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  1. Plan A was to go to Stratford on Sunday, and then plan B was to go to Bowood (any TRs there?) and that had to be abandoned as well, so today I went to Waitrose with one of my grandsons, who always thoroughly enjoys a run in the Grinnall TR8 esecially when we do one or two full throttle runs up through the gears.
  2. I had to bypass the heater on my TR7v8 due to a leak at the matrix, probably the pipe seal(s). The cooling temperatures dropped appreciably. I have a feeling the heater matrix was bunged up since the heater never worked very well. Bad issues are as one might expect - car is cold in winter and demisting. Otherwise fine. It's an easy job to make a u-bend to join the inlet and outlet together with domestic 15mm pipe and fittings.
  3. The Turing Bombe has now moved from the main site to this museum. The museum is aimed at a more techncal audience than the main site.
  4. Today we were at the Devizes & District Motor Club Valleys & Villages run. This was was once again well organised and very pleasant classic car run. Lots of very nice TRs. Also an essentially original and very nice 1954 P4 Rover 60 - there can't be many of them around. Recommended. Al
  5. Is there a probem in turning it over with the starter motor with either or both of the lt or ht ignition connections disconnected?
  6. Pleasant day at Castle Combe for the Bristol Motor Club 2019 Classic and Performance Car Parade.
  7. An enjoyable hour or so at Sopworth Classic car show. Lots of lovely cars, but not that many TRs - possibly fewer than the Bentleys . The Corvette next to us got rather more attention than the Grinnall. It's a pleasant informal show - recommended for next year.
  8. Hoping to make it to Sopworth on Sunday 21st.
  9. acaie

    TR7 V8 press car

    I have a photo of the press launch which includes this car.
  10. acaie

    Brake Disc Problem

    30 miles isn't very far to bed them in, particuarly since it sounds like you've been extremely gentle. An overly gentle approach to bedding in equals no bedding in. Agree fully with JM's advice, and only if the discs look like that after a few 100 miles of fairly normal driving with a fair amount of braking will I believe you have a problem worth worrying about.
  11. acaie

    Rubber boots

    +1 for balljointboots Al
  12. What I did when bleeding was start at the top one, since air rises to the top. I found that having done that one first I found that little or no air comes out of the bottom ones. Al
  13. My Grinall has one brake line inlet. Calipers are drilled internally. The remaining 3 connections are filled with bleed nipples. With 13 inch wheels 2 of these 3 are cut/ground down to clear the wheels. Bleeding through the remaining bleed nipple works fine. Russ Cooper kindly helped me with replacing the piston seals which I had not done myself before. It's not too scary.
  14. My experience is that WD-40 is pretty ineffective in freeing seized bolts etc. Plusgas is much more effective. It's also more effective to allow a good bit more time than just a few hours.
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