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  1. Thanks to all who've replied. I've had it 27 years like that so maybe I'll keep it a while longer and just hope 1 of our continental friends would like a nice one.
  2. I am currently in a dilemma as to wether to convert my lefthand drive 1971 TR6 to righthand drive. Is it worth it? My car was reimported in 1993 from Jacksonville Florida and I bought it from the importers. I was going to change hands but was posted to Suffolk from Lincolnshire. The proximity to the south coast and Europe meant it could be driven on the continent with ease. However I'm now back in Lincs and a considerable distance from the southern ports (and even the east Anglia ones). As it stands it's in good condition and runs like a dream. Age is beginning to creep up on me and the prospect of selling is not that far away so do I change it and hopefully recoup the cost with more interest. Or do I keep it as is and hope for someone with more European access wants a great car!
  3. My mohair hood supplied by Rimmer Bros is beginning to show its age. The back zip out window is beginning to split along the stitch lines at the base. Does any one know who supplies the hoods to Rimmers or a good repair outfit that could simply replace the window? Or am I being a tight wad and not want to spend £500 plus on a new hood.
  4. forget above just reread the 7 registrars report and it give the answer.
  5. Can anyone give guidance on the type of oil for the TR7 5 speed box. I've read that the auto transmission fluid is not a good idea for longevity. The Haynes manual says EP75 but that seems difficult to find. Is EP80 OK or even the ep 75/90?
  6. try magnetising your home made tool!
  7. I've now painted the 7 with a cellulose base coat and acrylic lacquer top coat. I took off all the previous respray and put an etch primer over it then the 2 top coats. I did the car in 2 phases. phase one was lefthand side bonnet and boot. The miss match couldn't be lived with so I then did the drivers side from bumper to bumper. Phase 2 has generated a crazing in the clear coat on the drivers side only. The surface feels perfectly smooth but when it catches the light looks awful. (I don't know how to post a photo on here) What has made it do this so I can avoid it happening again. I'm going to have to rub down and start again
  8. Thanks Stuart, I don't think its been done in 2 pack as the surface is very soft, A good polish and I get a grey polishing cloth. I appreciate the difficulty of matching but if I can get it looking good with cellulose then the whole thing gets done!
  9. I have a "Persian Aqua" drophead and am currenlty adding metal to the front wing. It's been resprayed before but my question is:- Is the paint base coat and lacquer or is just a metalic one coat? I don't want to use 2 pack because of the health issues but think I might get a better finish with the lacquer coat. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks Dave will do so!
  11. My 1980 TR7 has had to have a new battery recently as the last one had a couple of duff cells. I'm concerned that the alternator may be putting too much charge in. The voltage gauge shows the output as toward the top end of normal under all circumstances. I checked the voltage at the battery and found it giving 14.5 volts. Question 1 could the output be too high? Question 2 What should I change if it is? I'd appreciate any thoughts. If I've got to splash out on a new unit then so be it.
  12. Thank to you all for suggestions. I don't want my aging pump to give up the ghost or encourage leaks in places that don't leak at the moment.
  13. I've just completed a rebuild on my engine and found the oil pressure sliding slowly downwards. Having run it since the rebuild with normal pressure this surprised me. I took off the oil pressure relief valve and cleaned out the hole. Put it back and found normal pressure again. (50 PSI at 1500rpm) To stop this happening I'm going to replace the vale and spring. Has anyone any thoughts on the use of an uprated spring?
  14. Thanks for the advice. Anyone know what would clean out the waterways in the block? Does the stuff you put in kettles have any effect?
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