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  1. Hello Mike, Many thanks for your detailed reply which was hugely helpful. I'm pleased to confirm that I have now re-aligned the steering column through 90deg by removing at the connection to the steering rack. It took me a while to realise but all other connections can only go 'one way' determined by the position of the pinch-bolts. The splined shaft of the steering rack of course has a machined section the circumference of the shaft diameter. I was also able to repair the original indicator stalk which now appears to be working well and self-cancelling again. Best Regards,
  2. Good morning, This I believe may be a common problem which may have been discussed previously so apologies if I'm covering old ground. My TR6 indicators are not self canceling the reason being that the collar cam on the inner steering column is positioned at 6o'clock rather than 3o'clock. I need to re-align the upper inner column on the splines as the collar cam can only be fitted n one location via two recesses depressions. I believe I am correct so far! I believe I can separate the column via the flex joint at the bulkhead (fire wall) by undoing the pinch bolt and rotating the shaf
  3. Hello Guy, Suggest you give Rob a call at TRGB who will offer you a correct rated BOSCH battery for your TR6. They can of course supply you with any replacement support brackets and/or leads should they require replacement at the same time. Best Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Keith, We managed to find and fit an original Blaupunkt FM radio which had been refurbished complete with an i-pod cable if required. Best Regards, Peter 83729607-C2F3-4129-8C2E-CCDA75A5FADF.heic
  5. Hi Mark, Further to my earlier post regarding the vibration issue I am pleased to confirm that TRGB have now discovered the problem. Having changed the prop-shaft this made no discernible difference. The diff was then changed for a known sound unit previously rebuilt by Pete Cox. Following the test drive all traces of the previous vibration have now thankfully gone. We can only assume the problem was with a bearing or other diff related issue. We're now looking forward to collecting the car which has also now had the CV drive-shafts fitted. Hopefully the car should now be a lot smoother,
  6. Hi, we have fitted the Phoenix manifold, exhaust system plus a cross-box large bore rear silencer. We're very happy with the results as it looks factory standard and sounds great without being too loud.
  7. Hi, to reply to your questions related to the Phoenix system; We opted to fit the Revington overhead throttle linkage kit which has proved excellent. Once set-up correctly we were able to achieve full opening of all butterflies. So far we have not experienced any issues with under-bonnet temperatures with the Phoenix extractor manifold being unwrapped and no coating applied. I asked TRGB about this prior to fitment and they said that in their opinion it would not be necessary. We had the exhaust fitted by TRGB as part of an overall program of work. I'm not aware that they exper
  8. We have fitted the Phoenix system including the manifold in stainless steel. The system has a single transverse rear silence so looks completely factory standard. The sound is of course very personal but from our perspective we're very pleased with the result. It's considerably quieter than the previous 'wheel barrow' silencers that came with the car that's for sure! The quality and fit of the system was also very good and I believe popular with other members. I hope this might be helpful in arriving at your decision. Good luck Best Regards, Peter
  9. Hi Mark, My 73 TR6 also has a vibration albeit at motorway speeds. It's more noticeable as you press on and then let the power off. However dipping the clutch suggests it's a balancing issue somewhere. The car is presently at TRGB and the next step will be for them to replace the prop-shaft and at the same time inspect the diff and bearings. The diff mounts have been recently strengthened with new standard bushes which will of course make everything more rigid. This may contribute to the vibration but hopefully it will be clearer when everything is off the car. I will post a further
  10. Chilp3

    Engine out

    Hi John, The easiest way is indeed to remove the two as a single unit but the down-side is that you have to remove the tunnel as you have identified. It is possible to remove the engine as a separate unit which is how TRGB worked on my TR6 when they rebuilt the engine. I'm sure there will be a wealth of experiences shared on this forum but for now thought this may at least give you some options. Best regards, Peter
  11. When you drained and flushed the block did you remove the drain plug from the block at the back closest to the bulkhead? I believe I am right that there is another plug here and this is often also clogged up. I believe there have been other threads on the forum related to this so it might be useful to perform a search. Also might be worth checking the water pump is in good health? Mine had a rumbling bearing which whist not stopping it working completely didn't help! It was the original water pump which I managed to get rebuilt by EP Pumps who did an excellent job for a very reasonable pr
  12. Hi Matt, +1 to inspect and change the clutch assembly whilst the gearbox is removed from the car. If you haven't covered as part of your gearbox rebuild I would also recommend carefully inspecting the cross-shaft, release bearing carrier and wired retaining pin which may be broken. Mine looked OK visually but when I removed the wired bolt it was in fact broken. Also worth checking the bearings in the gearbox bell bellhousing where the cross shaft fits. There is a multitude of threads and really helpful information on this forum related to these topics which you may find useful. Again, wit
  13. Chilp3


    Hi Dan, To add another supplier to the mix I would highly recommend John Skinner who offer excellent quality trim which fits extremely well. I have also fitted their underlay kit which was also great quality and fit. Hope this helps, Peter
  14. Good morning Mark, The 'push type' clips are to fit the B-post interior trim and should slide into the cardboard backing and then push fit into the holes in the B-Post. The rear section of the trim connecting to the deck area by the screws and cup washers shown in the picture you have attached. The holes in the picture I believe have a slide-on clip with a screen hole that the self-tappers will screw into. You will of course need to cut the holes into the trim panel(s) to allow you to scream through into the clips. I can't see the clips in the pictures you have attached so you may ne
  15. Hi Robert, They certainly look like MGB headrests1970 to 1974 era but certainly not TR6. I believe the union jacks were fitted to the export cars with the UK PI cars having the 'TR6' logo instead. Hope this helps, Peter
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