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  1. My experience with old tyres is that they are ok on dry but they tend to slip a lot on wet roads. You have to adapt your program.
  2. Did use octane booster on my porsche when going on track days.... better combustion for sure, exhaust white. I don t know how much it improves performance but anyway it s not bad
  3. 10,5v?! Should be 12. For me dead battery yes
  4. My trunk is melling gas. I am replacing all hoses but I suspect that the 2 connected to the pump are specific. Where can I find the correct replacement?
  5. From where you are, it makes sense to remove everything and control everything. If you don t you will always keep a doubt
  6. I m driving a rhd in france. No problem. When i sit in the tr6 my brain swichs... I will keep it rhd as triumph are uk cars,then rhd converting a car does nt add any value, as tr6 are so many that there is no value. It can help to sell, but it is more true for a rhd converted to lhd ad the market is much bigger for that
  7. And the root cause is effectively having use reverse with overdrive ?
  8. What about fastroad camshaft?
  9. Interesting point...mine is on full time in slow trafic. That confirms an issue to solve are you running also without the mechanical fan ?
  10. Thanks for these advices.... confirm my analysis (i don t suspect head gasket yet , I checked,no bubbles at any time) i will also « invest » in a red thermometer, could be instructive
  11. Yes the fan was non stop running. actually the bottle became full little by little and it took 1500 miles. But yesterday before leaving i had transfered 1/2 bottle in the radiator plus checked that it was full
  12. Jctr6EFI72


    Plenty of questions on this subject in the forum but always specific to each car... my car : EFI (ltronic), fast road amshaft, lightened flywheel, no mechanic fan but kenlowe in front of radiator And oil radiator i noticed that the fan start always very often even in winter. In summer same but even at 30 deg the water temperature remains at the middle. The electric fan is working at iddle, 1 and 2 gear, today, 30deg i was blocked in trafficjam and after 20 min i noticed that the temp was slowly but constantly increasing. I turned off the engine at 3/4 of the jauge and op
  13. Do you need to access to it that often?
  14. Bill, your pics are top and very interesting !
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