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  1. Hi, Simon: Sorry l cannot help with your technical question, tho l think Stuart covers that. Just total agreement with Bob and Iain about sticking with the old steering box. After adjusting to increasing degrees of steering slop over the preceeding 43 years with my early 3, l had the set-up rebuilt this summer, with parts from TR Shop, including the Revington-style sprung top-plate. The result was a revelation: ultra precise steering, making the car a pleasure to drive. I'm by no means an originality buff either; my car has, over the years, become a bitsa, par excellence! I've s
  2. Phil Tucker has built one (Alfa twink-powered), and Glen, of Protek, did one in the 90s, as l recall. Tim.
  3. I happened to look up the Register Homepage this morning and saw the headline. Great pic of MVC, but for pity's sake, can we get the spelling of Jabbeke right, please? Pedantically, as ever, Tim.
  4. It does sound as if somehow, the o/drive has engaged, and perhaps stuck in that mode, Bob. In which case, it is a good idea not to do any more reversing... until you're certain that o/d is disengaged. With a bit of luck, there'll be no harm done. Over the years, l've done this a few times, and have got away with it. Tim.
  5. Ah, a factory reconditioned (FR) engine! An early one, as well! : ) Tim.
  6. I fitted my hi-torque starter on 18th Feb 1999. Cost, from Northern TR Centre was £131.01, in exch. for my rather chewed-up 'bomb' unit. Tim.
  7. Thanks, Roger. It seems rather good value for a works Le Mans car. Must check Graham's book on Works' Triumphs. Tim.
  8. Hi, all: Has anyone any thoughts on this car - 'PKV 375'? Tim.
  9. That is great news, Paul! What's the condition like? Pics, please! IlRC, the old Bill Piggott-type traces often gave detail of the Standard-Triumph dealer who first sold the car; from that you could ascertain the borough council which probably first registered the car, and then you'd try to find if their records are still extant. Might this work in your case, l wonder? See you soon at a Group meeting! Tim.
  10. Do you use tubes in the Vreds, Roger? Tim.
  11. Although l'm not a spatman myself, for me, the spats on your car somehow go well together with the hardtop, Roger. The fit is v. nice. The rebuild looks to be coming along nicely. To avoid thread drift, l've sent you a PM re. Allards. Tim.
  12. Fwiw, why not stick with the delights and diversity of the 7-speed o/d gearbox, rather than opt for the new, 5th gear? Tim.
  13. Quote Richard: "you do have to remove the cylinder head". When l did mine sans apron removed, Richard, l got away without removing the head. Tim.
  14. It is posssible, Mike; l've done it three times, in the early years, when my 2 and 3 were suffering from fibreglassed-over wings/front aprons in 1970 - and then '81. As l remember, the horns and rad struts had to come off, followed by the water pump (l think) and, of course, the fan and the crank dog. Possibly the support strut/tube between the front suspension towers, too. My memory of it all is a bit hazy... - but it wasn't too bad to do, overall. There is then a challenge in pulling the rad up and out, without graunching any rad-tubes, in what is at that point quite a delicate and tight
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