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  1. Times change and so do tastes. The increased use of mobile phones means more and more of us browse the internet using these devices. Over 70% of the visitors to the WFTR website use a phone, another 20% a tablet and just 10% use a desktop. In addition, most of those using a phone have devices with larger screens. Because of this we have made some changes to the site. It's now much lighter and less blockey. Hope you like it as much as we do: https://wftr.co.uk/ As before, the costs were zero. We use freely available code which means it's easy to maintain.
  2. fisicx

    Adding a clock

    18 months later and I've finally got round to installing a clock (I got one for Christmas). Well chuffed with the result Story and pics: https://wftr.co.uk/put-a-clock-in-it/
  3. Got some from a local joiner. So all good. Thanks everyone
  4. Anyone know what size they are? The previous owner bodged a repair and put in self-tappers. I've got a repaired dash and new hinges but now need the right screws.
  5. While galleries are great sometimes you need a bit more meat to find out what happened on the day. So we have started to write reports about the events member have attended. It's still in its infancy but stats already show people are finding and reading the reports: https://wftr.co.uk/reports/ Another change to the site is our shop. We have found a local supplier who can embroider or print pretty much anything. Even better there is no minimum order. This means we can get you a fleece in a range of colours and sizes with a WFTR logo showing your flavour of TR. Again this is just
  6. Doesn't have to be. There are plenty of members with the skills and the time to fix this for you. There should no need to spend any money upgrading and enhancing the website, forum or the back office systems.
  7. The WFTR website was launched over 6 years ago and has been growing ever since. But the layout hadn't changed and was getting a bit jaded. Much hard work has been put in by a number of members and we now have something that is cleaner, modern and designed to work really well on a phone. This last requirement was paramount as over 70% of our visitors are using a phone to browse the site. You can take a look at the new site here: https://wftr.co.uk/ All the old functionality still exists: Events with registration and payments Galleries and video integrated with dropbox
  8. I had to install a replacement ignition switch last year because the original failed to function (the switch component fell to bits). But the new one no longer locks the key in place, you can pull the key out with the engine still running. Or as happened yesterday, the key fell out while I was driving and ended up under my feet. This is probably not the best way to do things. It this something I can fix or do I need to invest in a new switch? And if so, are these any good: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/steering-lock-assembly-with-ignition-switch-219061-1.html It looks diffe
  9. Why do people park up over winter? I use mine all year round. However, fuel has a shelf life of around 6 weeks. The aromatics start to boil off which means there are fewer of the compounds needs to get the engine started. That being said, Esso and Shell are two of the highest quality fuels so will last for longer. If you fill up at the supermarket you may be less fortunate.
  10. Or just don't use McAfee. Just because BT gives you something for free doesn't mean you need to use it. And on a Mac you don't need to use it. All it does is slow things down.
  11. Simple answer: don’t use mcafee , it’s almost as bad as Norton. Ive not had any anti virus on my Mac for years and it’s never been a problem.
  12. More than the Ignition wiring. I've got lumenition ignition installed and have now discovered I've also got a ballast wire as well as a ballast resistor. This means very few ergs to the coil. So I've added a new bit of wire, upgraded the coil and the car now bursts into life with great vigour. And because the spark is now making Tesla jealous the engine is once more a mighty beast. Smiles all round.
  13. Turns out it was the ignition switch wiring. Just happened to coincide with installing the new starter motor. Old cars are so much fun!
  14. It's most odd. The starter motor spins but the engine won't start until you release the ignition key. I feel like I'm missing something but can't out what
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