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  1. I think I found the bag it came in. Try:- Classic & Vintage Dynamos Ltd Unit 7, Shirebrook Business Centre, Vernon Court, Vernon St, Shirebrook, Notts, NG20 8SP 01623 747666
  2. I got one at the international in Stratford. Shame I cannot remember the name of the firm, midlands based . They had a stand outdoors and were selling all sorts of starter motors, wiper motors etc. They had a box full of new heater motors. If anyone has a list of the vendors it might help jog the memory.
  3. Variation on this theme: Top gear, jack one rear wheel off the ground, then turn that wheel by hand.
  4. Probably worth checking they are consistent across all 6 cylinders. Otherwise if it goes ok then leave alone?
  5. Those Kent TH5 cams had a bit of a reputation for wearing out. Partly cos they needed careful running in but few people were told that at time of purchase. I got one 17 years ago and it is still in fine condition. Mileage uncertain due to dodgy mileometer but must be at least 50k. Big clearances so a bit rattly indeed. The PI system needed recalibrating to cope, was runnning weak at top end. When its set up right the performance is great. Enjoy!
  6. The mind boggles for sure. What if the exhaust was blocked up - would that wreck the vacuum?
  7. Maybe they stop the bit of cardboard blowing out at high speed?
  8. Maybe the long rod that supports the bonnet when open? Try removing it and go for a drive.
  9. chrismitchell

    My TR6

    Very tasty. And is that a GT500 or super snake in the background? Hard to tell from the photo but the grabber orange looks fab.
  10. I was wondering about rebuilding them with exterior grade plywood? That stuff will stand up to a lot of damp. Yes agree comments about those clips. Wondering if velcro might do a better job.
  11. Yup. Mines been running for 7 years no problems in some incredibly hot conditions & traffic jams. Has original engine driven fan to keep air movement. No electric fan - uses Forlife coolant instead.
  12. A bit of wood with 2 nails at correct spacing does the job.
  13. sounds crazy but maybe one of the bearings is off-centre? By that I mean a manufacturing fault.
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