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  1. Geko

    Running badly - any ideas?

    I believe most plugs are produced under local license. The problem may lay with the certification or lack thereof OR with the type of certification. That doesn't make them "fake", just of different quality standards (local, regional, international). I suppose one way of mitigating the risks of having to deal with troublesome products is to look for international standards (ISO). I never had any problem with NGK plugs produced locally to me though.
  2. One of the most elaborate; documented and detailed thread i've read in a long time. Kudos !
  3. Geko

    Running badly - any ideas?

    Timing chain out 1 notch
  4. Interesting find.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR2-TR6-OVERDRIVE-GEAR-SHIFTER-LEVER/173773291673?hash=item2875b20099:g:5IMAAOSwzwVcGqUx:rk:13:pf:0
  5. Geko

    Pulled Post

    indeed, looks a bit old fashioned if you want to remove a post
  6. Folks, since a few months I've been dealing with increasing tappet noise round cyl 1 or thought to be so. I adjusted the valve clearance a couple of times but no joy. Today i pulled the shaft assembly and replaced with a spare; re-torqued the head and...problem solved. Upon inspecting the old shaft assembly i noticed that the clearance between the pedestal and the rocker arm is only 0.3 mm with the end spring fully compressed at cyl 1, which is way less than at cyl 4 (~ 4 mm). The other thing i noticed is that the rocker arm has a slight lateral play on the shaft - barely noticeable but there is a play. My question: Is there a recommented end-float on either side of the shaft ? The obvious answer would be that it should be the same on either side but by the look of it i have about 4 mm float on both sides of the spare shaft. As always Stef
  7. Geko

    sound deadening

    firewall yes + bonnet and inner face of the gearbox cover.
  8. Geko

    Seat foams, share a kit?

    Lookup for "Dutch oven" then - a less known dutch sharing practice
  9. £ 7.5 online store -free shipping https://www.lazada.com.my/products/multifunction-14-pneumatic-die-grinder-air-angle-grinding-engraving-polisher-machine-cutting-tool-3mm-electrical-power-tools-machine-device-i436935022-s640537147.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.43.64673281VmS3OQ&search=1 £ 8,5 at my local shop - free shipping. http://www.knightauto.com.my/index.php?ws=showproducts&products_id=521656&cat=-Air-Pneumatic-Tools&subcat=Air-Grinder-Air-Die-Grinder#openproducts
  10. Geko

    Tr4 Dash top and crash pads

    TR Shop offer is by far the best. I had words with MOSS last year because their offer claims that it's "original type vinyl/foam" while it's just plastic (Classic gold) just like the cheaper option. Also asked MOSS to change their description because it's deceiving...to no avail to date. Maybe another one for PQI. Below are pics of the MOSS and TR Shop offers:
  11. Geko

    Stopping squeeking suspension bushes

    I've found more than once that squeaking - front and rear- wasn't related to lubrication of the bushes but rather to excessive/odd torsion of the suspension arms (twisted brackets).
  12. Geko

    What model Triumph is this?

    "factory worker" option
  13. Geko

    TR4 hardtop

    Check here: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/weather-equipment/hard-tops/surrey-top-fittings-tr4-4a.html Typically you would need 30 to 41 but good luck to find 40 which is NLA and hard to find. Also, MOSS has its Winter Sale and the lid looks cheaper than Honeybourne (MOSS offer is from Honeybourne) https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/surrey-top-roof-fibreglass-9148.html
  14. Geko

    TR4 hardtop

    Honeybourne has good reputation on here. I have the GRP lid which needed lots of adjustments though. Better order the bare lid and buy the seals and trims from the usual or otherwise specialized suppliers.

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