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  1. on the subject of sump shields is there a favoured supplier or is it just as east to get some dural plate and make one? What experiences or suggestions??
  2. I have a copy of a US dealer service bulletin which recommends that dealers put a short piece of rubber hose over the gearlever to dampen the rattle, I havent tried this yet as mine has just started rattling (post service where the timing was adjusted) Might try the retardation trick first, then the spring and in desperation the rubber hose damper... Has anyone else tried this??
  3. Thanks stuart..will run this as is for a few months then do springs and shocks so i can see how it drives at each stage. Interesting that you can get the handling you want without adding too many extra bars. I now have the email from Mick so can get studying before i start spending!!
  4. Thanks Mick, looking fwd to it!!
  5. Thanks Tim, all sound advice. Braided hoses and harder pads are a given for me in any case so had rather left them off my potted 'to do' list! Will run this as a daily driver for rest of the summer before i start pulling things apart. We have done a good few events in the 90's so have a fair idea what we need its just every car is slightly different so always best to seek experienced advice. Just wondered what it is about TR4 that makes the rear a/r bar so desireable?? Have run spridgets, A's, B's, A40 and Big Healey without them in the past.... Oh and name is Kevin, my parents didnt really name me after a healey chassis prefix... ..
  6. apologies for bumping my own thread, but suffice to say I didn't buy a rally prepped TR4 with fibreglass wings, I have bought a completely standard all steel car and now the expense begins! My initial thoughts are to run the car as is this year and start changing things next year with a Target of the Hero Winter Challenge in 2020 as a likely event. My thoughts as to what needs to be done are keep it simple and reliable. Heavier rate springs, polybushes and anti roll bar. Sump Guard. Alternator and narrow belt. spots and reverse light, roll hoop and some form of hard roof. Ally firewall. Its only for road rallies and my intial thoughts are that it wont need to be made any faster initially, however I suspect the collective wisdom is that I am a long way from the mark. About 20 years ago I did run a completely standard MGA in a lot of road events and it worked fine...sump was a bit dinged afterwards though!! any thoughts??
  7. Thanks for the advice and thoughts, as I am struggling to make contact with the vendor of the car in question the issue of non metal wings is rather becoming a non issue, think I will have to sit on my hands for a bit or just go and buy a steel road car and do the rally bits to it which I was initially loathe to do but don't mind getting my hands dirty...
  8. there's the rub though, Ideally I was going to pick and choose a few, guess depends on what permit they run under.A few HERO type events will be on the radar and the car has apparently done those before so it would seem there are no problems scrutineering there issues might be with smaller club events
  9. I had considered the steel wings option and suspect that that route might be more cost effective than prepping a standard steel car.... but just wondering if the fibreglass wings a major issue in respect of scrutineering, as I said used to be frogeyes out on rallies with plastic fronts and was never a problem although mine was an all steel car....
  10. Well spotted Hamish. Thats the one i have been looking at but am sure there are others. Can quite easily convert a standard car but rather not mess a good one about if a ready prepped car out there. Doing an odd sprint also crossed my mind, especially as my pal who drove on the winter challenge hill climbs and sprints a midget... Pms and phone calls to follow. Thanks for replies so far
  11. First post on here so apologies if I should have done my introductions first and also if I have jumped onto the wrong part of the forum with this; Did a bit of historic rallying as a driver about 20 years ago, used a frogeye, MGA, Midget & an A40 but haven't done an event since 2002 until a pal rang me and asked me to do the HERO winter challenge as navigator. Had so much fun have decided that I have a need for a historic road rally car/odd track day car and whilst I did think AH3000, having had one of those for 15 years am now convinced it will be a TR4... Obviously the best buy is one that has been set up for rallies before as the last chap has done the shakedown/expense. There is one that is for sale and has been for a bit which looks interesting, it has fibreglass wings though and I am pretty sure that in some regs these are not permitted. Is this an absolute or does it depend on how strict the scrutineers are? I have known plenty of frogeyes rallying with plastic fronts without an issue and the car I have in mind has apparently done 4 le Jogs... What do the experts think?? Does anyone on here know the car I am referring to or is aware of any others that may be about to come to market?? my real name is Kevin Needham and I live near Newmarket in Suffolk. Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom
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