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  1. Sure, the unit is oversized but didn't cost that much (as I said, others are available), has screw connectors, so is trivial to implement. Just remove the connectors from the back of the rheostat, extend them to the unit and screw them in. The lights in your house are controlled using this type unit. Never come across strobing as an issue - as far as I can remember the unit I used operates at 240Hz. Anyway, whichever method - getting rid of that rheostat can only be a good thing... Regards
  2. I posted this in the TR6 forum some time ago. The “proper” way to dim an LED is to switch it on and off very quickly. This is completely standard practice. The technique is called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). I used a PWM unit from Abeltronics, but there are many types available. It is quite easy to replace the Rheostat with a simple potentiometer (this controls the “on” and “off” of the PWM unit). Fitting the knob on the potentiometer is a bit of a fiddle but the PWM unit just goes into the line that feeds the LEDs. You can see the connections in the photo below. The potentiometer
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