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  1. Hi Mike. Sorry I can't help, but if you see other recent posts I am also having serious clutch hydraulic problems. This is the best place to get answers to your questions. When you fix your problem, please post what your problem was. Thank you, Mick.
  2. Hi ntc. Sorry if 2 posts are confusing, the only reason was, because marki (Mark) started a new post asking for a recommendation for a new clutch master cylinder I told him about the NOS Girling clutch master cylinder .70 64676310 (154932) from T D Fitchett. As we know people are so helpful, they reply so quickly hence the 2 post on the same subject. The next day when I fitted my clutch cylinders I had the problem I am now asking about. I wanted to insure Mark knew to check what I had recommend would work on his car. Mick.
  3. Hi ntc thank you again. How do I check for restrictions in a new braided hose. Mick.
  4. mhossack

    Clutch master

    Thank you Peter. The reason I am working on the hydraulics, before I purchased my TR6 about 5 years ago the car was fitted with cheap cylinders, my slave cylinder was so pitted the piston would not move. I decided to replace both only to find the old master cylinder had a 3/8 inlet and a reducer up to 7/16 to connect to the pipe, and the new master cylinder had a 7/16 inlet. Now the pipe was the reducer length short, so I thought best now to fit a new hydraulic line, especially as the flexible pipe was original and did not look great. A lot of homework for me. Mick.
  5. Hi ntc Thanks I will look at all mechanical wear, but my problem really started after changing both cylinders, although it was only the slave that had to be changed. Mick
  6. Hi RobH Thank you very much I need to do a lot more homework. Mick.
  7. Hi RobH I have spoken tonight with a friend who I showed your post and understands your reply, I do not, and told me it is correct. Is it possible as you know what I have fitted, which one I need to change and for what, more information if required. No chance you mix with the London group, not to far away from you. Thank you very much, Mick.
  8. mhossack

    Clutch master

    Hi Mark. I am a retired carpenter so this is way above my pay grade. Tonight I have been speaking with a friend who understands this, but needs a lot more information first, but tells me RobH post on another related post I am posting in is spot. Mick.
  9. Thank you all I now know I have some research before I sort out this problem. Get the correct parts. Mick.
  10. Hi I am still in trouble. I thought I had completed my full clutch hydraulic install, only to find the clutch lever arm would only move 8mm not enough to engage the gears. The slave cylinder is in the correct position. I fear my 2 cylinders may be not compatible, it would seem I may have unequal fluid volume, so the master cylinder is unable to displace enough fluid to operate my clutch lever arm fully. Parts used a refurbished AP Lockheed clutch slave cylinder 99364C Q-310 and a NOS Girling clutch master cylinder .70 64676310 (154932) from T D Fitchett. I am also not that
  11. mhossack

    Clutch master

    Hi Mark Good that T D Fitchett have one, but I have now hit a problem that you may need to research as well. I had completed my new install but my clutch pedal would only move the clutch arm about 8mm, not enough to engage the gears. I now think there is a different amount of fluid between my 2 cylinders, so when the master cylinder is fully depressed there is not enough fluid in the slave cylinder to fully operate the clutch lever. I have not been in long so no time to do any research. Mick.
  12. mhossack

    Clutch master

    Hi Mark. I am going to fit a complete new clutch system on my TR6 starting tomorrow. I purchased a pastparts refurbished AP Lockheed clutch slave cylinder 99364C Q-310 from TR Parts Richard Crewe-Read rcreweread@gmail.com from Colchester. I purchased a NOS Girling clutch master cylinder .70 64676310 (154932) from T D Fitchett www.tdfitchett.co.uk for £66 posted, and you can feel the quality of the parts, from the cheaper aftermarket rubbish fitted just before I purchased my TR6 about 5 years ago. They still have some in stock, I think great value for money, and where else c
  13. Hi ntc. I think I now understand, you need to measure the distance between the pedal fully depressed and fully released, about 15mm, and then when fully released you need a small about of travel on the pushrod to make sure the clutch is fully disengaged, or in old fashion words, not slipping. Thankyou, Mick.
  14. Thank you ntc. I am sorry I still do not fully understand your answer. It sounds to me you need 2 people, which will not be a problem. You fully depress the clutch pedal and then you measure what, will you still be able to move the clutch slave cylinder rod, or the cross shaft lever, sorry for my stupidity. Mick.
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