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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing advice, expertise and experience!
  2. Dear all I'm looking to buy some replacement body panels for my '70 CP TR6. Sills, rear deck and a few other. I've read a lot about quality and fit and where to source them from. But I would still appreciate the most recent insights of where to go look for them today. Bastuck, Moss, other... Who do you reckon delivers the best quality? Many thanks Jeroen
  3. Many thanks, all! @Andrew During search, I bumped into one of your replies with pictures about where the black paint finishes in the inner wings and around the boot rubber. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't showing anymore. Any chance you still have them? Thanks.
  4. Dear all It's probably been asked a thousand times before, but I can't find the answer at the moment: what is the correct paint code and exact finish (matt, satin ...) for (a) the windscreen frame (b) the kamm tail It's for my '70 CP TR6, built late fall of '69 as a '70 model year in Mechelen/Malines (BE). Many thanks in advance. Jeroen
  5. JTY

    Her first start

    Best of luck, Waldi! I wouldn’t mind a video of the exciting moment on the forum afterwards to share in your joy Jeroen
  6. Thanks, Stuart! The chassis number on the suspension box is also present on my TR6, complete with certificate and date that it was stamped right there. I don't however, have the number on the right footwell as shown in the TR5 pic. Note the two holes that I believe hold the rivets of the body number tag in your first picture. Do you know whether the tag is present on this TR5 or not? I have been asking around locally and it seems that some Mechelen built CKD TR6s had them and some didn't. A bit like 'mood of the day' at the factory or ...? Kindest regards Jeroen
  7. Dear all What would be the correct place for the commission number and body number plates for a CKD Mechelen, Belgium early built 1970 TR6 Pi , 1CP502xxLP? Pic 1: body number plate in the rear left inner rear wing - believed to be correct https://www.flickr.com/photos/28582840@N05/45332615845/in/dateposted-public/ Pic 2: absence of body number plate on the bulkhead right hand side, rivets in place - believed to be correct https://www.flickr.com/photos/28582840@N05/45521651434/in/dateposted-public/ Pic 3: absence of commission number plate on the left inner wheel arch, rivets in place (although not present in the picture) - believed to be correct https://www.flickr.com/photos/28582840@N05/45332613985/in/dateposted-public/ Pic 4: commission number plate in the engine compartiment in front of the bulkhead right hand side - believed to be correct https://www.flickr.com/photos/28582840@N05/45521649114/in/dateposted-public/ Are my assumptions correct or ...? Many thanks in advance for your replies. Kind regards Jeroen PS: Sorry, some issues embedding the images obviously; looking into the matter as we speak but not very succesful so far...
  8. JTY

    Best source for lamps?

    Thanks, Rich. Will think of the earths!
  9. JTY

    Best source for lamps?

    Many thanks everyone. Will look into different options. I would like to stick as close to original as possible because of the very limited night miles this car did before restoration/will do after. As for not restoring the original units: the reason to finally get going with that nut and bold restoration that had been planned for a long time was a brief, unfortunate encouter with part of the scenery exiting a slippery roundabout... LH headlight, indicator, side lamp and rear lamp assembly are all beyond repair. And since I'm allergic to differences in shades of the lenses I opt for all new items, not just for the LH side that got hit. Best regards Jeroen
  10. Dear fellow-enthusiasts I haven't been very active as a forum poster so far. But I have found it without doubt to be an unmissable source of information while restoring my early 1970 Mechelen/Malines built CP TR6 which has been in the family since 1994. The restored chassis is rolling; attention now turns to the body work. I will be needing new lamp units all round (head lights, indicators, side indicators, full rear lamp assemblies). Still a bit early in the process even if I want to trial fit everything before the body gets painted, but I wonder where to best buy the lamp units. I can't help being somewhat allergic to one side of, let's say, the rear indicators being a slightly different shade of orange than the other side (perfectionism isn't a blessing, I know)... so I'm looking for good quality, matching items. I noticed Rimmer's 15% discount they have because of the NEC show: quite tempting as buying all lamp units will set me back quite some euros... Many thanks for your advice. Jeroen Thys Belgium
  11. JTY

    69 CP TR6 Resto

    Nice job. Where did you source the replacement wings from? Happy with the quality and fit? Many thanks Jeroen
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