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  1. Following above advice, checked bump stops and remember when I rebuilt the car 35 years ago I cut the tops off the cone stops leaving them flat, I have adjusted them and cancelled all vibration. Ahhhh silence, can now hear the delightful exhaust. Thanks all Vic
  2. I had this same problem which is rectified by the assistance of group members. I followed the information given as PEEJAY 4a correctly states where the column should be. The only modification I had to make having centralised the nib on the column was to elongate the column shroud switch screw holes with a small file which allowed the switch to be positioned closer in towards the column. I tried the bleeper method prior which is and was for me a great idea, however I am back to original now with self cancelling in line with above. The LED bulb in the telltale is excellent. vic.
  3. All the help I have received with my odd problems have led to renewed TR driving, thanks everyone, you know who you are but I have another request. Why does my Ammeter swing violently - to + and back again then settle to centre position intermittently. I have Dynamo electrics with narrow belt, adjusted correctly. Any advice please? Update..... The battery holds its charge. Vic
  4. Hi Stuart I was just looking for ideas, It is the sound resonance on the bonnet which was troubling me, particularly on tick over. I thought it was a daft question, Some things I have to put up with or do away with it all together, No way. Thanks, I agree, don’t want anything ugly under the bonnet.
  5. Does anyone have under bonnet insulation to combat vibration noise. If so any recommendations.
  6. Vic787


    Hi everyone Thank you to everyone for the interest, help and advice in the build up to a solution to the problem. I am still at a loss of what caused the failure but now, after tracing, cleaning existing and constructing new earths, I have all electrical instruments and controls working. I still have a dead black wire in the loom which exits at the front and behind the dashboard with no other exit from the loom. There are no earth wires to horns. I have learnt a lot about electrickery (Ralph) but I will still keep away from it and hope that this has solved the problem. We shall see
  7. Vic787


    Hello TT, Taking note of your informative comment, I assume that all wires on the car are of the correct values as it was a new loom although 24 years ago. i have split the earths at the bullet connectors at the front of the car and made each headlamp its own earth, they now work. I found the other end of this earth wire where it exited the loom behind the dashboard. It is connected by a bullet connector to both indicator warning light and windscreen wiper switch earths but removing the offending wire failed both of them even though it is now disconnected from the headlights.
  8. Vic787


    Hi Keith, Toys back in the Pram and a tot of Scotch and back on form. Up to now I have located the earth wires, in the case of my car, behind the front valance. I earthed each side and proved headlights work and dip switch ok but earth wire got rather hot. The side lights have a separate earthing point. It appears not all TRs are the same bearing in mind this original body number is 34xx. The loom was fitted when I rebuilt the car from left to right hand drive and no relays. I have bypassed light switch to isolate any problems there but that works fine. I have started remov
  9. Vic787


    At a total loss now. So far disconnected indicators and horn, cables I was working on. Checked all black wires on lighting side of loom, only one is visible at the front of the car where it joins n/s headlight loom to main loom, the joint is clean. The main loom continues unbroken to behind the dashboard but I cannot, short of removing the dashboard itself, see a black wire emerge from the loom. Looks like it needs to be seen by an Auto Electrician. Thanks for all your help, learnt a bit, so keep safe. Cheers
  10. Vic787


    Keith, explained in my terms as I understand you. I am a qualified Coach Trimmer and Vehicle Builder and can get around the mechanics. Electrics is like platting mud to me. I completely rebuilt the car in 1996-7 ex Californian so any fitting problems are down to me. I will follow your directions tomorrow so watch this space. Cheers.
  11. Vic787


    Yes Rob, with headlight removed, I get power through all three of the connectors in the Lucar adapter.
  12. Vic787


    Thanks Roger and Keith for the help. Keith, the wiring diagram is simplified with the colouring and I am now concentrating on the dip switch which I have removed and found that I do have power in the blue line. I have bypassed the switch and connected blue to each of the other wires which resulted in power at all three connections at the headlamp connector. Now at a loss today and less hair than earlier. I will try again Tomorrow.
  13. Vic787


    Hi everyone, hope we are all keeping safe. Having put the steering wheel straight and corrected the lack of self cancelling of the indicators which were subject of a previous post, I was ready to be back on the road. During pre drive checks I found headlights not working but main beam warning light on irrespective of dip switch position. Side lights are working correctly. I am at a loss now having checked all cables connected. Any ideas please.
  14. Thanks Keith, I tried your tip at closing the gap by moving the switch inwards but it would not get close enough. I did wonder if the switch was correct but apparently so. it isn’t the original one as I fitted this one in March 1997 and it worked but over a period of time and little use, 100 or so miles a year on average it became stiff in operation but worked off the car after a clean and lubrication, but then the non cancelling. The clip seems secure but I share your thoughts that it could fall out but it is very secure and is less than one eighth of an inch thick.
  15. Vic787


    A stool to sit on while you scratch your head wondering what went wrong, flask of tea or coffee to ease tension.
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