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  1. This is an original TR250 bonnet, hope it helps. Graeme
  2. I think the frame was altered between TR4 and 4A.
  3. Cracked distributor cap? Graeme
  4. graeme

    TR4a studs

    Phil, Does Kastner's car have 16" wheels? They look bigger than standard. Graeme
  5. Hi Jose, I think your cross member is fitted upside down. The rear vertical part should be below the cross member as shown in the Moss catalogue. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/crossmember-gearbox-mounting-128055.html Cheers Graeme
  6. Welcome to the Forum Russell. Looks like a good basis for a restoration. I bought a '68 TR250 in similar condition which had been stored since 1976 partially stripped but hadn't been painted and I recently completed its restoration. Good luck with your TR4 and I look forward to seeing its progress. I was in NC a few years ago commissioning a new boiler control system at a pulp mill in New Bern. Cheers Graeme Before After
  7. That's some machine Hamish. Thanks for posting and enjoy your trip. Cheers Graeme
  8. Last weekend Sue and I set off for the ‘All British Field Meet’ at Portland International Raceway. The temperature was around 31 degC and made for a pleasant cruise but the heat caused the throttles to stick open while waiting at the border crossing, however, the US border agent was a Brit Car guy and we spent some time discussing the finer points of Lucas electrics! The car was OK while moving so after 350 miles at motorway speeds on the I5 we arrived at PIR for registration. Our son & his wife fortunately live in Portland so accommodation was no problem. Saturday dawned much cooler and cloudier and we arrived at the show to line up with another 10 very impressive TR250s (only 4 TR4/4A?) plus one LHD TR5. Our car created much attention, probably because there are very few non-standard TRs around or possibly the RH steering? Over 850 British cars on display along with classic racing on the circuit and a Land Rover off road experience made for a super event. Celebrating 60 years of the Mini, Paddy Hopkirk was invited to be Guest of Honour at the Banquet in the evening, he gave a fantastic after dinner speech despite the heavens opening and depositing a large amount of rain on the Marquee. Sunday was a swap meet day along with more racing, however the rain, although intermittent, was very heavy. The return journey on Monday was via the country roads of Washington but the rain spoiled what would have been an enjoyable drive. The last night was spent in a ‘luxury’ caboose B&B whish was quite an experience. 860 miles in total and ½ pint of oil used and no coolant lost. Very happy with its first long journey, just the throttles to sort out and find out why they are sticking when hot. Cheers Graeme Parked outside Son's apartment 250 line up TR5 (Love the plate) Interesting PI arrangement on this racing TR6 Paddy Hopkirk In the rain!
  9. Under the nut, there should be a waved washer part # 550026 which is NLA so I use a Thackery washer part # AJD7722 which helps to stop it rattling. Cheers Graeme
  10. Some great pictures on this thread, thanks. Yesterday we did a 70 mile round trip to the Fall Fair at Qualicum Bay. The TR250 has now done over 650 miles and we are planning an 800 mile round trip next weekend to the largest British show on the west coast, the 'All British Drive In' at Portland International Raceway. http://abfm-pdx.com/2019 Cheers Graeme
  11. Yes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl Graeme
  12. Has anybody tried the spinners from GC360. The wheels are 76mm dia in the centre but are not threaded so I assume the spinners are not threaded. Worth a try if nothing else available http://gc360enterprises.com/ Graeme
  13. I use a Cometic head gasket on my 89mm engine with no problems since fitting. A lot cheaper than Racetorations although not sure of shipping charge to UK. They are made to order so you can specify what size bore you require. https://www.cometic.com/i-24765912-triumph-tr4-2138cc-2-2l-pushrod-4-cyl-1961-65-043-cfm-20-cylinder-head-gasket-88mm-gasket-bore-each.html?ref=search:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cometic.com%2Fsearch.html%3Fq%3Dtriumph Cheers Graeme
  14. LHD cars do indeed have the clutch MC mounted on the bulkhead and don't experience any problems. You will find it difficult/impossible to to do this on a RHD car as it will foul the PI equipment, hence being mounted above. Cheers Graeme
  15. graeme

    Classical Dash

    Worth reading again. Also the internet is littered with similar stories from other car marques. G
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