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  1. paul7

    TR6 SUT209N

    Thanks Derek do you think you could pass my email address on to him please. Not interested in having it back but do have a couple of old photos. Shame I liked magenta in the day.
  2. paul7

    Vin number

    Thanks Dave. Yes the S is a J. But there’s definitely another digit between the A and J if that makes sense. Looks like an E. So basically it’s a Solihull built RHD TR7 2.0.
  3. paul7

    Vin number

    Hi I’m trying to get my head around the TR7 TR8 Vin Numbers. I’ve looked on line but can’t make any sense of it. Can someone (cleaver than me) help decipher it for me. VIN Number is SATTPAES7AA408114 Thanks Paul
  4. paul7

    TR6 SUT209N

    I keep an eye open at shows etc in the hope of seeing it
  5. Just wondered if a member owns it now. I owned it in the early 80’s. Was magenta and a great car I have fond memories
  6. Darryl has just been in touch. To add confusion they produced 2 slightly different 777-1 cams in the 90’s. One set at 0.022” inlet 0.024” exhaust the other later one 0.016” and 0.018”. Darryl suggests the later gaps. I’ll measure as is now and take it from there.
  7. Graham that sounds like to one. 0.024". Later in the week Ill take the rocker cover off and see what they are currently. Stuart Ive contacted Daryl I'm waiting for him to get back to me.
  8. I’m pretty sure my cam was fitted by Racetorations in the 90’s. I have a lot of old paperwork and I know they rebuilt the engine around this time. I found reference to the MU been sent away to calibrate it to a 777-1 camshaft. But I’ve searched and can’t find any info on it.
  9. A previous owner of my 5 fitted roller rockers, amongst many other mods. During this lockdown I thought I’d set the tappets as they are very noisy. Would the gap be the same as a standard rocket shaft? I’m not sure which cam is fitted but I would guess at a sporty version. thanks Paul
  10. Thanks for the replies. Jobs been done and painted. Local guy who’s done an amazing job.
  11. Thanks Roger the guy doing the paint is going to try. But it needs a small patch welding in and it’s very close to the stainless trim. Is the trim still available ? If he damages it. paul
  12. Hi can someone tell me how the rear wing bead is fixed please. Mines chrome and I’d like to remove it to have a small paint repair done to top if wing. I’m hoping it’s held by clips and might just tease off carefully. Worse case I guess is it’s sandwiched between wing. thanks Paul
  13. I’ve got a hidden cutout switch for my fuel pump. I was thinking of moving it (into a better position) and wondered what sort of power the pump used. I want to make sure the switch is up to the job. It’s a Bosch pump and I don’t think it’s via a relay. Any suggestions on a suitable switch would be appreciated. The current one is one of the battery isolation types that you remove a red plastic key. thanks Paul
  14. Hi all I have seen a white TR5 for sale at auction (not Ebay) which I'm interested in. Reg No OKR842G, chassis No CP3077, Engine is CP29??HE although the catalogue states 308A28 not sure why. Ive done a search on here and see its been sold a couple of times at auction. The chassis looks solid, bodywork again is rust free but several shades of white. Down side is the rear wings are fibre glass. I know id never be happy with these wings. Question is what are repro wings like these days and what would a budget cost for a respray be? I could strip the body myself. it has a Surry top, no MOT
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