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  1. acaie


    My position is a little different. Tom is quite entitled to hold tiresome views, indulge his prejudices, and peddle half truths and non facts on this forum when they are about TRs. When they're about something else, they should be posted on a more appropriate forum.
  2. I've just done some 1956 data. It looks like it was a very wet summer. Does anyone have any memories of this?
  3. Another guess - how about a piston that's a bit sticky but moves under higher pressure?
  4. It's a long shot, but if the wheel bearings on the right are a little loose, the pads will get knocked back as the disc moves around. This may mean they do not have the same bite as on the left. I find it hard to believe, but can't really think of anything else. Is there any disc runout, which might well have the same effect?
  5. acaie


    Interestingly the Private Eye medical corresondent thinks the handwashing initiative is a considerable success, because there has been a reduction of hospital admissions for a number of contagious diseases.
  6. I have this issue on my Grinnall TR8. I changed the pads when I first got it, to find the discs were offset about 0.5mm. However they both ran very true, and I took the view that the hydraulic interconnection meant the pistons were self balancing. It caused great controversy on the forum, but 5 years later I am quite clear this judgement is correct both thoretically (drawing on my Cambridge Uni & RR training) and in practice.
  7. Goodness me. A debate about exclamation marks. In my very pleasant social experiences over many years with TRR members exclamation marks have never come up before. For those who are not yet TRR menbers, don't let this put you off. There are loads of friendly TRR guys out there who will happlily give you of their time and experience irrespective of your views on exclamation marks. Indeed I was never asked.
  8. acaie


    I didn't particularly dispute these views.
  9. acaie


    The statement was if they have a disproprotionate influence, thus identifying a risk, which I personally believe to be significant.
  10. No TR7s in this thread so far, so here are just a few of the 140 at Gaydon Motor Heritage Centre in September 2014.
  11. HRCR Scenic tours are pleasant and well organised events but only 1 day. One of the most enjoyable weekends we have had in recent yers was when we stayed the weekend in a super Landmark Trust, the Bath House, near Wellesbourne and did the Lavender Run starting and ending at Evesham.
  12. +1 Also, as a paid up TRR member I am delighted to fund a vehicle for people's views on all sorts of aspects of classic cars. I am prepared to go along with other paid up members' wishes to express views on politicians in this forum, although such views are of no interest to me personally. However I have no time for those who see this forum as a freebie in which they are entitled to air views that have nothing to do with the aims and objectives of the register. Al
  13. Really good news for all TR7 drivers. Well done Al
  14. It's mainly about how best to monitor what might or might not be going on beneath the underseal without simply taking it all off. I've little or no expertise on this, but its a generic classic car problem, not a TR problem. What do other forums (fora?) and the various magazines and books have to say? As a precaution I like the idea of spraying it with Waxoyl or similar since it isn't expensive can do little harm and may well help.
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