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  1. Hi Many thanks, apologies new to the forum for posting several times, Steve
  2. Hi Many thanks for your replies, The green indicator light is on all the time and on Saturday She broke down outside the pub ahhh, I managed to bump start her and got back home. I charged the battery for 12 hours and is running great apart from the green light on. Another part to the tale is that when I put the wipers on the headlights dim down. steve
  3. Hi I have a TR4a and have the green ignition light on while I am driving my car and also I have noticed that when the wipers are working the headlights suddenly dim, any ideas please. Steve
  4. Hi I have a TR4a and the green light on the dash board is on constantly, any ideas please? regards Steve
  5. Hi I have a Tr4a and the green dash board light is on permanently, any ideas are welcome, thanks
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