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  1. Just fit a longer braided hose: Problem sorted and good upgrade.
  2. New hardened cam followers are a bit sticky to my liking especially one but nothing that warrants machining, so what's the best implement for rubbing those? I have anything ranging from mild silver polish cream to car compound and grinding paste....
  3. http://www.the-roadster-factory.com/Images/CHARLES-CARS-SALE/CHARLES-CARS.html Just in - not priced yet.
  4. Geko

    Engine mounts

    Same though different brand. Benefits are preventing engine sway, stability at idle and preserving the engine mounts which are way below the engine's center of gravity. The driving experience feels a lot more "cohesive" so to speak. I used only the small bracket which matches exactly the shape of and existing holes on the inner wing brackets.
  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it...
  6. Geko

    Engine mounts

    The factory dampener was fitted very low so I added a dampener higher up on the block. The most effective and simplest mod I've ever made on the TR.
  7. That's the for the 4A
  8. Correct if you aim at the original camber setup
  9. If memory serves the retaining nut is caged and may start turning loose as you prematurely claim victory so you won't be able to take it off unless you drill through the bump stop stand and try to lock the nut with as screw driver after flooding the inside with WD40
  10. Well Tom, i've done nothing of that ! Used 10 door outer securing strip clips which are twice the width of the originals and no sealant. Since it's aluminum i'm not otherwise worried about rust. Nice fit and holding tight on both ends of the trim. Thanks for your inputs.
  11. Exactly that, same goes for pistons/rings/liners
  12. Gents, I'm about to refit the rear SS trim on the aluminium Surrey hardtop. I have the original clips which I dislike because they scratch the paint and are a pain to remove and need to chose a non-setting sealant (silicone ?). What are the sensible options for both clips and sealant? Thanks
  13. Backfiring and sputtering on acceleration denotes too much fuel building up in the venturi so check jet centering and piston and if there's oil in the dashpot which may raise too fast hence flooding the venturi on acceleration.
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