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  1. Hmmm.... yes... it's great. to have the 'normal' British Summer back isn't it? Panch
  2. Thanks Pete for the additional info and Martin for the gasket info. Sorry for the delay in responding but I've been putting some long hours in over the weekend and evenings trying to get her ready for Friday.. how is it that a car that's been on the road for only 4 months can need soooo much cleaning!! Admittedly I take her out in all weathers, and we've had a lot of rain this Summer.. but still! With that and all the little snagging jobs, timing is going to be pretty tight. Anyhow, will definitely come back to this in the next. couple of weeks once Stratford weekend is out of the way..
  3. Wow... thank you for such a comprehensive post Peter.. Lots of good food for thought in there.. Interestingly, I did actually buy a sheet of 6mm cork gasket to use for the SAH aluminium rocker cover as it was a non standard size and I thought I'd need to cut my own gasket. I could try that for this purpose too maybe. Your thoughts on the washers make perfect sense, and it shouldn't be difficult to replace the bolts with studs instead.. I feel a bit of a mini project coming... although, this now definitely sounds like one for post next weekend.. you just know something will go horribly w
  4. Thanks guys.. will try all the above suggestions, but I'm wondering if the weekend before TR International is the right time to be trying all this... I think I might clean it up and leave as is until after the event!! Panch
  5. Thanks. Nigel... will give him a call now.. Panch
  6. Hi Marco, will do... So I had the car. up on my ramp last night to have a good look at the sump.. there is definitely a fine film of oil all over the sump, but it's hard to tell if this is seepage through the sump itself, or whether it is as a result of the oil spray from the leaks around the bolts... if I had to make an intelligent guess, I'd say it was coming from the sump itself as it seems to be everywhere rather than just in patches around the bolt areas. I'm going to degrease the outside of the sump this weekend I think and then try not to do drive the car for a few days and see if
  7. Thanks guys.. will have a read of the article.. and then go for a gasket swap first.. Will keep you posted once it's done!! Panch
  8. Richard, I'm using Classic Oils 20w/50 so I don't think it's the oil. I'm now tossing up between it being the gasket and/or the porosity of the aluminium itself based on comments above. The thing is, if I've got to take the sump off to redo the gasket, and then I find it's the sump itself once I've reassembled everything, I'm going to wish I'd just swapped the sump when I was doing the gasket!! Thoughts on whether I just go back to a standard sump? I thought the additional cooling and the capacity would be a bonus with the aluminium sump, but not at the expense of my garage floor.. P
  9. Oh really?? That's interesting. I'll look further into that then Bruce.. thanks.. I'm wondering if I should just go back to the standard sump!! Panch
  10. Great... thanks Steve.. Will need to do a bit of a search I think to find out the correct torque settings for alloy... otherwise will just go with standard I think.. Panch
  11. Thanks Colin... sounds like another job for the weekend then... Panch
  12. Jochem, I didn't fit the sump so not sure what was done sadly.. Thanks Nigel.. think I might just redo the gasket and then use Loctite as well.. belt and braces approach.. Panch
  13. Thanks Roger... mmm... Steve, you may have a point there... I wonder... Panch
  14. +1 for Belgom... really good stuff.. Panch
  15. Thanks Mike... but I'm using Permatex High Temp thread sealant already, and in the past I've found that it seals absolutely anything... have you used the Loctite 577 before in High temp environments and had success? Thanks Roger, yes checked everywhere else that it might be coming from and it definitely seems to be coming down the threads... even the bolts right at the back on the sump have the same issue! I wasn't aware that the alloy sumps had an issue with leaks? Anyone else encounter this as well then? It's pretty much a brand new sump from SC so I'd hope that they would have r
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