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  1. paul7

    TR5 For Sale

    Hi all I have seen a white TR5 for sale at auction (not Ebay) which I'm interested in. Reg No OKR842G, chassis No CP3077, Engine is CP29??HE although the catalogue states 308A28 not sure why. Ive done a search on here and see its been sold a couple of times at auction. The chassis looks solid, bodywork again is rust free but several shades of white. Down side is the rear wings are fibre glass. I know id never be happy with these wings. Question is what are repro wings like these days and what would a budget cost for a respray be? I could strip the body myself. it has a Surry top, no MOT and looks like its been standing for a while. Ive had a few 6's in the past and whilst looking for a tidy 4 I spotted this one. Might go above my budget but its been sold with no reserve. Id be interested in opinions please. Regards Paul
  2. paul7

    TR7 V8 300bhp

    There’s a TR7 V8 advertised on EBay claims to have a 300bhp Bowler engine fitted. Just wondered if anyone knows the car or gas any info https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132852598774 regards Paul
  3. paul7

    Selling TR6

    So whats the safest way to sell a car? If its £20,000 its a lot of cash to accept
  4. paul7

    Selling TR6

    Tell him to pay in full and youll store it for him free of charge until he returns from Australia when he can collect it. All sounds very iffy
  5. Cheers Alec whats the situation if they were fitted as a spot and fog when the car was new ie 1957. Which did happen? Paul
  6. Thanks. Its only a bit of bling really. Car rarely goes out in the dark and never in the fog.
  7. Hi In the U.K does it matter which side front fog and spot lamps are fitted? Im guessing a spot on the nearside and fog on the offside would give best results? Paul
  8. Ian yes your right Im guessing but the leads about 2.5 mtrs
  9. Great thanks for the help.
  10. I also have a battery cut out switch fitted. Would it be ok to use the 16mm 110a to connect to that. Only short lengths approach 12. I was worried the small cable might get hot? Is that the case?
  11. So the 170a 25sqmm cable would be better and up to the job. If so Ill just order some
  12. Yes I looked on their site but Im not sure if the 110a i have is big enough. Should have gone for the 170amp? Hoped some electrical expert might know. The cable run is about 2.5 Mtrs
  13. 1st can I say sorry its fir my MGA not the Triumph. Im replacing the twin 6v batteries with a single 12v (50ah 480cca) Ive just received the new leads and they look a little smaller than the old originals. They are rated at 110amp 16mmsq. Im told they are suitable but would like an expert opinion please. Regards Paul
  14. Just wondered if TR6 master cylinders all have the same pipe threads. I know there's a difference between early and late calipers but what about the M/cyl Thanks Paul
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