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  1. Ebay is a laboratory for sellers to figure out what they can get for their goods, that's why Ebay is mostly expensive. Just use that platform to get an idea of what the global market is ready to fork out. Then fine tune the price for selling.
  2. This drew a smile on my face as I was browsing through the WSM of a 911 Carrera. Germans are thorough - no matter the task - Der Prozess !
  3. I had a look at the WSM TR4 and indeed it shows the lifting points on the side of the wheel arches but that's 1962. Is that to say that there was no holes for seat belts at the time and that these were added later on TR4A body specifically for the seats belts? My 4A never had 3 points seat belts until my ownership but the holes were there but covered by the trim, so my assumption was that these were the actual new lifting points.
  4. Because there was no 3 points seat belts at the time, only lap seat belts, if any at all. The hole used for seat belt anchor is an afterthought
  5. these holes are original and also used as lifting point for the body
  6. Did you plan for any substantial jobs ? (no pun intended)
  7. I think you ought to explain why chroming the tip of the steering column. Took me some scroll up to understand
  8. As stated: TR4 = round, TR4A = square. But the round has the handy button which the square does not have so even on 4A I would install the round one and change the inaccessible location at the same time
  9. Or re-routing the fuel line (flexible) behind the engine swap the lids of the fuel bowls if you have have SUs and plug the fuel inlet on the rear carb.
  10. No, that's not original. Original TR4/A is the banjo type 16'. Many tall drivers have swapped the original TR4/A for a GT6/Spitfire/Herald banjo type with deeper dish, hence improved comfort.
  11. A bit iconoclastic but my emergency stretchable fan belt was... in the boot.
  12. Just to be clear, the one supplied by the usuals is not made of rubber but spongy foam
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