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  1. Mine used to miss fire at higher revs. Cured by new spark plugs. 1 was breaking down. Could be leads, cap, rotor etc.
  2. Next time use a gas barbeque that has a lid!!
  3. Can keep up with the old milk floats then!
  4. Gerry Marshall also raced his Firenza's fitted with Lucas Injection.
  5. Can't see how the sound of a good tuned V8 would bother the neighbours!
  6. Just had to have my diff rebuilt earlier this year. The PI cars ran a 3:45 diff whilst the earlier Tr's ran a 3:7 diff. I am now running a 3:7 diff, ideal for our twisty roads.
  7. Iron blocks with alloy heads use stretch bolts. the bolts are used only once.
  8. Are 5 speed boxes that common anymore? How many Supras or Sierras does one see around?
  9. Tyre choice is also dependent upon the climate you live in.
  10. Some people are missing the point here. DVLA use the date when a vehicle was first registered. BUT the government applied Historic Status using the date of manufacture as a reference! If a car was registered in the year following manufacture, but qualifies for Historic Status then the DVLA needs proof! My car was registered in 1974, so became historic from April this year. If I had bothered to go down the heritage route to provide the DVLA of proof of date of manufacture then I could have changed the class to Historic last year. This would have meant I would have to send all the relevant documantation to Swansea and wait for them to do it. I Just taxed the car for 6 months instead. In the 2015 Budget George Osborne confirmed that the rolling break would continue. Hopefully 1976 should escape any changes to government. I didn't realise that the relevent data from Glasses Check book would suffice. Hopefully this will be of use to many, and is a far cheaper option than getting a heritage certificate. If a vehicle qualifies automatically then it can be done at the post office. If proof is needed then it's Recorded Delivery to DVLA Swansea.
  11. Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics. Things Get Worse Under Pressure!

    Power Springs

    The Flux Capacitorin must be returned no LESS than 30 days before you purchase it!
  13. Just shows how out of date the regulations are!
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