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  1. That will make someones day! Car was in France with my resident restorer who administers all things mechanical. And the car is now for sale. Pete, if you want more pictures of the hood PM me and i'll send some to you. Jim
  2. Pete, I don't think I'll agree on Toms comments very often but he is spot on this time. I bought one last December for my 6 and have been very impressed, very good quality and fits like a glove, actually keeps rain out and heat in. Having had the opportunity to compare a less expensive mohair hood in a direct comparison I was very pleased I spent the extra. They do have a long lead time though! Jim http://www.donhoods.com
  3. jojim65

    Spark Plugs

  4. Do you have access to a tow bar?
  5. Nice looking TR6 for sale. Firm price for a fresh CR https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/1973-triumph-tr6
  6. Hi Jim, I had a Don Hoods mohair soft top fitted over the winter and I'm very pleased, material seems to be very good quality over some other I have seen. I'm happy to supply better pictures if you want. Jim
  7. jojim65

    New Repro Dash

    Hi Rich, Try Classical Dash, I have one and I know of several others who are very pleased. http://classical-dash.co.uk/product-detail/triumph-tr5-6/
  8. Thanks for your replies gents, very useful and I do like the alternative voltmeter, I understand it comes form an Jaguar XK which may make it pretty rare! Jim
  9. Hi, Quick question on Ammeter Gauges please, The Lucas one fitted to my 1970 car is marked +/- 30amps and can, on starting go to full deflection and stay there till I tap the glass. I assume therefore that the gauge is not original. I understand an original gauge for my car would not have the number, just C+ & -D. Would that still be rated at 30amps or would it be greater i.e 50 or 60amps. And, if I were to change out the ammeter and replace with a voltmeter, which gauge would be best suited for a CP TR6. Thanks Jim
  10. Hi John, I had rich running which I thought might be down to poor vacuum, as I hope you can see mine settles a smudge under 10 Hg which I believe is fine. I also had to dampen the gauge by restricting airflow through the plastic tube or mine would also 'pulse'. I've embed the you tube video to give you an idea. The other link will show the un-dampened gauge which may be what you are experiencing. https://youtu.be/LDJ2x_OfTlw Jim
  11. Hi Mark, I use Magnecor leads and have been very happy with them, car is certainly smoother and it's a quality product. Jim http://www.magnecor.co.uk
  12. I didn't know you could put video on here! Thanks Steve, you learn something new every day!
  13. Have to agree with your comments re Classical Dash, it's a very nice product. Hope you have your battery disconnected ;-)
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