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Hi All


In my "Fuel pump electrics" post i also asked the question


"On a similar (electrical) but unconnected note whats the best way to test my "Highly Professional" installation? lol."


"Do i just stick a battery on and see if the lights work, things like the fuel pump feed i guess i can check via a multimeter."


Well all i can say is Whoa, let there be light!!, lol.




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Take all those comers one at a time😀

(Free to Don Williams)

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Cheeers All


Yes progress.


So installing the fuses in the fuse box one at a time No 2 blew the 10a inline id set up so need to trace the problem that caused that.


Lights seem to work, although with some oddities, like the pass side rear indicator not coming on, think its not earthing. But the driver side reversing light comes on and stays on, even when the reversing switch is disconnected but the pass side, err does not do anything, somthing amiss there then.


Best of all the wipers work, the motor, well motors and turns the wiper cable which turns the wiper box bit backward and forward just like they should.






So its great, when i turn switches and stalks stuff happens and even stops when it should.

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