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  1. Geko

    TR4 hardtop

    Check here: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/weather-equipment/hard-tops/surrey-top-fittings-tr4-4a.html Typically you would need 30 to 41 but good luck to find 40 which is NLA and hard to find. Also, MOSS has its Winter Sale and the lid looks cheaper than Honeybourne (MOSS offer is from Honeybourne) https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/surrey-top-roof-fibreglass-9148.html
  2. Geko

    TR4 hardtop

    Honeybourne has good reputation on here. I have the GRP lid which needed lots of adjustments though. Better order the bare lid and buy the seals and trims from the usual or otherwise specialized suppliers.
  3. Geko

    Boot Lid Woes

    haha, very good
  4. I need to place a substantial order, so does anybody know approximatively when is Moss winter sale coming up? Cheers
  5. Geko

    Clutch Adjustment

    read "elliptical"....
  6. Geko

    Clutch Adjustment

    I think the bulletin is a bit elliptic - the clearance increase is probably meant to compensate the fact that the spring has been deleted on the 4A.
  7. Geko

    TR4a rebuild & improvements

    this would seem sensible ?
  8. Geko

    Ignition Switch & key

    The inertia starter is easy to recon. Buy a sundry kid with brushes, a good contact cleanup and you're away.
  9. Geko

    What have you done to your TR today?

    The original bolt is # 47 I just replaced it with a longer one. The damper you're watching is exactly the same. On a 4A, the small bracket serves the purpose perfectly and I also used the large bracket as GB to exhaust bracket
  10. Geko

    What have you done to your TR today?

    This dampener solved the engine rock issue
  11. Malaysia Independence day charity drive broadcast on local chinese TV channel
  12. Geko

    Rear Springs

    Concluding on the camber without having taken the car on the road after the above described changes seems a bit premature to me.
  13. Geko

    What have you done to your TR today?

    Ferrying kids for Malaysia Independence Day charity event (from 0.31) : https://www.facebook.com/MYClassicCars/videos/277389543081095/
  14. Geko

    IRS Diff Mounting

    This mod may help mitigating the effect of the torque reaction. CTM will do it on request though I don't believe it's in their standard set of strengthening kits. Paul Anderson (TR4A1965 on here) did it during his resto a couple of years back.

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