim from the inside & adding it to the outside reduced toe in by 3.1mm on the RHS & 3.2mm on the LHS. Alan
  5. Thanks for the replies & advice everyone. I have a couple of ideas on how to fit. Will feed back in a few weeks when I have a solution. Alan
  6. Thanks for the photos Hamish. Much appreciated. Just had another look & the TR6 rad guard extends past the front chassis member & the bumper irons increases that width further. Hence the spitfire arb is tight where the bar curves back to the drop links. Using the mounting blocks on your link would lower the bar (at the expense of ground clearance) creating a bit more side clearance. The TR6 wishbone has a bracket that the drop link mounts to, so I should be able to use this to connect a link of some kind to the arb. Alan
  7. Hi Peter & Hamish My FleaBay spit/gt6 arb arrived today. I did a quick offer up & it is indeed shorter than the std TR6 arb with just enough clearance to the edges of the TR6 rad guard. It does look doable though & I'm sure I can get it to fit. Do you have any photos of your setup's. Just to give me some idea on what to fit/modify/fabricate. Thanks Alan
  8. Thanks Hamish - for some reason the links didn't show when I first looked at your reply. They are there now & I've read them. Will take a look tomorrow on what needs to be done. As you say beats the prices there asking for kits now. Cheers Alan
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm thinking at that price I can buy & experiment. Hamish from what your saying it should be wide enough & I just need to fit drop links? I have a welder so can fabricate something if need. Alan
  10. Hi During the first lockdown in a moment of boredom I purchased a rear anti roll bar, with a view to fitting it as a winter project (after doing the front suspension). Ive since done some further research on the forum & discovered convention is that the rear arb should be thinner than the front. Problem is the rear one I've purchased is 3/4" & the front standard arb is 11/16" as best as I can measure. So should I buy the uprated front arb at 7/8" (if I can find one)? The suspension will be : Front - std springs, Gaz shocks, polybushes. Rear - std spring, lever arms 20wt
  11. Hi John My post was an attempt at sarcasm - I agree with your comments - my point is the Uk cannot have its own import/export controls & not expect the EU to do the same. The outcome will be delays, added bureaucracy & cost, as appears to be the case with Richards original post. It may well be teething problems & things may ease eventually, although personally I wouldn't bet on costs reducing. Alan
  12. Yep, we're not the only ones 'taking back control of our borders'.. Wait until (or if) the Summer holiday season starts if you want to see true chaos. I can't see any reciprocal action happening any time soon, its took us best part of a year to request something as essential as a Covid test before Uk entry.
  13. Thanks for the offer though Bill ! - Have you tried any de rusting with it yet? Nigel - I looked at some Mini gearbox parts online & Vapour blasting finish does looks superb but I would prefer something DIY. Richard - don't think the oil slick in the tea pot would go down too well with my wife Alan
  14. I'm interested in the ultrasonic bath method - anyone else used it? I've used both the acid & media blasting methods with varying degrees of success. However both are potentially dangerous & messy. In particular I find the prior degreasing time consuming & a right pain. Sounds like this could do both with minimal mess & safety issues. Cant find a 30l for anywhere near £180 mind, nearer £300. Alan
  15. Thanks Peter, I see from the instructions the tubes can be fitted with the soft top frame still in place by fitting longer counter sunk screws.
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