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  1. Having gone through this I came to the conclusion that the simplest and most effective solution to reduce chassis flex is to add a second breast plate just like on TR6.
  2. Geko

    eBay scams

    It's internet gents, most of it is trash.
  3. Pratical, good luck to track oil leaks on a black engine and easier to work in a engine bay with a color that reflects light rather than absorbs it.
  4. Shaky arrangement. This is the way it should be, no compromise. If you need to rotate the engine more than 90* make sure you use an hollow bar as an extension to the supplied bar or else you'll be painfully reminded Newton's laws of motion. And wear safety shoes...
  5. Very much so, I had to add packing pieces on my 4A CTM chassis which apparently had the long pins fitted.
  6. with that level of sophistication and reliability, wondering if it is worth keeping the original cable... everybody loves a good free grommet !
  7. Sold in less than a day to a lucky UK Register member !
  8. I just went through the weighting exercise for the entire kit: 11.1 kg but you have to include the weight of the filler + finisher + paint + glue ! Air freight to the UK is ~ £250 so not as dissuasive as initially thought.
  9. There were 6000 ally top made until 1964 after which they were replaced by the steel version. 11kg complete for the ally, nearly 20 kg for the steel version.
  10. Gents, before I find the energy to post it in the Classifieds here is my restored aluminum surrey hardtop surplus to requirement. It's complete with seals; headlining; braces; SS trim; original fixing points/threads and knobs. Painted in Silverstone grey, it will nicely combine with any of the standard TR colors. I concur that £ 900 isn't cheap but rare enough in this condition and a direct fit. Please PM for details and more pictures. Cheers
  11. That's not rust but probably the remnant of a front right collision. Check the chassis condition especially the turret support section which will tell all.
  12. What hasn't been discussed are the merits of compact Lithium batteries for our TR's. 70% fat trimming...this is a performance upgrade in itself. Anyone ?
  13. Geko


    Chinese plates have improved greatly, they have 8 rivets now.
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