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  1. UNIPART Ref is GFE443 all compatible here https://www.oilfilter-crossreference.com Yes oil drip will be minimal
  2. This ? By hand. Turn until the centre spring is parallel to the glass channel, then push with your thumb and it will pop out
  3. With the backlight sitting too high, good luck in joining the top edge of the windows with the soft top or roof seals. You're headed for trouble methinks
  4. Wonder how you managed to do that ? Even with the cardboard panels only it is quite a snug fit. One thing is sure: the backlight isn't resting on the rear deck so you're on for water Ingress and sealing problem especially around the windows
  5. Must be the other way around indeed. The backlight must lay evenly flat on the rear deck which isn't your case. To start with, make sure that the side and rear brown panels fit snug BEHIND the inner edge of the backlight, it looks as though the backlight is just resting on the panels that's why it sits too high. Your side and rear leathery flaps need to go and keep only the cardboard panels like on the pic below.
  6. Not covering everything as in "too short"? If so, send back. Try without glue, with a bit of luck it will clamp on the edge of the backlight and hold during install. If not, contact adhesive on the edge of the backlight. Do not stretch the seal during installation and keep a length of 5 cm on each side for a few days before cutting.
  7. I always suggest de-coking first, the water glass trick takes 10 min and lots of smoke
  8. Something like this. You'll love it !
  9. Good earth with a dedicated strap and/or chose another connector from the ignition
  10. Dystopian speak that negates everything said before.
  11. Or long bolt and nut with 2 big washers across the bush and arm, tighten the assembly. Apply grease liberally
  12. The extension is just meant to bring the fan closer to the rad, there's no other explanation to be found. I strongly suspect that this is why it's called "fan extension".
  13. +1 I had both clutch and brake masters with plastic cap and problem solved.
  14. An hydraulic handbrake would be a sensible mod
  15. Al the above is true but there are many more reasons: - Low population density - Underdevelopped communication infrastructure hence poor mobility - Gregarious community-based life style - outsiders are rejected in times of crisis - Average temperature above the optimal temperature for virus spread - ...No shoes at home.
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