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  1. Dear all I have an opportunity to buy a front bumper. It must be the CP type however that fits close to the front valance. What do you think the bumper in the pic is? The brackets aren’t boxed. I haven’t seen it in real life, nor does the seller have any clue about date or origin. Many thanks for any expert advice Jeroen
  2. Many thanks, Stuart and Roger. Rebuilds confidence
  3. Dear all During the body off restoration I have fitted these polyurethane rear spring insulator rings during chassis build up. The car has never been driven, just rolled a few meters back and forth by hand in the workshop. The body has just been reunited with the chassis. The rings now seem to deteriorate spontaniously. The material has turned very hard and it breaks up with the slightest touch of my hand! What are your thoughts on this? Yes, they were ordered (maybe two years ago or so) at one of the well known UK suppliers, but I can’t remember the manufacturer/brand. Most importantly,
  4. Many thanks, everyone! I have some clues now to further overthink. If I come up with something, I'll let you know of course. @heckler How did you fix that aluminium drip plate? Best regards Jeroen
  5. Many thanks already! A custom made aluminium drip tray may be the solution. The TR6 setup (in my case LHD) differs from the pics from Marcos however with the brake servo. Any thoughts on a clever design for that? Best regards Jeroen
  6. Dear all I am wondering as I am about to refit the master brake cilinder to my freshly painted body if anyone has ever come up with some sort of clever drip tray design to prevent paint damage in case of brake fluid leaks in that area. I think I remember there was one on ebay many years ago, but that it proved to be a poor fit and, well, I can't seem to find it anymore anyway. If someone ever tried a smart solution or could help with design ideas, much appreciated! Cheers Jeroen
  7. Many moons ago... my wife standing beside my father's TR6 in pic 1. And my son last year helping out with the bodywork during the body-off restoration in pic 2
  8. Thanks, @TR Paul! New info to me. I wasn't aware these are Mk2 Cosmics.
  9. Dear all Many thanks for your advice and help. Will keep looking. @Kevo_6 The JBW is a slightly different version too, because of them being 5 stud instead of 4. @saffrontr Didn't know the 15 x 6 needed spacers up front. Do you remember what ET they were? Best regards Jeroen
  10. Dear all Does anyone have an idea where I could source a set of 15 x 6 Cosmic alloys for my TR6 (see attached pic)? Haven't seen one for sale for a while now... Many thanks Jeroen
  11. Thanks everyone for sharing advice, expertise and experience!
  12. Dear all I'm looking to buy some replacement body panels for my '70 CP TR6. Sills, rear deck and a few other. I've read a lot about quality and fit and where to source them from. But I would still appreciate the most recent insights of where to go look for them today. Bastuck, Moss, other... Who do you reckon delivers the best quality? Many thanks Jeroen
  13. Many thanks, all! @Andrew During search, I bumped into one of your replies with pictures about where the black paint finishes in the inner wings and around the boot rubber. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't showing anymore. Any chance you still have them? Thanks.
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