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  1. Hi My TR4A has TR4 vented front fenders and no side TR4A sidelamps or trim. I'd like to retrofit the sidelamps and trim and have collected all the parts over time. My questions are: 1. The door rear pin (the only pin in the trim kit), are these held in place by the two tiny black tabs (see photos)? 2. There are 28 trim rivets in the kit. What pattern do these get installed? 7 per piece or 8 front and 6 door? How should they be spaced out? How close to the ends? 3. Does the trim slide over the rivets or click over them? 4. Any helpful advice that I should be aware of? Many thanks in advance. Regards Andrew
  2. Can you let me know the correct specification of oil required?
  3. Quick question: With J-Type overdrive, works like a charm when cold, but fails to engage when hot. Solenoid works fine. O-rings replaced. Oil level good. As soon as the car is hot, no engagement. Any ideas? Thanks Andrew
  4. Just an update. I replaced the spring on the gear lever. I bought both spring and plunger. but plunger did not fit into the hole and the old one looked fine. The old spring was broken in two and very compressed. I cut off 2 coils from the new spring, used the selotape and twist method to reinstall. What a difference. The gearbox is completely silent in 2nd and 3rd. There is still a slight vibration in 4th, but I can live with that. I'll retard timing and check UJ next. Thanks all for the great advice. Andrew
  5. Will give it a try. Many thanks.
  6. Have been experiencing a problem that is getting worse. I have a significant gear lever rattle in 2nd and 3rd when under load and less so, but also in 4th when going uphill. The noise mostly goes away when I hold the lever, but not ideal. Not sure if this just dampens the rattle. Is there a possible quick fix or is this gearbox recon time ($$$)? Thanks Andrew
  7. Many thanks for all your responses. I have found a great resource in Mick at EJ Ward.
  8. Thanks Stuart. I was hoping for something closer if possible.
  9. Hello all I have a nagging electrical problem with my overdrive (1967 TR4A). When the overdrive is engaged, after some time, I hear an electrical crackling noise and the overdrive disengages and re-engages constantly. Is there anyone in my local area (Market Harborough), commercial or otherwise, who I can have take a look? Electrics are not my thing. Many thanks for any help. Regards Andrew
  10. Hi Ian Correct. However I angled the controller towards the radiator so that you can (just) see and access the adjustment. As it happens, no adjustment was neccessary.
  11. Sorry, can't figure out how to attach photos.
  12. Hi Ian You're right, the controller doesn't fit right in. I've just fitted one. I cut the equivalent length of the controller pipe off the top of the existing downpipe. You then have exactly the right space to fit in the controller pipe and connection. You are effective substituting the new controller pipe for a bit of the existing downpipe. Hope that makes sense. Regards Andrew
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