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Not sure how to remove it, but the fixings appears to be some sort of rivet. I only know as one of mine is loose and when I pulled it out it looked like a giant pop rivet.



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I've always removed the strips as I find they hold dirt and encourage rust. I have found the odd rivet Howard, but I think that's where previous owners have gone for the easiest way of keeping them on. They're held on by plastic clips which usually end up breaking as the strip is prised off. Unless I do it wrong!!

I think you can still buy new clips from suppliers.



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Thanks both. Have been onto the  Robsport website and on Bodywork page 15 they have clips.  Like you Mike I would prefer no strips  but I have a small  problem. Previous owner had the car sprayed in a very nice, but not Triumph red and did not leave paint info. I need to re spray the sills which will have to be with a " matched " paint which is unlikely to be perfect. The sill strip provides a break between the sill and above panels so disguising any colour difference.


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Thanks, how good a match was it ? Mine will be side by side and have to be blended with original if I remove the strip ? Was it an original Triumph colour ? My local home paint shop admitted that their Dulux scanner matched it to the nearest on an extensive  chart . Car paint blenders may be more accurate but my local chap could not visually get a match for my 350Z, silver, even when I gave him the colour code. That year, 2005 , there were 5 variants  !

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