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  1. There is a disc that should press back into the inside of the cap.....I think it may be this.
  2. Hi Mark Don't forget you can adjust (slightly) the angle the door glass sits by slackening off the winder mechanism bolts, you may need to adjust the door glass channel guides too. Its not an exact science i'm afraid -a lot of push/pulling to get the best fit -Good luck! Steve
  3. Steve1

    Speke plant

    Thanks all for the great advice! I did own an early 7 back in the 80's which seemed a fairly solid car as i remember....did have engine trouble tho. Nevertheless, I'm going to keep an eye out for 5 speed version - wherever built.....and try to stay out of pub fights!!
  4. Steve1

    Speke plant

    Many thanks Wayne for your detailed info. I really wanted something cheapish I could tinker on and drive so I may hold out for a slightly later 5 speed version should one become available. Steve.
  5. Steve1

    Speke plant

    Hi All Some advice needed please, am thinking of buying an early 7 requiring some work. I read in the TR7 buyers advice (TRR) to steer away from early 'Speke' built cars? Question is, what are the main reasons for this and what should I look out for? Thanks Steve.
  6. Hi Nige Maybe worth checking the armature end float of your Lucas pump, as follows. Slacken the locknut at the top of the pump, screw the centre adjuster in until resistance is felt, then screw the adjuster back a 1/4 turn hold in place and tighten the locknut. Cheers Steve.
  7. Thanks Jerry, that's as I thought but I couldn't remember...cars been in bits for so long!
  8. Hi folks Can someone advise does the H shaped torque bracket (on steering column) fit above or below the support on the bulkhead....as viewed from dash. 71' CP car with steering lock. Hope that makes sense! Thanks Steve
  9. Steve1

    Leaking MU

    Personally I would get Neil Ferguson to refurb the unit for £130 -ish
  10. Will the rheostat still work ok with this lighting?
  11. Have you tried it with the plugs (sparks) back in? if you've got some fuel coming through she should start to fire up.
  12. Have you drained/cleaned the fuel tank (after 30yrs) that could be causing blockages early on in the fuel system. Also it does take a lot of cranking to get the fuel through to the injectors, ideally you need pull out the needle of each injector while someone is cranking the engine -bleeding the injectors of air, once the engine fires up it will start pulling the fuel through. If Neil hasn't, I would get him to refurb and set up the MU correctly.
  13. Hello folks Can anyone recommend the best place to buy a replacement brake servo, or should I have my old one reconditioned? any good or bad experiences would be appreciated. Cheers Steve.
  14. Hi Rich Last night I re fitted my propshaft with gearbox and diff fitted.....you need to drop it out from the bottom and pull forward towards the engine, make sure the shaft is fully compressed too, it should drop out with no issue. Cheers Steve
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