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  1. Mark, They were fitted by KD Triumph in Coventry. Not sure where he got them from though?
  2. Taking what will no doubt be a temporary break from the 6 to pursue something different so it's advertised on various sites. Would prefer it to stay in the register and be enjoyed by an enthusiast that has more time than me! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/191800494810? http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/triumph/tr6/triumph-tr6-1971/5214035 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  3. Just collected my 6 from Dons Hoods last week and have to say it's transformed the car. Maybe not the cheapest place to go but I would be surprised if there's nowhere that does a good a job as Mark and his team in Erdington. The car was booked in and completed within two days. I went for the mohair option along with the zipped window. They made some adjustments to the frame and lined the hood internally and it feels tight and definitely better insulated than before. Plus I can now see out of the back window which also makes a huge improvement on the driving experience. If your in the Mid
  4. Paul, I have a 6 that I've been running for three years on it's original Stromberg's. I had it converted to SU's on Friday and can honestly say it's one of the best conversions I've had done. The car seems to run a lot better and is more responsive in the lower gears. I fitted heat shields and K&N filters and used the existing manifold (not sure how it'll work on your 4 though). As far as SU's v Stromberg's there's loads of views on the forum either for or against, my personal view is go for it, you won't be disappointed! Sparky.
  5. Got mine booked in Friday to replace the Stromberg's with a set of SU's refurbished by Andrew Turner. If they run half as good as they look I'll be a happy bunny. Keep you posted on the results.
  6. Does anybody know if the Stromberg CD175-2 is a standard fit on other vehicles? There are a few Rover versions on ebay that seem more common and a tad cheaper. Could I use a pair of these and just replace the linkages?
  7. Fellow enthusiasts, I'm looking to change my Stroms on my 71 US import 6 with some SU's. The price of a reconditioned set on the web seem to vary from reasonable to outrageous! I've seen SU's for TR7's and GT6's on fleabay that are 1 3/4" but don't know if these are compatible or would cost a fortune to adapt. Can anybody shed any light on the do's and dont's of changing their Stroms to SU's and what's the best option? (I've read some previous threads and have seen the article that makes reference to Andrew Turner at su-carbs). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Fellow enthusiasts, Having recently had the speedo cable replaced on my 6 I somehow seem to have inherited an extremely slow speedo dial. When accelerating through the gears it seems to take an age to get up to the current speed. Has anybody got any idea why this is happening? If it helps I've got a 71 US import that I had a J Type o/d gearbox fitted to? Any help would as always be appreciated...........recalibration question to follow when this is sorted! Sparky Brum.
  9. Seats ans spoiler fitted thanks to Mudflap Mike! Next.....Le Mans!!!!

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    2. mike3739


      Non profit making.

      Mud Flap Charity.


      Thats right isnt it Pink?

    3. Jersey Royal

      Jersey Royal

      Pink, dont do it.

    4. Andrew Smith

      Andrew Smith

      Real men fit mudflaps! LoL

  10. Picking it up Saturday! Something else to do before CLM!!!!
  11. Cheers guys, much appreciated. Comments will be passed back to Tony and I'll look to attach a decent hose directed towards the box!
  12. Fellow enthusiasts, I've about to fit a new radiator cowl to my twin carb 6 and have been recommended to use Tony who sells both PI and Carb versions on ebay, see below; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-pi-carb-stainless-rad-cowl-/251069371647?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a74e694ff He comes highly recommended by mssrs Mike3739 and GreenhillTR6 and having just spoken to him he's asked me a question I thought I'd share with the forum. Being a twin carb model how best do I get air directly into the factory fitted airbox? He informs me that on previous orde
  13. Welsh trip complete, car did me proud, next Classic Le Mans! Cheers to the Smith's for looking after me!

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    2. Jersey Royal

      Jersey Royal

      Sounds good to me.!!

    3. GreenhillTR6


      Was a great trip...he got over excited at the Brasserie as well I recall lol

    4. mike3739


      He did, must have been a touch of the sun.

  14. Don't do it! I did the same and ended up buying another within a year and mine wasn't half that good! Summer's just around the corner and there's not a lot out there for £9k that will put a grin on your face like a 6! My Mrs wanted me to sell mine and build a conservatory.............told her I'd buy an annual subscription to the Botanical Gardens instead! Sparky
  15. Jim, I've got a 71 texas import and it too doesn't have sun blinds. The top panel appears to be just a plastic moulding covered in a plastic vinyl. Off to Stoneleigh on Sunday to see if there are any cheaper versions than Rimmer Bros! Sparky
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