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  1. HRCR Scenic tours are pleasant and well organised events but only 1 day. One of the most enjoyable weekends we have had in recent yers was when we stayed the weekend in a super Landmark Trust, the Bath House, near Wellesbourne and did the Lavender Run starting and ending at Evesham.
  2. +1 Also, as a paid up TRR member I am delighted to fund a vehicle for people's views on all sorts of aspects of classic cars. I am prepared to go along with other paid up members' wishes to express views on politicians in this forum, although such views are of no interest to me personally. However I have no time for those who see this forum as a freebie in which they are entitled to air views that have nothing to do with the aims and objectives of the register. Al
  3. Really good news for all TR7 drivers. Well done Al
  4. It's mainly about how best to monitor what might or might not be going on beneath the underseal without simply taking it all off. I've little or no expertise on this, but its a generic classic car problem, not a TR problem. What do other forums (fora?) and the various magazines and books have to say? As a precaution I like the idea of spraying it with Waxoyl or similar since it isn't expensive can do little harm and may well help.
  5. Almost all of us have mobile phones which can do photos, but we are busy driving and navigating. The stops are at places that can do food and or drinks for 100 people or more, which aren't viewpoints. I am sorry to say I find Bfg's post a bit patronising. I suggest he gets his TR and his camera out of the garage and samples the splendid HRCR scenic tours.
  6. HRCR Autumn Leaves Scenic Run today was better than expected - I was really worried about the weather, but morning and early afternoon weather was ok if not hood down. Lovely route with lots of splendid views up in the Black Mountains and Autumn Leaves in abundance (after all the cash I shelled out to go to New England in the Fall last year! ) Well organised run with an excellent end of run meal. TR behaved itself.
  7. Some problem with the float/needle valve resulting in too low a fuel level in the float chamber?
  8. Don't be so pessimistic! I also cracked 70 a few months ago and can still do the alloy wheels on my TR7. Maybe bigger wire wheels on earlier TRs are heavier? Nevertheless maybe TRR might do something to recognise us old F*rts. Al
  9. So if it was 400 years ago or thereabouts it might well have been given by James 1st (James 6th of Sotland) who gave a lot of land and titles to win the support of the English gentry when he came South to become King of England as well as Scotland.
  10. But nobodys mentioned any sort of TR8. There's lots of nice stuff for the engine and suspension on my wish list.
  11. Plan A was to go to Stratford on Sunday, and then plan B was to go to Bowood (any TRs there?) and that had to be abandoned as well, so today I went to Waitrose with one of my grandsons, who always thoroughly enjoys a run in the Grinnall TR8 esecially when we do one or two full throttle runs up through the gears.
  12. I had to bypass the heater on my TR7v8 due to a leak at the matrix, probably the pipe seal(s). The cooling temperatures dropped appreciably. I have a feeling the heater matrix was bunged up since the heater never worked very well. Bad issues are as one might expect - car is cold in winter and demisting. Otherwise fine. It's an easy job to make a u-bend to join the inlet and outlet together with domestic 15mm pipe and fittings.
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