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  1. Irland use RHD and is in europe…..
  2. Hi fat jon i don t know if it can help but i had the same problem with exhaust fumes in the car in any circonstances. I could not cope with it any more (btw i have the same 2 pipes exhaust). So After reading all threads on the subject i isolated the trunk by sticking thick gommet all around the lid and isolated trunk from cockpit by sticking very carefully a shower curtain at the place where some implement a firewall said like that it looks like dirty DIY but nobody can see :-) and the result is really acceptable for me
  3. This car was registered end 2020 according to the 2 1st letters : FT
  4. I saw today a tr6 that had wheels’with 3 holes i had never seen and i don t find’any on the web in order to understand what for they are here. Donyou know what they are for? Old hub caps ?
  5. I reached same conclusion so I will try to order in uk...better to group orders though
  6. Thanks....yep i will forget this idea then
  7. Before refixing the tank in the car I was wondering including some rubber between tank and body at the screw holes just to avoid any possible vibration then I wonder if it is a really good idea as maybe tank needs to evacuate static electricity?
  8. Well i m not really sure you can replace fuel sender gasket without removing tank....very little space for screwdriver but even if done I don t see how to remove the float
  9. yes you can replace the gasket with the tank in place. the plug is on the right. You can by underneath. There is a hole in the boot with a cap (to remove) which allows to access the drain..... (remember it is aimed to drain the tank :-D)
  10. I was facing this strong fuel smell and after quite long researchs I managed to find where it came from.... the drain plug gasket. Quite impossible to find as the leak was very small’(but strong smell :-). ) i could find the leak with an idea I had which could help several of you. I put white paper sheets under the tank and the hoses... after one week i had the surprise to discover I had a leak from the tank ( by chance I discovered it was restored 20 yeas ago and had no rust) taking into account good advices, i did not put any fiber gasket but a copper one
  11. Same for me...just need the fuel to come back....full throttle helps a little, don t understand why but it helps
  12. To be honnest this is kind of legend isnt it? Or may be it applies to petrol in the tank for 20 years. On my own experience old fuel has never been the cause of problems except once on a motorbike parked for 5 years and carbs were stuck with kind of glue
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