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  1. Many thanks, all clear for me now !!
  2. 1st ride on a 349 ?!!! Omg !! :-) quite dangerous! :-))
  3. 15 k is the lowest to find a good car. I ve been looking all autumn with that budget in uk. I saw several cars.... always needed some work to make a really nice car and at the end you can add 10k minimum to get THE car. I did a complete overhaul on an old tractor ferguson in the past and were never able to recover the cost when selling it. So on my experience it is more valuable to increase the budget and find a car on which a lot of work has been done. Unless your plan is to consider the car as a several years hobby
  4. I realized I forgot to ask my question : what standard to buy for a TR6 ? UNF or UNC ? @waldi.... : noway :-) I own the 123 for 42 years and i ve been dreaming on the 349 for 35 years before i fall in love with a barn find
  5. Jctr6EFI72


    For me xenon is the gas headlight with expansive electronic device behind (ballast) https://www.xenonpro.com/led-vs-xenon-hid-headlights-which-are-better
  6. For my tr6 pi, as I live in france and as I don t want to mix metrics and imperial standards, I d like to buy a set of bolts and screws, just in case...I ve been reading the 500 pages of this forum (not for that question :-)))) and did not find an answer, maybe because too obvious ?
  7. Jctr6EFI72


    I changed recently my day to day car and I have now LED headlights instead of xenon. For me huge difference I would never go back to xenon which is now an old technology complex and expansive I don t know for TR6 but for sure I would not convert to xenon
  8. Garage where i bought mine in uk told me ...welcome in oldtimers word.... i suggest you to pack everything in garbage bags in the boot...for the moment i don t i find it funny but i know I will do it one day :-)
  9. @mike : i never smile when driving but I can assure you that in my ears it was a big fest :-)
  10. @kc : got the tag ✌️ @ ian : as far as I understand it is comming from a vauxhall senator and was implemented by a specialist
  11. Rain had stopped on christmas day so I decided to open roof and have my first convertible ride.... i own this car for one month, bought in uk and drove back to Paris under rain.... engine with efi fast road camshaft and full stainless exhaust 6 to 2. Runs nicely
  12. Sorry to come back late on this subject but I found this : http://svensson-parts.net/osc/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=737 i did search because mine is 20 years old too...
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