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  1. Phil M

    Hub Studs

    CCD is the way to go, made it so easy and 100% alignment, the photo shows the jig
  2. Phil M

    Metering Unit

    Hi , I just bolted mine to the wheel arch you can use the standard length ht lead then
  3. Richard, This might help Regards Phil
  4. Peter, Snap, when I got the car 3 years ago I drained the GB/OD when I changed the clutch, the oil was dark so no telling how long since the last change, but I had the same debris as you. My GB/OD sound a work perfectly well (I've probably cursed it now saying this...). I have A-type OD and the mesh filter at the bottom needed a good clean. Regards Phil Photos Library.photoslibrary
  5. Andy, I didn't have a lathe just a small electric hand drill using a 2mm then a 3mm HSE drill in a bench vice, and of corse a steady hand. Your not drilling steel just the old solder
  6. Andy, I did the same as Tony, to make life easier remove the grub screw from the knob, this allows the whole thing to be removed from the rear. A couple of photos
  7. I used an old bicycle inner tube cut to shape
  8. Steve, if it were me I would definitely take Ian up on his offer, it will save a lot of aggravation
  9. Steve, when I replaced mine a year ago I tried to get the original lock i.e single sided key, the lock on the left of the picture at the top, both Rimmer's and Moss advertised such lock, bit what turned upon as the lock on the right, double sided key. I contacted both and another supplier all said, the double sided key lock was all that was available now. I recall there were two options for connections, wired and spade terminals both inserts to the main body. Rgds Phil
  10. Hi Steve, Yes I had to modify the crash pad by grinding the metal internal support plate and sponge then cut the mounting clip, see photos I also had a problem with the steering column anti torque strap fowling the rear terminal section of the ignition switch preventing the steering lock engaging, the fix was using an angle grinder to remove the lower of the torque stray cross members. To maintain the straps strength I welded the cross member further up the strap. There may be an easier solution, but at the time I could not find a thread on the subject Regards Phil
  11. Phil M

    Top crash pad

    Yep, that is a standard problem, I went through this a year ago. I bought the Poly Black pad and was so disappointed in the quality, plus the contoures were not good I sent it back and got a refund. I then went to another supplier and for £30-40 more I got the vinyl covered foam and it looks great. Rgds Phil
  12. I had the same problem as Neil when I replaced mine last year, it required a rubber mallet change its shape, as Ed say's if you can repair the old one thats the best way to go. I completely refurbished the cabin last year and off all the tasks and some are a pain, the glove box was the worst, a pain in the rear end..
  13. Hi Andy, I bought a box of those useless Red/Blue/Yellow connectors when I bought my '6' two years ago, can you recommend a decent suppler ? ThanksPhil
  14. Hi Paul, that looks good, post a pic when you fit the grill. Ever since I painted my grill I've been toying with the idea of painting behind the grill When the cars left the factory was the rear or the grill the car colour or black? Cheers Phil
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