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Fixing Oil Leaks from Rocker Cover

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I hsave always had minor leaks from the rocker cover on my TR3a.

Recently when I did some work on the engine I decided to spemd a bit of time straightening the cover and replacing the cork seal which ihad fixed in place with some silcone sealant.  Now my oil leaks are worse than ever.

Before I go out and spend £100 plus on an aluminium cover, does anyone have any tips for fixing the problem.  I woudl add, that I studiously avoid overtightening the holding down nuts and the leaks are coming from around the seal, not the stud holes.  The oil then runs to the back of the engine, down the rear face and drips across the back of the sump.

Rgds Ian

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Hi Ian, I had the same, so after checking the cover was flat, I trial fitten and glued the gasket To one side, think the head, using Hylomar blue sparingly.....

It still leaked... I then tightened the nuts a bit more, and that solved it. On a TR6 there are only 3 nuts for a long cover to compress the gasket sufficient, and the cork relaxes a bit in the beginning.


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use a silicon gasket. Then apply some silicon sealant on one side of the gasket and fix it to the cover. The head side remains without sealant. Works for me. 

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I just use contact cement on the cover to glue the gasket on with nothing on the head. You may need to check the plug in the oil gallery at the rear of the head to make sure it is good and tight and not leaking.



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