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  1. Thanks for the replies. The little film is very timely, but to be wise I will use the hood more. David.
  2. Got caught out in the very heavy rain today and tried to put the hood on for the first time in 3 seasons. As expected it would not easily stretch to fit. Is the answer to connect up the hood then tension the frame fully from inside. I can not only use a vinyl hood in warm weather! Thanks David.
  3. Oh I see it is actually with a dealer, not a private individual. Did not spot that. David.
  4. There are some pretty daft TR6 prices around at the moment and that is certainly one of them. Did the buyer not like the car, was it a disapointment, or does he just want to make a quick buck. Its a free market, but there are now too many 6s over 20k where only the very top cars should be. David.
  5. Well filmed and good appropriate music. Well done. David.
  6. Thanks for that .Regards David.
  7. I can not get a spark. I have gone through all the usual suspects, including the Magnaspark ignition, The flamethrower coil (two). DDs rotor arms, Leads etc etc. I am beginning to think its the ignition switch. Can the ignition switch allowing good turnover and power to all ancillaries but not give power to the coil? Thanks David
  8. I also think sounds about right. For this price cars need to be all steel, no grp and properly formed steel panels correctly joined, without bodging. Sound chassis and some useable upgrades. Marko has one around that price which sounds good. Look carefully though, there are still some dogs out there I am told. David.
  9. As ever Thanks for the advice. Regards David.
  10. My TR3A has a fully synchromesh box. It is though very stiff to make changes. It is relatively new, by others, but does not seem to be easing. Does anybody have any ideas. Thanks David
  11. The Racetorations spoiler is quite often seen, and better than the original. The seats are not unusual, neither are the towel rails. All of these are minor details. The front grille I do not like, nor the missing black painted rear. Again just details. If it is a recent Racetorations car and as good as it looks in principal then it is a nice car properly priced. David.
  12. The later TR4A inlet manifold has 35 mm ports at the head junction. The TR3A unit 38 mm ports. Should you widen the ports on the manifold, or presuming it was made for the same head leave alone. Thanks David
  13. My 1975 TR6 which I bought in 1976, had a Webasto sunroof in it fitted by the dealers Evans and Cutler from new. It was Mimosa with a black hardtop. The sunroof had a tinted wind deflector. It was of course a short opening roof but they could be made to a short length. I had no soft top or tonneau and therefore had to be careful about the weather when the hardtop was off, which was rare. Id like to replicate it but guess the cost would be prohibitive. David.
  14. The wife has today had a good drive of the TR6, not having done it for a year or so. She pronounced it good fun. The good bits were. Powerful handles well Nice steering Moderate clutch The bad were Heavy parking speed steering A bit smelly. Exhaust drawn in and a bit rich I was pretty impressed with her abilities. She rapidly got the hang of it and started powering it into corners. Only a couple of missed gear changes. What spoilt the whole affair as it usually does on these South Devon roads was the amount of slow traffic. We wanted to go out for a blast and ended up mostly pottering. Am considering moving to mid Devon or mid Wales. David.
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