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  1. Is this a Pi or on Carbs?
  2. Oddball

    Door Cards

    Thanks Stuart for all this information, greatly appreciate as always. Cheers.
  3. You can measure the height quite safety with the engine running. All you are doing is removing the jet cover and extracting one of the main jets. As the main jet is not being used at idle this has no effect on the engine idling. You can then measure the distance from the top of the hole for the main jet to the petrol surface with a micrometer and a torch. Should be 25mm +/- 1mm, however mine run best around 28mm. If your running an electric fuel pump you can just remove a main jet from the three carbs, turn on the ignition so the pump tops up the fuel, then switch of the ignition and measur
  4. Nothing to do with the OD, however as the gearbox was recently overhauled some questions may need to be asked and answered.
  5. I’ve managed 38mpg at a steady 60 mph in 28% OD, however I’ve also been in the teens.
  6. Oddball


    Don’t rely on the pulley marking being accurate. Over the years the rubber annulus deteriorates. Worth checking TDC does match the pulley mark.
  7. Oddball

    Heater valve

    By the way, that speedo cable needs looking at Roger ......
  8. Oddball

    Heater valve

    I got one directly from rockauto, didn’t take long to arrive. So much smoother to use,great improvement I used a 60amp stripped block like these to connect the operating cable https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311744812285
  9. Oddball


    11 degrees strobe at 800 rpm then up to 36 degrees at 5500 rpm
  10. Yes, looks like a juvenile Goldfinch
  11. I’ve used these after Stuarts recommendations a while back. Excellent product, warm them up slightly makes them even easier to apply.
  12. Let the discussion begin.
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