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  1. Geko


    A tad fastidious...
  2. I choose not to brace, just left the doors on with the striking plates and strapped the doors together while removing the body. Then the body laid flat on pallets with some raised blocks for the rear section of the body preventing strain at the junctures between A post and sills when the doors were removed.
  3. Had the same symptoms in reverse gear on the MGTF for a few weeks but didn't bother, then the master failed completely. Opened the reservoir: full of black fluid. Rubber seals had disintegrated, yet at the slave cylinder fluid was clear. Might worth taking a look at the fluid colour at master cylinder to confirm/discard.
  4. It's an anti rattling damper. Delete.
  5. Geko


    I made my own at no cost with a piece of thick high temp gasket I had on shelf.
  6. Design flaw. If you google pictures of other TR5 door cards you'll see that they all tend to have this gap on that location. It's somewhat hidden on those cars equipped with the door top finisher. I suspect that removing the pull handle will contribute to close that gap a bit.
  7. Geko


    Dr. Schnabel science unmasked (2:14 onwards) https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/history/why-plague-doctors-wore-strange-masks/
  8. He did anticipate it in a much less known piece called "politics and the English language" which predates and introduces "1984"
  9. I wouldn't worry for the pigeons https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/interactive/2020/06/mapping-hundreds-confederate-statues-200610103154036.html
  10. You can perfectly use grease which is lasting longer than oil me thinks
  11. Yes but the problem is the spring, turning it around or cutting it will probably solve the problem
  12. Geko


    Cheeky belgian
  13. Geko

    1600WK to new home

    My 4A was sold to another Malcolm last year
  14. Never understood that obsession about lock wiring, I'm using "R" clips which are easily removable and reusable without compromising safety.
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