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  1. EXTR6

    Thoughts/ advice

    Yes Chris; as Roger said, your Jaguar replica does look good. Was is made by Suffolk Sports Cars home of the SS replica? I was at the Brooklands Auction viewing on Friday, where amongst various exotica, I spied an interesting copper coloured RHD Converted TR250. It can be seen on line. It went for £26,500 plus 12% auction charges. Brendan
  2. EXTR6

    When to MOT

    Sound right Chris. An MOT is money and time well spent, I believe. I imagine one would need to be sure that it is as rigorous as that carried out on cars with a statutory requirement. Ideal, I guess, would be a TR specialist offering that service because they would have a vested interest, over and above their professionalism, which is a given, namely the remedial work! That would be fine with me; I'd want to drive with reasonable confidence in the car's safety. Of course, no MOT inspection could have foreseen the forthcoming snapped con rod which took out a sizeable piece of the block, as I sped (love that old word) down the autobahn in my '72 TR6. We are now an hour or so into the armistice anniversary day, and I am reminded that a motorist, who followed me as I found my way to the hard shoulder, said of my envelopment in black smoke, " Ja, you looked like the Red Baron being shot down." My car, Ellie, was eventually repatriated to Goudhurst, (that's another saga) where my young nephew, a Haynes guide and I, installed a brand new half engine purchased from Loxley's at Bromley. I also popped on a metering unit and new injectors, the first of two during my 28 years tenure of the Pimento Princess Ellie, WVX 545L. Curiously, and quite irrelevant to this thread, a similar event, this time on an autoroute, befell my BMW motorbike (a straight 4) about twenty years later. Again, I survived without injury as metal flew like shrapnel. (Ellie was snug in her garage at the time) I paid the irate French farmer driver £150 cash for the shrapnel hole in his elderly car's door - we were both very lucky with our legs - and other bits! - The European break down cover paid for a hotel and then got me home to Wandsworth and the bike to BMW Service, then at Chiswick, on the Monday. BMW picked up the £5.8k tab for the repairs on my bike. Quite a weekend "spin". The French car? Probably rotting in a barn with a shrapnel hole in its door surrounded by £150 worth of, now empty, wine bottles. Cheers! Brendan
  3. EXTR6

    TR4A engine oil leak - just purchased

    Brenda is a lovely looking car Mike. It's nice to hear some positive feedback about a dealer. I am not a cynic, though something of a sceptic. Of course the latter trait does not make me "screwed proof" far from it, but it does cause me to say things like: I hope those guys did not have sell the business because they were decent and honest with their customers in a way that hit business viability. Let's see how the new people are overtime - I wish them all the best.
  4. EXTR6

    New Brake Master - says no silicon!

    Thank you very much Roger. Brendan
  5. EXTR6

    New Brake Master - says no silicon!

    Thank you Peter, very much. Brendan
  6. EXTR6

    Decent looking and keenly priced TR5 for sale

    Yep! I was thinking (a little bit) about it and there they were - gone! Kching! Brendan
  7. EXTR6

    VUX is now back home!

    Ha! Marvellous Andrew. Corsica must have been superb in VUX. I rode around, across and all about for a week in 2010 on my K1200RS. Fantastic! Best Brendan
  8. EXTR6

    Where is she now?

    Hi Andrew, That is amazing Andrew! Thank you very much. So, that was 2003. I really can't remember exactly when she came out and was sold. It all happened very quickly and (not much) cash changed hands. I think I was in denial for some time and expunged the memory. Hey ho! Jan and I got back from the NEC at about 10pm having left home at 6 am. We were delayed by a late Virgin Train which then travelled at a reduced speed due to "slippery rails"! It was raining! I have heard it all now; the snow, frozen points the wrong leaves, signal failure, drivers taking sickies and .........slippery rain! I have to say though, its was very comfortable in first class with reasonably priced advance purchase Trainline tickets. (Balance in all things - especially car engines). A great day at the show though; saw several incarnations of my ex-car (in red) along with many wonderful examples of various marques and chatted to some very pleasant exhibitors who will be bushed (or need new polybushes) by Sunday evening. Thanks again Best Brendan PS TheTurk and the TR6 look wonderful.
  9. EXTR6

    New Brake Master - says no silicon!

    oops! Thanks and regards Brendan
  10. EXTR6

    New Brake Master - says no silicon!

    When I buy my ca r- sooner rather than later, I hope - is there anyway of visually establishing, at the reservoir, which break fluid is in the system? Are there also issues affecting the choice of clutch fluid?
  11. EXTR6

    I have seen the future - and it may work.

    What a brilliant thread. Brendan
  12. EXTR6

    Where is she now?

    Thank you very much Stuart. I did an MOT search shortly after my post. I should have reposted with that news. But I am grateful for your efforts on my behalf. By the look of her chequered MOT history, she has not, since me, been restored. I had spent £2000 on various structural repairs during the couple or three years she spent at the Wimbledon incarnation of Cox and Buckles. She had also received a new half engine in the nineties following a snapped con' rod whilst doing 75mph on an autobahn. (luckily, there was a new half gathering dust at Loxley's). Once back in England, I installed the new block with the help of my nephew. Also, before its sojourn at C&B it had had new valences fitted elsewhere. C&B, not unreasonably, wanted the car gone after so much free garaging, and only £2000 spent over time, but they gave me only 24 hours notice to get it out. With no alternative storing space, no tax and no insurance, a "convenient" buyer materialised just in time and I had to let her (probably "he" now) go for £2,000! I had so much going on at the time, not least redundancy (I was soon (ish) back on my feet but too late for my car) that I was out of options. She went, I moved on, but she left a small, yet persistent, glimmer in my heart. The time has come. A 3A or with dieting and a gym regime, a 4A. I can't run to a restored 5. Brendan
  13. EXTR6

    TR4A engine oil leak - just purchased

    I am learning so much here in a short time. But I am contributing little and certainly no knowledge/experience based advice - yet . Today's lesson - thank you - means I won't buy from dealers who go into rhapsodies about the, price justifying, condition of the car, then won't offer a warranty. Which begs the question: What should the warranty cover? It surely needs to be worth paper because it will be reflected in the price. I always bought extended warranties for my motorbikes - they paid for themselves because main dealer's do not quibble - it's not their money. Independent dealers' warranties may have a less smooth claims process. Any experience of warranties onTRs here. Thank you. Brendan
  14. EXTR6

    Another at Auction

    LOL at myself: BMX3 sounds like the latest incarnation of a bicycle!

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