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  1. Our local club had a run today, restricted to 20 cars and ending in a socially distanced picnic at Kinsol trestle bridge. Great to get out with our friends. Graeme In good company Parked next to one of the smaller trucks, F150. Kinsol Trestle Bridge
  2. I am not on the first photo, no.5 on the second photo. Graeme
  3. Hi Graeme - Just seen a photo of your blue TR250.  Any other photos available please?  There are certain areas that I'm looking at to do the same to my TR250.  The front indicators are flatter than the UK style - is this a Canadian thing as they look better?    Philip

    1. graeme


      Hi Philip,

      I have over 3000 detailed photos of the rebuild of my TR250. If you PM me your email address I can send photos to you. Apart from the indicators any specific areas you are interested in? BTW the indicators on my car are standard for all TR250 supplied but if your car doesn't have them, the previous owner may have changed them for the TR5 version. Graeme


  4. To celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary, we had a run out in the 250. A cooler day today (24deg) we headed north to Bowser Bay and finished with a meal at the Shady Rest in Qaulicum Beach. Cheers Graeme First photo taken at Nile Creek overlooking Straights of Georgia. Qualicum Beach looking toward the mainland of Canada
  5. It is also odd that some of the letters are not reversed. The S and the K are right way round. Very odd?
  6. Accommodation booked, hope the covid situation has eased by then. Something to look forward to.
  7. Hi Pete, Interesting that you should find this old thread. My photo and my car (now in Canada). I was a little offended by the editors comments, however, I was vindicated at the end of the year when the photo was judged to be the best photo in TR Action for 2003. I still have the award. The picture does look good cropped, however I was conscious of the fact the glovebox lid was missing and that is further highlighted by the cropping. Thanks for the memory. Graeme
  8. graeme

    Mr Mom

    Watching the 1983 film, Mr Mom, spotted a black TR4. Probably nearly 20 years old when the film was made, still looks well cared for.
  9. Happy Birthday Tom, hope you had a a great day, Graeme & Sue
  10. Hi Andy, The original fans aren't much use even if you can find one undamaged. I used a Spal booster fan from Europa spares, similar to the one used in the Clayton kit. https://www.europaspares.com/heater-box-fan-only.html The heater box will need modification to fit it, but the difference in performance is worth it. Cheers Graeme
  11. That is a TR5/6 hood front hood rail. The TR4A has a different arrangement with over centre clips. Cheers Graeme
  12. Hi Mike, For the TR5 and TR250, the factory painted the SS beads along with the bodyshell. A lot of people, me included, prefer the SS beads as fitted to the TR4A, hence why you see so many not painted. Cheers Graeme
  13. Eddie, I had to have the saloon flange machined slightly as there is a raised area on the propshaft flange to help with location. Graeme
  14. Enjoyed seeing that again, great close racing. Thanks Kevin. Graeme
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