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  1. Hi Graham i’m going to go down this route as well, had an earlier version of 123 fitted to my VW bus & loved the reliability, this version adds security as well so an extra bonus. Questions, what coil did you go with , and did you change the vacuum pipe & I’m guessing you still had mechanical Rev counter so was this a case of wiring to live on ignition? many thanks David
  2. Thanks Roger. Ordered the Christian Marx seal & tool from The TR Shop this afternoon. Luckily engine sound OK, compression test has proved OK so will be keeping a close eye & ear generally Regards David
  3. Thanks for the update - just ordered one, not much point asking for advice and not taking it!!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Stuart, alas already collected the part for TR
  5. Thanks Ian, luckily there is an alternator installed by a PO and a fan but that appears to be operated on a manual toggle switch basis so installing a thermostatic switch seems sensible. I'd thought about the geared starter motor as I has one fitted to one of my VW's and it worked a treat is it safe to assume that as its a '66 it will be a TR3-4A Geared Starter Motor with 10 teeth suitable for engines with bolt-on ring gear that I will need?
  6. Unfortunately I neither have the facilities/tools or skill set to do this at home so my '66 is going to a local workshop to have the Revington TR rear crank seal leaking solution kit fitted. Now already I appreciated this could produce many how long is a piece of string answers, but imagine for a moment you don't have a pile of pocket money saved up ( i know, in which case why have you bought aTR4A!) but as the engine is having to come out and without possessing a crystal ball are there any other key parts that it would be sensible to replace at the same time or should the old adage of if it a
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