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  1. A good dry lubricant is wax, I have lubricated rubber seals rubbing them with a candle and it worked on my car. Andy
  2. Andy1966

    TR6 Radio

    I Guys Sorry for late response. Yes Installation very straight forward, there's a multi plug and a separate Aerial connector all clearly labelled. Took me around 15 minutes Andy
  3. Andy1966

    TR6 Radio

    I have one of these in my TR and to be honest its Ok, my only criticism is the FM station strength is not good at holding the reception, its got Bluetooth and you can charge your phone etc. Amazing value for money think I paid £15 delivered
  4. This is what I did on my TR6 although I never installed a flame trap, I had some trouble starting when hot. I have since returned to the standard plenum with K&N filter mounted to the front of the radiator which has helped.
  5. Adrian I think the flat bar dimensions were 20mm wide by 2.5mm in thickness with very simple radius'd ends, I will confirm next time I go to my lock up. To be honest I copied this existing MGF ones as a pattern, hacksaw, file and re drilled out the holes. I have still not finished the skirt on mine to stop the draft coming between the seats. Hope this helps Andy
  6. Guys Happened to find this recent upload on Youtube, really useful for understanding how the different components function before you attempt to repair or replace. Enjoy Andy
  7. Hi all Starting ticking off the jobs for re commissioning the car for the coming season, anyway the problem I was having engaging overdrive was simply down to the Gearbox oil level being low. Took the car for a run today and it engaged and disengaged really well. Thanks for all your comments & support Andy
  8. Thank you all for your support. I will check the levels as a first check and report back. Andy
  9. Guys Took my CR TR6 out for a drive today and what was noticeable was how long the Overdrive took to Engage and Disengage, seemed like forever say 15 seconds at a guess. I have not noticed this issue before and wondered if you can offer some advice on where to focus my attention to resolve. The gearbox oil I have is EP90 grade and I have not checked the level since early summer. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks in advance Andy
  10. Steve I too have a CR with a 996 pump in rear arch which reading the history of the car was installed in the 90's, I am interested to know what you opt for pipework and connections for the installation. I have already uprated the tank outlet, installed a tap and replaced standard triumph filter with Inline replaceable type as shown but think this set up could be improved. Can you post some images of your pipework set up please Andy
  11. Keep up the good work guys, I really enjoy reviewing the latest videos Subscribed to both
  12. Adam For three years I had the three K&N filters in place with standard linkage on my CR model, I found it could be difficult to start when hot without choke applied. About one year ago I purchased an original Plenum and fitted single K&W filter on its end, its definitely better at Hot starting now. Hope the picture helps Andy
  13. Steve Really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing this as removal of sump to replace gasket is on my to do list. How's the chassis swap on the blue car coming along ? Keep the video's coming ! Andy
  14. Dennis I totally agree my son who is 16 year old generally comes with me to classic car meets, loves the gatherings & photographing the cars, funny enough he loves Austin 7's. However recently he had his school prom and I have been offering to take him in my 6 as most arrive in more modern prestige cars. He said "no way" too embarrassing to be seen in car with you !!!! I think the problem with him and my car was he would have needed to go with me on his own and if it had been say a stag that could have held 3 people it would have been OK. You cannot win Give it a year and he will want to drive it if he passes his test and I can afford the insurance cover Andy
  15. Update Took the car for a drive at the weekend as the weather was great and the wind deflector has made a difference, as stated I increased the length of the mounting brackets by 35mm to get the deflector height increased. Image of brackets extended by 35mm, original on the Right hand side was 100mm centers between M8 clearance holes, now 135mm. Not bad for total spend just over £50 so far Question, can any of you advise me of what you have connected to the Bottom of the wind deflector to stop draft between the seats ? I am assuming leather/pvc material strip, is this correct ?, pictures would be fantastic Thanks in advance Andy
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