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Good day all. I attach 3 shots of door end hex headed screws and internally the plates they secure.  I am planning ss replacements, but the plate in R door moved as I loosened top screw and I am unsure what those plates are for and proper positioning for them!  I have tried to locate the parts in supplier catalogues, but to no avail. I would appreciate any shots and setting-up advice.

Wishing you all good health      Willie

P1130996 Left.JPG

P1130983 Right.JPG

P1130997 R door screws zinc plated.JPG

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Thanks Neil. Do you have any shots of how the alignment is meant to be?  When I loosened the top screw I had my left hand holding the nutarea but it moved, so I am ata loss as to exact position! Dumb of me I know!1



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Its possible the rivets that hold those plates to the window slides have come loose as well.


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Ref comment by Stuart on rivets.

Yes, part of window guides. I have just removed both my guides as part of door refurb. ALL the bracket plates, 3 on each side, were loose on the channel and making glass movement poor. Removed all felt and then tightened up the rivets as best I could but also welded them as well. Lowest setting on the welder as it’s thin material.

Proceeded to fit replacement felt in guides (1/8 x 1” from Woolies) as per guidance from Tim T in thread ’Door window channel felt’ not too long ago in tr4 section. Worked well. Thanks Tim.

David B

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