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  1. Question for the panel... 1970 CP: Just noticed that the brass air valve mounting is loose in the manifold. I removed it by simply pulling it out, there seems to be a rubber bush inside? Before I reach for my hammer and/or loctite how is this brass screw mounting fitted to the inlet manifold body? Nothing shown in the parts catalogue...? Thanks, Chris G
  2. Link to Clive Richardson's Motor Sport article here, with the story of the Dunlop SP Sports: https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/article/november-1973/54/the-tale-of-a-tr6
  3. Re DA marking on tyres: When I bought my 1970 TR6 from DCM in 1972 it was shod with Dunlop SP Sports. I thought they were ok until I read CR's articles in Motor Sport in one of which he reported on 'chunking' of the rear inner shoulders, after a long fast run, that made the tyres actually illegal on his car. To my surprise mine were the same. After that I changed to best quality tyres, that meant Michelin XAS with inner tubes. I knew what the DA marking meant then but avoided them, I wasn't going to compromise...
  4. There's only one tyre - Michelin XAS. I got mine from this place, not sure if they still exist though....
  5. M 1970 CP TR6PI has Lumenition Magnetronic electronic ignition fitted inside the 25 Lucas distributor, I want to remove it but I couldn't release the rotor disk from the cam, I loosened the screw holding the cam to the distributor shaft thinking it might help, which it seemed to as the rotor came away. My question is can I simply retighten the cam retaining screw (No. 15 in most of the exploded diagrams), does it engage itself in a slot or something on the top of the distributor drive shaft or do I have to adjust it to retime the ignition once it has been disturbed? Can't find anythi
  6. On the M3 / M27 yesterday followed an emerald green TR6 for a while. I'm not a copper and would never interfere in other's business but couldn't help noticing: - The oversize tyres protruded beyond the wheel arches, - The car was M registered but had a black numberplate. _ The driver was wearing massive earphones, clearly visible through the rear window of his Surrey top...! I believe the maximum fine for the latter infringement is a £5,000 fine... Otherwise the car, and driver, looked ok, but too highly modified for my taste...
  7. The car in question is not ' exactly how it left the factory in every minute detail'. Comparing it to my unrestored 1970 J reg TR6 that I have owned since 1972 I notice the following as being unoriginal: No 1970 CP TR6 was ever fitted with a spoiler. No TR6 ever had full length trim lines. No TR6 was ever fitted with an emergency bonnet release. The front number plate is mounted on brackets below the bumper, not on its leading face. The oil filter housing is painted grey mottled finish. The oil breather flame trap is natural metal. The rubberised part of the drivers carpet is ove
  8. I fitted a new alternator and fan belt to my 1970 TR6PI, now there's a loud whistling noise from the alternator. The old fan belt was smooth, the new one is toothed. The belt tension is correct and the noise is not coming from the water pump. The alternator cooling impeller looks just like the old one. The whistle is loudest on pick up to about 2000rpm then quietens, it sounds quite cool, people think the engine is supercharged...! Does the panel have any ideas? Chris, Wessex Group
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