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  1. Thanks John - that will be the TR6, TR5 & Tr250 Repair operations manual - I'll keep an eye out for it. Alan
  2. Thanks gents - good to know. There wasn't anything specific but I know the brown book & Haynes manual doesn't contain all the CR info. For example the dizzy (41542) & timing data for my car isn't described. My handbook states static 4.5 deg BTDC which doesn't seem correct. I've set it at 11 & seems to run perfectly ok. Alan
  3. Hi All Ref an earlier post about fuel tank removal & the workshop manual. Can anyone tell me if the info in the 'workshop manual supplement' dated 1972 was incorporated into the 2nd Edition of the Workshop manual also dated 1972 (the one on the Tr Technical document site). I'm interested if it contains additional info, particularly on the CR series cars. Thanks Alan
  4. Hi I think its the same item I asked the forum about a few weeks back, if so its a spacer between the upper column clamp & the ignition/steering lock. Alan
  5. Thanks, Rodders that good to know. Alan
  6. Just for info - it seems 'Renault Silver Grey Metallic' is no more - at least from Halfords. The product code is no longer listed on the website & it was on the clearance shelf in the store I visited. I searched the forum for a paint code without success - does anyone have a code or another one thats a very close match. At some point I will need to do my steel wheels. Alan
  7. Thanks Gents I sprayed the base metallic coat today & very pleased with the results apart from one area where rub down marks can just be seen. I will fill these with stopper & give another couple of coats before applying a clear coat. I'll try the dye idea on the horn surround before I risk the rim as I have a new surround if it fails. If it does fail then the rim will remain 'patina'd' & won't be out of place as theres plenty more !! Alan
  8. Hi All As is the case, I've succumbed to a bit of mission creep in my steering column bush replacement & decided to refresh the steering wheel. I've already removed the original satin chrome (very tough finish but sadly pitted with rust) & intend to paint it Renault Silver as several others have on the forum. Couple of questions 1) Do people then give a clear coat over this finish - satin clear coat? - or just leave the silver finish from the can. I'm a bit concerned about eventual wear/scratches. 2) Has anyone tried a rubber/fabric dye on the fake leather foam rub
  9. Hi George My harness cover was also missing. Last week I ordered this part (611369) from Rimmers. Despite the photo, it still has the clamp that will cover the steering lock. Save your money & cut the clamp off your original one. The upper column clamp should secure it. Alan
  10. Thanks Ed Stuart - these are the items I was referring to. The 2 tubes next to the safety clamp. Today I received the clip & some other parts I ordered yesterday from Moss & Rimmer Bros. I know the bigger suppliers sometimes get criticised but I have to give them credit for excellent service here. I ordered yesterday morning & then amended my order later but they still managed to arrive before lunch today by Royal Mail - well done.
  11. Hi Stuart Sorry it wasn't clear on my post - I have ordered the clip . Just looked at Eds site again & there are intermediate inner column spacers as part of the collapsible safety feature. I don't have these either & can't find them on any drawings. I had assumed (again!) the safety clamp was simply designed to 'give' under impact to allow the intermediate column to slide into the inner column. Regardless, doesn't look as though their available to buy anyway. Alan
  12. Hi Ed Question answered - should have read your web site before posting
  13. Hi Ed Many thanks for that - i did check a number of sources for drawings but couldn't find anything. At least I haven't wasted time & money on buying the clip. I notice you have sleeved your column, is that to provide more clamp force or to protect the outer tube? Its very soft alloy -mine has been damaged by someone over tightening at some point. Alan
  14. Hi All Ive a lot of play-up/down & side to side-in the steering column. Its not all coming from the column bushes as the outer column was moving. It seemed to be from the rear most clamp, the lower half clamp felt strip was there but nothing between the outer column & the top half of the clamp. Looking at the Moss catalogue I assumed I was missing the clip below & assumed this clip goes under the top half of the clamp to hold the column in place. However I'm doubting this assumption now. After much sweat & a bit of blood I eventually removed the whole column. Between the i
  15. super6al

    New tyres

    +1. I had exactly the same experience on a set of P6 Pirellis. Looked in good condition, no cracks & plenty of tread but a sudden loss of grip made me realise how bad 20 year old rubber is. Changed them out last year & went back to 165’s, best £250 you’ll spend. Alan
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