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  1. Crank or RW? You can get 163 on an engine dyno at 8.5:1 with a .020 overbore. I have the dyno sheet somewhere. It had Carrillo rods, forged pistons, a custom cam and a chunk of head work to get there, but it was at normal rpm. Translated to about 125 at the rear wheels. Bump the compression a point and there's an easy 10-15 more. Just saying...
  2. You did the Morgan rear cylinder upgrade already I assume?
  3. Simons car had roller rockers and a .20 over rebore as well as the SC. I've been in it - it's noticeably quicker than stock. http://www.6-pack.org/j15/index.php/articles/37/410 Stock (75) US looks like this http://www.6-pack.org/j15/index.php/articles/37/443-nick-wood-stradale
  4. Were you there too, or did you just embed mine? I got eaten alive by no see ums. But the cars made it worth it...
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-Other-/391383479803?forcerrptr=true&hash=item5b2045f5fb:g:JawAAOSwFNZWvO6J&item=391383479803 He's halved it. If he halves it again I'd consider it.
  6. One of the more common upgrades here is swapping the rear cylinders for bigger Morgan ones. There's an article on VTR that describes how much it shortens the stopping distance, and its quite significant. Ill look for it in a bit. Edit: http://vintagetriumphregister.org/brake-conversion/
  7. It's a dealer. It's not that far from me and it has been on there for ages. If he actually gets $8k I'll be surprised.
  8. Cheaper then this one - although this is in better nick http://houston.craigslist.org/pts/5377651714.html
  9. Even if it clears it can still be reversed weeks later. Here for sure, but I never paid one into my old Lloyds account so am not sure if clearance rules differ back there.Google cashiers check - us spelling - scam.
  10. The us ones sit lower in the left front normally. But then we tend to be a tad lardier and so it kinda makes sense that one spring would - shall we say - settle...
  11. Windows in - and windshield in too - is the absolute best advice I'd say. My 250 has gorgeous door gaps (and the builder bitched about how much work it was). The windows and screen weren't in though when he did it and lining them all up has been an absolute grade one pita. Especially getting the surrey to fit when the windshield frame was 1/2" off square at the top...
  12. Are there? I know of an LS1 in Calvin's blue one, but no LS2s in 6s. You have any links? And OP if you didn't yet and are set on the BOPR lump, the T5 is the way to go. A T6 is too big, trust me. D&D sell a bell housing adapter plate that'll sort you right out. The only thing you might want to watch is that WC transmissions are getting expensive and hard to find.
  13. Well it's been bid to $125k so far. Be interesting to see what it fetches.
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