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  1. Thanks Keith, I tried your tip at closing the gap by moving the switch inwards but it would not get close enough. I did wonder if the switch was correct but apparently so. it isn’t the original one as I fitted this one in March 1997 and it worked but over a period of time and little use, 100 or so miles a year on average it became stiff in operation but worked off the car after a clean and lubrication, but then the non cancelling. The clip seems secure but I share your thoughts that it could fall out but it is very secure and is less than one eighth of an inch thick.
  2. Vic787


    A stool to sit on while you scratch your head wondering what went wrong, flask of tea or coffee to ease tension.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help and assistance and also the developed and entertaining conversation re associated Matters. However with your help I have changed the inner column so that the cancelling clip is in its correct position (24 years late) still didn’t cancel, so rightly or wrongly I inserted a shim between the clip and column which moved it closer to the switch mechanism and low and behold the indicators now cancel so I can now fully apply my mind and body to a particular endeavour and to the complete exclusion of anything not relevant to that endeavour i.e faulty indicator.
  4. Hi Ian, don’t chastise Tim for his comments, I have to agree with him, yes, I am obviously not doing what I was trained to do, or trained others to do in that my observations were lacking on the indicator light however I have to agree with you that the green warning light is difficult to see. I must point out that I am a retired Police Sergeant and previously a Class One Police Driver Training Officer and lastly a Civilian Trainer however that was 24 years ago. I should know better however rather than being chastised could we keep to the subject in point please. I cannot give any feedback on t
  5. Just got car back on the road after almost 12 months, winter and lockdown. The indicators have always been a problem but I have generally been on the ball to cancel after use until now when I am forgetting to do so but having reminders from following traffic. Occasionally they will cancel from a right turn but never from a left. Do I need to replace the switch or the ring thing on the column or should I fit a audible repeater. Anyone else had this problem?
  6. Thanks Bob, I have been able to wire the ignition. Parts I required for the distributor DM2 are no longer available but with a bit of cobbling and doctoring I was able to assemble the correct parts as replacements should the electronic ignition fail.
  7. Hope this is not a dumb question but some time ago I fitted Pertronix electronic ignition to my 1962 TR 4. I have spare points condenser and distributor body lead to points. I cannot find Lead from coil. I need to make one, can anyone tell me the gauge of cable please. ( just in case Ignitor fails) thanks.
  8. Vic787

    TR Values

    Interesting subject. I am seriously considering putting my 4 on the market next year due to lack of use. Looking at the prices it looks good but obviously not what you might consider to be profit as the costs over the last 20 years updating, improving and restoring may be swallowed up, but at least may get something back. Cars of this marque need using and enjoying which is, unfortunately not something I am able to do.
  9. Sorry taken so long to update but tried all your suggestions including running fuel low to remove tank again. While doing so I found the breather pipe which is virtually a banjo which attaches to the top of the tank via a a hollow bolt and extends below the chassis was not only kinked and closed off but the bolt has a shoulder which locates the banjo (ok so far?) I had not seated the bolt onto the tank. Since fastened and pipe redone with a few runs. No residue fuel smell. Lesson learned. Double check. Funny though that that there was no smell in that area.
  10. Vic787

    LED bulbs

    I contacted Rimmers who supplied the bulbs and informed me that they did not stock Positive earth bulbs. Cannot fault them as I had overnight delivery and returning bulbs for reimbursement. Any advice on who supplies the bulbs bearing in mind the polarity?
  11. Vic787

    LED bulbs

    Mine is Positive earth Pete so it looks like the problem is polarity as Roger identifys. Will see if they supply other polarity otherwise will not bother as I have electronic ignition and it will be wasted if I change polarity. Vic
  12. Vic787

    LED bulbs

    Anyone fitted Led bulbs? Any problems? I have bought a pair stop tail, bulbs ok when tested but will not work in car.
  13. Hi all thanks for suggestions and ideas, I still cannot smell fuel anywhere around the other than after a run but it soon clears. The smell is dissipating over time or we are getting used to it. I have reset the filler pipes which were at a jaunty angle but couldn't smell fuel. Maybe a tank would be a good investment.
  14. Thanks Pete, Stuart. After problem in previous post re engine starved of fuel En route to a rally, I changed float needles, re corked and gaskets. In fact renewed all working parts in both carbs. They are H6. Fuel is seeping up the jets, not excessive but it leaves a residual smell which filters into the house as the garage is underneath. Not a massive smell more like a tinge? Oh also fitted new fuel pump.
  15. Hello Stuart, thanks for your advice. I reset the float needles and gave the car a good run. Left it for a few days and still getting the fuel smell with fuel weeping up the jets. Never had it before fitting new corks, rubbers etc in 19 years. Could it be something to do with that? Although all is correctly fitted! Cheers Vic
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