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  1. sorry to all those have and asked to make these but i had a bad stroke last year and not not able to work at the moment steve
  2. you are a lucky guy boogie my wife goes mad if I MAKE A MESS LIKE THAT ON THE CARPET steve
  3. midnight blue was the name of an mgb colour similer to triumph royal blue steve
  4. John What to do next? Send me the drained off diesel at a hugely discounted price! Steve
  5. Stevecross

    Loss of power

    Points/condensor/coil Steve
  6. Stevecross

    For Sale

    Jo Never had anyone buy a car from me and sing to me with a deep throaty roar. She was obviously a heavy smoker! Steve
  7. Bob/Stef Many thanks. Found it now. Not too obvious on my screen took two attempts to find. Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks Stef but I am either thick or blind. (no comment please!) Looking for that but can't find. Where do I access that from, the ad or my profile etc? Steve
  9. Put an item in the for sale section yesterday for the first time. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit these ads or to mark as sold. Steve
  10. Just put a spare set of early push type injectors up for sale on the buy/sell section if anyone's interested. Steve
  11. Stevecross

    Red TR2

    There should be another UK TR2 going on to that list shortly. I am around 2 months away from finishing mine. An original uK matching numbers car that has not been seen since being laid up in 1972 so not accounted for as licensed or SORN. As for How many left, about 6 years ago a friend asked me to find & completely restore a GT6. I was not particularly looking for one but the car I found and restored is a Mk1. Got a bit of a shock when I found there were only 14 of those! Steve
  12. Richard It is possible to bleed the clutch on your own without any special equipment. From underneath the car first make sure the slave cylinder is fitted with the bleed nipple uppermost. Disconnect the pushrod from the clutch lever then grab the pushrod and push it back into the cylinder while slackening the bleed nipple, lock the nipple before letting the rod return. Repeat until you get no air coming out. That usually works far better than pumping the pedal. (put a plastic tube on the nipple so you don't get a face full of fluid) Cheers Steve
  13. If I was you I would try with no sealant. If you are using your original fibreboard tunnel using a sealant on the gasket to tunnel face would most likely end up with you ruining it should you have to remove again. A good quality gasket properly fitted should be enough but if you do find a leak try sealing from underneath along the lip. Steve
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