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  1. Hi Bob, here is a photo of clamp bot I think you just shown me how to fit it My Car was built in April 56 Tony
  2. Thank you for your replies I will try and put a photo of the bracket I have on tomorrow. Tony
  3. Hi I know this is an old post, I am rebuilding a TR3 and have these brackets left over and found this old post very helpful. I have the 2 piece bracket that fits on the lower steering column but cant see how It fits to the turret, Has anyone any photos or diagrams showing this? Tony
  4. Hi Frank, the lower seat belt mount is on the side of the seat. Tony
  5. Hi Peter, You have a P.m Regards Tony
  6. Hi, are there any differences between speke built dhc and later ones?
  7. Hi I am looking for a pair of early Tr3 doors, has any body got a set hanging around in there garage looking for a new home??
  8. Hi, i am looking for a pair of rear quarter panels and rear inner wheel arches for a tr3. Has any body got a spare set they will not be using or where i can pick some up from??
  9. Hi Cant seem to load photo it s a triumph high port head with a ally rocker box looks like something mounted on top of it as well
  10. Hi I have picked up a high port head with a strange rocker cover on. Could any body shed some light on which Triumph it came off?
  11. Thanks for the reply i have rang Karl, he has one or two tubs, has anybody else got any ideas. Tony
  12. Hi, I am looking for a tr3 tub or a good rear end, can any body help or know where there is one? Tony
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