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  1. Hi Richard71 All I can say I fitted a new set of thick foam seals from either Rimmerbros or Moss and they leaked. I had only just purchased my TR6 and it was out in all weathers. I only found out when the new boot trim kit I had fitted got ruined, more from the petrol filler cap leaking water than just the rear light fittings. When I fitted my first set of foam seals I put a thin bead of Arbomast Autograde sealant for windscreens between the foam seals and light fitting, but they must have still leaked. When I replaced my boot trim kit for a second time I got a replace
  2. Hi GeoffreyS this time another intimidating rear black this time, I love the C3/C5 Corvette rear. From day one I am that old at launch, I loved the TR6 rear matt Black panel and still do, quite unusual on cars back then, I even went to look at a lovely Mimosa TR6 from a dealer before I purchased my British Racing Green TR6, and would have only purchased it if the Mimosa rear panel had been repainted matt Black which they would have been happy to do. For me the Black rear numbers plate blends in so well and looks great, but over to you so many choices, and it's only a number plate .
  3. Cheers GeoffreyS (Thanks. Very smart car and plates. I always thought I wanted die pressed, but I’m wavering. Looks particularly good on your car because your registration is dateless. Yes, as you say, all options are good options. Such great cars.) I am sure you knew mine was a private plate I think I paid about £350 in total on the car, excluding the metal plates. To show how stupid I am, the dealer also had for sale UFZ 727 at the same price I even put an offer in for it which was rejected, and most peopled I asked thought it would look better, the next day when the penny d
  4. Hi Bruce if you are talking about me UFZ 626 my car is a 1975 but I think I am sure Iruka is correct although I put them on a couple of years ago. I found about the (registered within the ‘historic vehicles’ tax class The 40-year exemption date rolls forward automatically each year on 1 April.) rule. Hi astontr6 please check out the kidney panel post, I eventually got around to updating my reply cheers.
  5. For me the only way to go, but that is what is great about your own car, you do what you like.
  6. The red warning light on the right is a momentary button (switch), as you can see I have pressed it in with my key to turn it on, and the red light for an obvious reason. This is a brake failure warning light hence me going for red, unfortunately pressing the momentary button only tells you the light is working and the circuit is working, you need either the front rear or complete brake failure to move the switch and turn it on. I think it is wise of me not to test it. Plus my new 8 blade fuse box no need for relays now.
  7. Now that’s what I call a glove box light switch.
  8. Hi astontr6 You are correct they are 12v LED kitchen/bedroom canopy lights, I tried to take a photo with them on but I thought they were a little too bright, so I used my battery cut off switch to turn them off. I purchased my ex 1975 USA TR6 about 3 years rebuilt by a non TR specialist and some of his work showed that. My wiring loom had been butchered over 50 bullet connectors, wire ends just taped over, door switches and glove box light and switch missing, air vent ducting and outlets missing etc etc, I decided to clean up the car and fully rewire to a very high standard.
  9. Hi astontr6 I am going to update my post soon but a little busy. Does astontr6 mean you also have an Aston Martin? Now for the reason for my post. Hi glasgow4a you don’t necessarily need Marine, all Marine ply is a very expensive ply that has no voids in manufacture so water cannot ingress, necessary when boat building. Standard WPB ply (waterproof boil proof) is more than good enough, but saying that Triumphs do leak a lot All I would do is go around your local industrial estate and look for small joinery/building firms and someone will have some off cuts, before I re
  10. Hi Kieth66 My first TR6 was only about 3 years old when I owned it, even back then the kidney panels were broken, and as a carpenter I re made them. I wish bean counters did not have a say in what materials etc go into building a car, had these panels been made from 3mm or 4mm ply, and not 3mm hardboard most would have survived. Fast forward nearly 45 years I purchased another TR6, again with broken kidney panels, because my TR6 is not a million pound Ferrari I again decided to make 4mm ply kidney panels, I was going to use the old Blue Peter trick and cover them with black stic
  11. Hi Steven give T D Fitchett http://www.tdfitchett.co.uk a try. I got mine from them Michael.
  12. Hi I am not an auto electrician but looking at the TR250/TR6 wire colour codes it reads Blue Lt Green U/LG High speed power feed from WSW switch to wiper motor. Hope this helps.
  13. (Hi Tony, there have been some for sale on EBay, TR shop I think. Cheers Conrad.) Hi Conrad are you referring to the £140 kit from the TR shop, if so they do not include the pair of hardtop brackets, I think they wanted £80 plus ouch for the pair of hardtop brackets when I was looking for all the hardware. I got a lot of mine from T.D. Fitchett but not the pair of hardtop brackets.
  14. Hi OldBob I agree it looks fine and would not be rude about the Surrey top on a TR6. I just believe it is not the way Karmann would have designed a Surrey top for the TR6 they would have squared it off like the car and hardtop. The only reason I mentioned the Surrey top, I never really like the look of all convertible cars and would have liked a removable roof panel like the Corvette and TR4/5 Surrey top.
  15. Hi Stuart I know the Surrey top will fit and have seen them on the TR6, but I don't think they really suit the TR6 in my opinion.
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